Lindsay Lohan's New Song 'Stuck' Unveiled in Full

Lindsay Lohan

The 'Bossy' singer talks about losing her luck in 'Stuck', a brand new song which may be included in her new album.

Lindsay Lohan's new material called "Stuck" has emerged in full. The track was rumored to be debuted during Perez Hilton's 32nd birthday party which was held on March 27 right after the live ceremony of Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards.

Reportedly written by Ne-Yo and produced by Stargate, the song actually has been leaked in a short snippet earlier this month. Hours before the blogger's bash was kicked off, Lindsay tweeted on Saturday evening, "I still wonder who leaked part of 'stuck'." She apparently fought off the leak by revealing it in full.

"I am stuck, stuck, stuck. I can try to run but I am out of luck, luck, luck. It doesn't matter where I go, I feel stuck," she sings on the hook. There is no word whether or not she will include the song in her upcoming studio album.



    Apr 15, 2011

    One of the best song in my favorites.

    Apr 09, 2010

    it's a beatiful song..hope she'll release it on her next album soon. Lindsay's music rocks :)

    Secret Name
    Apr 07, 2010

    Love the song, hope I can buy it on Itunes soon. It's great, I'm kinda a Fan of some of her songs.

    Secret Name
    Apr 07, 2010

    Love the song, hope I can by it on Itunes soon.

    Apr 01, 2010

    I love it

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