Video: Tina Fey Has Inappropriate Fantasy About Justin Bieber on 'SNL'

April 12, 2010 02:39:37 GMT

The '30 Rock' actress realizes that what she feels toward the teen singer is 'biologically, ethically and morally wrong.'

Video: Tina Fey Has Inappropriate Fantasy About Justin Bieber on 'SNL'
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Tina Fey hooked up with Justin Bieber in two skits of "Saturday Night Live" show. Also, the Canadian singer made a quick appearance during the monologue where Tina spoofed her hectic schedule in juggling her responsibility in "30 Rock", "Date Night" and guest stint in "SNL".

One of the sketches saw Justin going to a school dance with Tina, and the other has Justin sitting as one of the students in Tina's fictional science class. Being the only pupil who acted nice to her, he was praised by her as "a baby bunny sniffing a tiny flower." She even fantasized about him, daydreaming he serenaded her with a song about "buying her a Panini and some spanks to make her teeny."

"What I'm feeling is wrong...biologically, ethically and morally wrong....but look at him," Tina said in between her daydreams. "He's like a dreamy Christmas Elf...I should not have poured wine in my cereal this morning...."

After the show, Justin who also entertained the viewers with live performances of his hit singles; "Baby" and "U Smile" told MTV about his experience on the show, "It was hilarious and it was a lot of fun to do. -- I just tried to act and I thought of bad, bad thoughts [to distract myself]." He also praised Tina as a cool and nice person, saying "She's really down to earth, not really like Hollywood. She's cool. And she's cute too!"

Beside tickling fans with hilarious skits featuring Tina Fey and Justin Bieber, the 10 April episode of "SNL" also included today's hot topics such as Sandra Bullock and Jesse James' marital woes, Tiger Woods' return to golf and President Barack Obama's 2010 Census Form. Additionally, Tina reprised her famous impersonation of Sarah Palin.

Skit #1:

Skit #2:


"U Smile":


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posted by yaki on Jan 16, 2011
yo soy de colombia no en tiendo lo que nice los comentarios de los otors fan pero yo quiero mucho a justi bieber
posted by JustinBieberferlife on May 23, 2010
Aww yu were Uhhmazeing
posted by jbiebzzrealshawwty! on May 10, 2010
awh. u did great hun. mwah babezz <33
posted by DeeJB on Apr 12, 2010
haha wow, is there anything he cnt do!? (trick question haha) :)he's uhmazing<3333
posted by 1996 on Apr 12, 2010
That sketch with Tina was creepy and hilarious ATST! LOL, Tina and great job, Justin. Plus his smile actually is heartwarming.
posted by KatieBieber on Apr 12, 2010
Haha that was funny, he's amazing :)
posted by rosa!!!! on Apr 11, 2010
SNL is soo funny!!!!i loved when justin bieber was on the show!!!!he rocks and SNL rocks too!!!!!

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