Demi Lovato Tells the World She's in Love With Joe Jonas

March 30, 2010 08:08:55 GMT

After only weeks from confirming her relationship with Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato now wants to share it further, saying 'It's a great feeling! When you're in love, you want the world to know!'

Demi Lovato Tells the World She's in Love With Joe Jonas
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Demi Lovato didn't play it coy about her feeling towards new boyfriend Joe Jonas as she wanted to make sure that the world knows she's in love with the Jonas Brothers star. At Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on March 27, the 17-year-old beauty told the Canadian entertainment show eTalk, "When you're in love, you want the world to know!"

"It's amazing!It's a great feeling!" Demi gushed about her relationship with Joe. "They call us 'Jemi,' which I think is pretty funny." And now that she becomes Joe's girlfriend, Demi admitted that she once got confused by her new status, recalling "It's really weird, because random strangers will be like, 'How's Joe?' And I'm just like, 'What?' But it's fun. It's really special, and we're having a good time."

Demi first confirmed that she's dating Joe during an interview with Billy Bush in his radio program "The Billy Bush Show" on March 12. When the host asked if they "went from boyfriend-girlfriend to best friends", Demi revealed, "No kind of the opposite." She moreover praised him as "incredible", "perfect" and a "complete gentleman", adding "[Joe] treats me to the most amazing places."

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas first met in the set of TV movie "Camp Rock" in 2007 and she toured with Jonas Brothers the following year. The two sparked romance rumor after they were spotted on a double date with Joe's older brother Kevin Jonas and his now-wife Danielle Deleasa at a Toronto, Canada restaurant in October 2009.


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posted by dj on Dec 17, 2010
demi isnt a backstabbing bitch
posted by dj on Dec 17, 2010
demi isnt a bitch
posted by joe on Dec 17, 2010
joe and demi are pefect for each other
posted by lolyta on Oct 02, 2010
i hate demi lovato i want to kill her she stole my future husband joe jonas they kissed i am goin to kill her u see demi
posted by none on Aug 06, 2010
posted by jess on May 23, 2010
LOL this is soooo JEMI-LICIOUS....omg u 2 r da cute couple, hope ur relationship stay as long as ZENESSA <3
posted by hahaha on May 09, 2010
i feel happy for them. you guys shuold let them live their own lives. get out of their faces.
posted by masih on May 01, 2010
demetria devonne lovato is mine just this and joe must go to bagher city
posted by haterz on Apr 18, 2010
ummm..get a life people!! ugh don't you like have other things to do other than comment on other people's love life?? people talk like you know the girl stupid and immature!
posted by kattymoon on Apr 11, 2010
OMG get over this i cant believe you're saying this about a girl you dont know you cant really tell if she doesnt or does love joe and if she is mean because its her life shes famous and people will make up stories and put it on the internet! selena and demi are the bestest friends they were in a movie together! if you dont know the full story dont go judging people like that!
posted by JOELY on Apr 05, 2010
i dont like demi's smile. her smile is creeping me out
posted by marisol o ocasla on Apr 05, 2010
no offense to demi's fans but i dont like joe and demi as a couple. i dont know why but i really like taylor swift as joe's boyfriend rather than demi.......... that's all
posted by tinoec 811 on Mar 31, 2010 guys are rock..... and pliz demi dont break joe's heart
posted by mmemie on Mar 30, 2010
Demi n joe re perfect 4 each other.
posted by reader on Mar 30, 2010
sounds like a bunch of whiney teen age bitches if you know what i mean....Grow up , just because you all will never have anyone like that you want to talk shit about Demi...I hope her and Joe are happy together... you know what is the funny thing...I bet she reads your comments and laughs all the wall to the bank... You are just jelous and envy Demi, I bet if truth be told that a tv personality is all you attract... GET A your own thing and stop worring about others are doing. Bitches
posted by -PeAcE-LoVe-D3MI on Mar 30, 2010
i'm happy 4 them stop with the hating on demi, she didn't do anything to you, how do you hate someone when you don't even know them?
posted by mimi on Mar 30, 2010
i just hope they don't get married. Joe and Demi should just be best friends I mean Demi said quote " Me and Joe Jonas are not dateing we are like BROTHER and SISTER" now let's hear her say that now! Oh wait she can't cause she's dateing her "brother"!
posted by wehatejemi on Mar 30, 2010
posted by ramonaxxx on Mar 30, 2010
well i think that demi and joe hadn't been dateing anyone for a long time so they kinda had to date each other cause they were getting lonely so useing much? bu i love you joe. and demi i just don't know anymore after reading the hate comments. they make me kinda love ur music but not love the personality.
posted by heatemyheartx3 on Mar 30, 2010
Joe Jonas you just broke my heart. I mean break up with demi so you can be with me xD
posted by shiannaloanna on Mar 30, 2010
ononimus i think your jealous of demi but I agree with you. I mean Demi backstabbed Selena by going with Miley and always says oh yeah were friends when they aren't and did anyone see the vid ASK TAYLOR? I think Demi's jealous of Taylor and that's why shes dateing Joe to get back at her.
posted by demilovatosuckshardc on Mar 30, 2010
posted by Amanda on Mar 30, 2010
Yeah I am with ononnimus I mean that's true it kinda seems like Demi is useing Joe for publicity.
posted by ononimus on Mar 30, 2010
umm no offense or anything to Jemi fans BUT I don't like Jemi, I think that Joe should be with Chelsea Staub or someone else cause Demi is a backstabber she said she would never date her friends ex's and she dated taylor's ex AND miely's ex cody so like wtf demi? + sources say Kevin doesnt like Joe dateing Demi because he doesnt trust her and niether do i. I bet they no wait I know Demi will break Joe's heart like she does to everyone.
posted by sharn12 on Mar 30, 2010
demi and joe jonas actually r a cute couple .. they should be together all the time...
posted by jeni17 on Mar 30, 2010
omg i really luv joe and demi so much they r so cute couple and ya demi thats true that your bf is joe if it is than im totally happy and scream so loud in my room

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