Charice Debuts 'Pyramid' Music Video Feat. Iyaz

April 13, 2010 04:29:16 GMT

From the audience seat, Iyaz witnesses the Filipina singer taking the stage of a huge theater.

Charice Debuts 'Pyramid' Music Video Feat. Iyaz
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Charice takes the mic and sings in a huge empty theater in a music video for her new single "Pyramid". Her featured guest, Iyaz, also makes a cameo appearance, sitting as the only audience when the YouTube singing sensation belts out the tune.

Oprah Winfrey who has been a huge supporter of the 17-year-old singer premiered the music video on April 12. The host reportedly has also invited the teenager to perform on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on May 11 to launch her first international album "Charice".

Charice first visited Oprah when she appeared on the talk show back in May 2008 as one of the "World's Smartest Kids." She showcased her rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" and received standing ovation from the viewers.

Charice's "Pyramid" music video


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posted by theawsomeperson on Nov 21, 2010
danggirl,u sing grate:]
posted by xiao zhen on Jul 20, 2010
sry ! i mean "Pyramid' :DD <3
posted by xiao zhen on Jul 20, 2010
FUCKER !! if who's hate Charice jus F*** off lahh !! dun comment here , cuz here nt welcum u all :PP ILY CHARICE<33 !! i damn like ur pyramai song !! WOOOHOOOO !!! O:
posted by Daniela on Jun 04, 2010
hoooooooaa! that was aswome I love your songs I am 9 years old I always loved that song. I know the wole song you are my favorite singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ayien on May 31, 2010
i love charice so much,she's really amazing.Good luck cha,your awesome!!!
posted by lily on May 26, 2010
i love you charice,keep up your good voice and stay as you are...philippines loves you mabuhay=:))))
posted by babes on May 14, 2010
Charice is an awesome and talented singer!
posted by Kirsten on May 12, 2010
HATE HER!!!!!!!!
posted by Rhonda on May 12, 2010
She can't be compared to Whitney Houston...she's just too much of a legend for her!
posted by Lola on May 12, 2010
posted by Rose on May 12, 2010
She seems pretty stuck up to me...
posted by Paula on May 12, 2010
She sucks!
posted by Sandy on May 12, 2010
I HATE CHARICE! i just can't stand her...I think she's totally overrated!
posted by jeremy on Apr 27, 2010
hellow idol kita magalin ka kumantan
posted by russiaw/love on Apr 18, 2010
love this mv,im charice fan,like her voice very awesome!!!
posted by jerry on Apr 15, 2010
charice your the greatest. i m in my classic the likes of clapton, led zep n eagles but i like u. dont rili know y but ur really very good singer.
posted by bej on Apr 14, 2010
This MV will introduce more of charice to the world she's so gifted. keep it up gurl.
posted by angel on Apr 14, 2010
charic is so cool with the song i luv it
posted by cafegodot on Apr 14, 2010
Charice is sure to reign supreme!!!
posted by justcharrie on Apr 13, 2010
Awesome MV from pop princess Charice. it's simple but relays message clearly.
posted by Mario on Apr 13, 2010
It's a beautiful song matched by an even more beautiful voice. Charice has got so much Charisma and talent. Iyaz is a pretty awesome dude as well.
posted by ciony on Apr 13, 2010
very elegant and amazing voice
posted by lovecharice on Apr 13, 2010
Cha and iyaz you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!love the video..
posted by erod on Apr 13, 2010
long wait is finally over. big thanks to oprah for giving the world a chance to experience charice's awesome talent.
posted by Streetcred on Apr 13, 2010
The video is simple but elegant. it touches the soul. Charice rocks in this video!
posted by smith809 on Apr 13, 2010
the voice....she is awesome
posted by trolleydolley on Apr 13, 2010
i love charice soo amazing voice yet stil humble shes indeed the next POP DIVE
posted by cameo on Apr 13, 2010
Love IT
posted by cookie on Apr 13, 2010
Such a powerful song. Great Voice.
posted by Byi on Apr 13, 2010
Fantastic voice, awsome perfromance!
posted by amboy on Apr 13, 2010
i cant wait for this album! this album is destined to be #1!!! now if only all charice fans will translate the online adoration to actual album sales!
posted by jo on Apr 13, 2010
less is more. a classy video
posted by kenjie88 on Apr 13, 2010
She's consistently AMAZING!!! The MV is simple yet it touches my soul...Brace urself everyone! Many more blow away moments to come!!!
posted by margacz on Apr 13, 2010
This gurl has awesome voice. Great MV! Can't wait til I have ur album.
posted by lovetruetalent on Apr 13, 2010
thats not the official music video,,, its on Oprah website not that promo video (studio shot)
posted by flaminghearts21 on Apr 13, 2010
wow!.OMG...i just can't get enought of this young diva Charice...n the song Pyramid with Iyaz is pretty much amazing lovely u Charice from Malaysia
posted by twitterer on Apr 13, 2010
Love it! Simple, unpretentious, and yet touching...Go Charice!!!
posted by nei on Apr 13, 2010
amazing!very cute!amazing vocals!way to go my charice!
posted by apple on Apr 13, 2010
WOW!!!!... awesome the one and only...Great performance Charice
posted by eeVee on Apr 13, 2010
go girl! Love it! ur voice is incredible!
posted by sofia on Apr 13, 2010
Great video! Charice is truly amazing! Iyaz is a great singer too. From a fan from Sweden!
posted by kram on Apr 13, 2010
woooWWWWW Love it! she is amazing!
posted by Bakero on Apr 13, 2010
Great video! And the song is awesome!! Hugs for Charice, from Portugal.
posted by Fly N Dance on Apr 13, 2010
Charice is as always impressive! i'm speechless with the mv..there's so much emotion in it..
posted by racquel on Apr 13, 2010
Such a talented and gifted go girl!!!
posted by rage on Apr 13, 2010
I loved it!!!
posted by erniepep on Apr 13, 2010
Superb vocals, great song and oganically natural mv...a great package for this phenomenal petite singer.
posted by HeartLocker on Apr 13, 2010
Watta Voice! Charice + Iyaz = Perfect!!!!!
posted by matthew on Apr 13, 2010
i like this talented and simple.
posted by bebie on Apr 13, 2010
this video is modest, elegant and wholesome. simple but yet speaks a lot! amazing and stunning!
posted by Jake on Apr 13, 2010
No drama's on her MV Just her nice voice.. btw, she look good good catch,,girlfrnd material
posted by agatha on Apr 13, 2010
there's someting in this girl, i cant resist watching her videos in YT again ang aain and again,,,,,:)
posted by melanking04 on Apr 13, 2010
charice is simply amazing! Full of talent, i wish to hear you live in a full concert..
posted by Cherry on Apr 13, 2010
Thank you aceshowbiz for sharing this most awaited music video of Charice.This video is simple but beautiful and it touches ones heart.A big fan of Charice from UK.
posted by Surfsup44hfy on Apr 13, 2010
First is her stage presence, then her acting ability all going hand in hand with incredible powerful voice....Yes she has become a complete music entertainer.
posted by Camille on Apr 13, 2010
i used to like Whitney Houston... now i like charice.. i like her voice.. she can belt... a diva on her own....
posted by Air on Apr 13, 2010
I am glad Charice is singing her own songs. Pyramid is a great song....
posted by nabil on Apr 13, 2010
i love pyramid, charice and iyaz.
posted by Paul on Apr 13, 2010
what a voice. and she's cute :)
posted by Miguel on Apr 13, 2010
Nice MV... her voice is cool even she's belting... i cant resist listening...
posted by Dan on Apr 13, 2010
Charice is cute with a big Shocking awesome voice!!!
posted by miguel on Apr 13, 2010
nice mv....her voice is cool nice to hear...even shes belting....:)
posted by maximus on Apr 13, 2010
awesome !!!!!
posted by cute on Apr 13, 2010
i like pyramid
posted by OZ on Apr 13, 2010
i love that singer Charice and i love all her songs! can't wait to have in hand my pre ordered album of her from amazon. Do doubt u will make it to the top Charice!!!
posted by bente_uno12 on Apr 13, 2010
let the momentum goes forever!Good song for the Best Singer!
posted by axcelmax on Apr 13, 2010
cute charice. iyaz you're the man. amazing video.
posted by conta on Apr 13, 2010
very cute mv....iyaz is very cool and charice looks really pretty here. great song
posted by jet on Apr 13, 2010
awesome vid...awesome voice..
posted by Zhy on Apr 13, 2010
vid is awesome, charice is awesome.. loveyou gurl
posted by jn on Apr 13, 2010
Beautiful!!! Simple yet with so much class. Her vocals is just superb....Good luck Charice
posted by ashleysmith on Apr 13, 2010
i love CHARICE! she is simply amazing!
posted by marlene on Apr 13, 2010
And this is the song that will launch Charice into the worldwide star she should be. Charice and Adam Lambert are the best singers in the world today, no question in my mind.

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