Justin Bieber Hooks Up With Paige Hurd in 'Never Let You Go' Video

March 30, 2010 06:34:36 GMT

Justin Bieber and Paige Hurd are a couple in the Colin Tilley-directed video, dancing and sharing a laugh together.

Justin Bieber Hooks Up With Paige Hurd in 'Never Let You Go' Video
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Justin Bieber gets intimate with his love interest, played by young actress Paige Hurd, in a newly-premiered music video for his single "Never Let You Go". The video is directed by Colin Tilley and was filmed at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas earlier this year.

"Never Let You Go" is taken from Justin's new album "My World 2.0" which was released in the U.S. on March 23. Led by Ludacris-assisted song "Baby", the effort is predicted to crack the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 200 in its opening week.

Recently, Justin Bieber has also filmed another video with Sean Kingston for their duet track "Eenie Meenie". "Wrapped the EENIE MEENIE video," the teen singer wrote on Twitter. "This video is gonna be amazing."

Justin Bieber's "Never Let You Go" music video


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posted by leide on Dec 28, 2010
beiber eu gosto de vose mais eu quero que voce veia que eu tidar umar coisa mas eu nao vou falar aqui voce teique ila naminha cassa vou tidar omeu idereso e clarimundo de melo rio de janeiro cassa 2003 xau beijo
posted by Julie A.K.A Jewels on Nov 30, 2010
For all you girls that are like totally obsessed with Justin Bieber, you do know that you guys will neva have a chance with him. I mean face it he's attractive looking I'm not guna lie but it's not like he would eva go to your house or anything like dat. So I don't see the point of obsessing over someone that you can neva have. Anyway Justin I do enjoy listenin to ur songs, not as much as my lil sis lol buh I just in my opinion think you are just a big player. He's kissed so many girls for fun it just makes him look indecent.
posted by kaelynn on Jun 15, 2010
i love how ppl that hate justin bieber post a commet about him and try to tear him down. if you dont like him then dont go on links that involve him, im not obbessed with him. but i dont hate him, he seems like a good guy to me. i mean i dont know him personally but he seems down to earth! keep rockin justin, your doing an amazing job! im glad that your dreams are coming true! & god bless!
posted by janine on May 22, 2010
i really love justin bieber im ur no.1 fan ! .. i Love bieber im janine
posted by yow on May 01, 2010
justin bieber should include,. debby ryan and miranda cosgrove as your partner in your new music videos.. they are all beautiful...
posted by desiree on Apr 27, 2010
justin bieber i worte on some of your other ones. but i thought your birthday wa march 1st. if it is is ee why you dont like all this tabloid stuff they dont give the whole truth. and yes im a black girl and i like oyu so much. i wish i could meet you and we could hang out. it just be a dream of mine. im not some crazed fan that only likes you because of your looks or fame i liek you because your down to earth. and such a funny guy and imean the hotness is just the icing n top of the cake:) my name is desiree lashai edwards and i live in decatur, illinois -62526- <3
posted by help on Apr 26, 2010
justin b sucks justin b sucks justin b sucks
posted by ???? on Apr 11, 2010
posted by courtney smith&holli on Apr 08, 2010
justin your an amazing guy, pretty bummed them golden tickets dont come to england ive just bought your cd and i keep on playing it we love you were like your biggest fans like ever love you xxxx
posted by help on Apr 01, 2010
justin b sucks justin b suckes justin b sucke he cant sing i will never buy his cds
posted by Jakaylin on Mar 31, 2010
Justin I think ur the hottest superstar living today.I have every thing that involes u.U are my idol.Your very sexxy! I LOVE U!
posted by jess on Mar 31, 2010
hey justin will u go out with me ?? love u as a friend from jess p.s ur sexy
posted by Amie on Mar 30, 2010
Elow justine biever ur so cute and pabulous.gud luck 2 ur career as a snger.
posted by alyssa on Mar 30, 2010
i luv u justin u are soo cute
posted by tay lor on Mar 30, 2010
i love justin biebber i have every thing of his
posted by lacye but on myspace on Mar 30, 2010
i love you justin bieber your 1 of mi biggest fans and wen i hear u on tv i run jus 2 listen to u i hope u add mi on myspace
posted by help on Mar 30, 2010
f*****k u justin
posted by Imari <3 on Mar 30, 2010
So proud of Justin & everything he's accomplished. You're amazzzing JayB (;
posted by kaylen frenkin on Mar 30, 2010
i like you justen bever i am one of your fans

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