First Look to Ke$ha's 'Your Love Is My Drug' Music Video

April 10, 2010 02:32:25 GMT

Barefooted Ke$ha is pictured hitting Californian desert and filming 'Your Love Is My Drug' music video during the sunset.

First Look to Ke$ha's 'Your Love Is My Drug' Music Video
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Ke$ha has shot a music video for her latest single "Your Love is My Drug" in a desert in Lancaster, California earlier this week. Several pictures taken from the filming location have hit the web, giving a sneak peek to the forthcoming clip.

The "Tik Tok" hitmaker is snapped wearing a khaki bathing suit and wrapping herself with what looks like a fishing net. According to MTV, the video will follow the 23-year-old singer/songwriter "on a fun journey through an animated world."

In the pictures, she is seen dancing and performing barefoot on some sand dunes during the sunset and when the night comes, she filmed a kissing scene with a man next to a campfire. Additionally, she shot another performance scene with black lights and body paint on some giant rock boulders.

"Your Love Is My Drug" is taken from Ke$ha's first studio album "Animal" which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 200. The effort will likely be cross promoted when she supports Rihanna for the Barbadian songstress' upcoming Last Girl on Earth Tour.

Some of the set pictures which are obtained via On Location News:


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posted by SHAREECE on Jun 05, 2010
SUP i love you jujstin bieber
posted by fail. on Apr 26, 2010
excuse me but this song didn't debut at #1 on billboard... it's peak is #9. BAD source of news.
posted by TJ on Apr 11, 2010
Talentless. Empty . Preconstructed pop product.
posted by Ron on Apr 10, 2010
It is crystal clear to me that she knows I have always been an orchid fancier. The flower, not the girl, or any other thing named ďorchid,Ē Orchids have a penchant for evolving to fill particular niches in environmental landscapes. Me, too. So, whilst no one was looking, I evolved myself into a crystalline vessel, a sort of accessory, shaped as a heart, in which to display, to itís advantage, a certain flower. The flower dances to the strains of its own unique song, until it becomes what it must be, dear to gods and humans and animals, alike. The name of the flower, which I recall from a sacred dream, is Ronís Love, or Rose, for short. It is the most beautiful Desert Rose which shall ever be. Joy to you, Rose.

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