'Justice League' Movie Is Still a Possibility

'Justice League' Movie Is Still a Possibility

Hinting at the possibility is DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns who states at WonderCon that 'Justice League of America' flick will be further discussed at upcoming Comic-Con.

Talk about movie adaptation of "Justice League of America" has been brought into attention at WonderCon. After "Justice League Mortal" which was planned for 2009 release has been shelved in April 2008, DC Comics chief creative officer Geoff Johns hinted that the superhero team still has a chance to appear together on big screen.

Speaking at the convention on Friday, April 2, Johns was asked by fans if DC and Warner Bros were planning to do something like Marvel is doing with The Avengers, with the goal being a Justice League of America live-action feature film. He then replied, "Can't talk about it yet, but we'll talk in San Diego," referring to San Diego Comic-Con International which will take place in July.

At the same occasion, Johns was also pressed with question about the status of another movie, "The Flash". Assuring that the project is still being worked on, he said without detailing further "We're developing it right now. Can't say anything about it right now, I'm sorry."

"Justice League of America" film feature has been planned since 2007. Later, the project was known with title "Justice League Mortal". However, the movie which allegedly has Adam Brody, Armie Hammer, Megan Gale and Common attached to it has not shown any progress since a source claimed it is "dead".

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    Feb 23, 2011

    they should use the cast of smallville in the movie. or better yet when smallville ends start a new show called justice league!

    Dec 29, 2010

    yES I hope they bring back the joker he what make the move good

    Oct 23, 2010

    they need to have the justice league duke it out with Darkseid and his son kalibak and the soldiers of apokalips trying to take over the earth.

    Aug 07, 2010

    they better hire the artists from the solo movies.... i will kill someone at WB if they dont :)

    that dude
    May 27, 2010

    i think they should just go ahead, and start introducing some of the characters in other Justice League characters solo movies, like they're doing with Marvel. Introduced Nick Fury (the new Nick Fury) in Ironman 1, suggested a possible Avengers in The Incredible Hulk, (spoiler alert) hinted at the Thor movie at the end credits of Iron Man 2. If DC used the same formula and introduced certain characters to help build hype around their solo movies (i.e. end credits with Superman approaching Batman about joining a team, a quick red flash passes the Green Lantern at the end of his movie, etc.) then they would not only build hype toward those specific movies, but they would also build enough revenue to make the movie. That's where DC is losing out on the movie market because they're not doing it right. Hopefully they do it, because, even though I'm a Marvel man at heart, I would love to see the Justice League movie come to fruition.

    May 12, 2010

    i doubt anyone will ever be cast as joker because they would only be compared to Heath Ledger and never be appreciated.

    master shake
    Apr 05, 2010

    if they make one i hope they have joker in it.He is my fav

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