'Chuck Vs. Honeymooner' Preview: Return of Anna and Steve

'Chuck Vs. Honeymooner' Preview: Return of Anna and Steve

Beside further dangling carrot in front of fans' face in Chuck-Sarah romance, the episode will see two faces from near past coming back in the back six episodes.

After a "game-changing" episode this week, "Chuck" will be back with a more laid back episode on April 26. Called "Chuck Versus the Honeymooner", it follows Chuck and Sarah who ride on the same train as the Basque terrorist Juan Diaz Arnaldo.

"Most of Episode 14 is set on a train which is really neat. I'm a huge fan of 'The Lady Vanishes'," creator Chris Fedak told Chicago Tribune. "Or any movies set on a train in truth. That was a lot of fun to make and it's one of my favorite episodes of the season."

There will also be the reappearance of Julia Ling and Scott Bakula as Morgan's ex Anna Wu and Chuck's dad Steve Bartowski respectively in the back six episodes. Fedak said "Honeymooner" is the starting point of a whole new chapter in the series that the last six episodes in the season will "almost feel like a new show".

Last week, a clip from the new episode has been released, highlighting on the fighting sequence inside the train's coach.

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    Apr 21, 2010

    I hope they return a bit to the coolness of the first 2 years,because S03 where a bit dissapointing,it got a bit better nearing the end of the season but it got nowhere close to the first 2 seasons

    Apr 06, 2010

    I think you may be mistaken. The clips from the promo are not just from 3.14 but from the entire back 6.

    Apr 06, 2010

    of course, basque terrorists, because really, what else have the basques done. its no wonde they want independance, everyone just treats them as savages and terrorists

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