Kim Kardashian Thinks Justin Bieber Too Short for Her Sister

March 27, 2010 04:47:51 GMT

MTV said Kendall Kardashian is a good match to Justin Bieber due to their celebrity status but big sister Kim points out the height difference.

Kim Kardashian Thinks Justin Bieber Too Short for Her Sister
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Kim Kardashian apparently read MTV's article about a potential girlfriend for Justin Bieber where her little sister Kendall Kardashian is included. In her blog, Kim commented that the teen pop singing sensation maybe a little too short for her sister although Justin is two years older than Kendall.

"I think I found a boyfriend for Kendall!" Kim began her post. "Well, MTV did, LOL. MTV chose their top five girls who they think would make good girlfriends for Justin Bieber and Kendall was one of them. I'm all for it.. I think he is just the cutest thing."

"He seems like a really driven and focused kid, just like Kendall, and they would make an adorable couple .. although isn't he kind of short? Kendall might tower over him since she's taller than all of us! But what do you say, Kendall .. should we make this happen!? Haha.."

MTV also picked other young girls such as Chloe Moretz, Miranda Cosgrove, and Abigail Breslin to be Justin's match. And since the singer said that he would not rule out dating a fan, MTV also included a lucky fan in the list.


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posted by diana on Dec 23, 2010
ok....we all say what justin bieber should do Hlo0 is his decision and no one can do anth t change it!!!! Just let him take his decision
posted by Lily on Dec 01, 2010
I think Abigail Breslin and Justin Bieber would be so cute together. They should be paired up in the movie new years eve, that would be interesting. :)
posted by ANONYMOUS LETTER on Nov 28, 2010
Hey you bitches, are bitches, these comment aint gonna send to Kim Kardashian, there only comments, fcuk you's are dum as fuck you bitche's. Later
posted by mic loven on Nov 26, 2010
kim is sexy and stop tlking bout her sis like tht love u kim
posted by lover on Nov 26, 2010
kim is hot and u need to stop tlking bout her sister like that
posted by lover on Nov 26, 2010
kim is so sexy so are her two other sisters
posted by lover on Nov 03, 2010
justin bieber pick me cause i love u but i dont want to split yall guys up so bye
posted by kristina on Oct 26, 2010
justin is a cool boy and kendell is beatiful but not for justin bieber
posted by arbresha on Oct 26, 2010
i think kendlli is so yuung and ugly fr justin bieber
posted by SHAWTY on Oct 02, 2010
posted by vany on Oct 01, 2010
i hate kim kardashian!
posted by vany on Oct 01, 2010
justin bieber the best! forever love you justin by vany
posted by deana on Sep 18, 2010
i think it will be cool if the dated im a big fan of both of them love u all and love u kim and kendall and justin bieber
posted by felictity whyman on Sep 16, 2010
hey justin and kim you to are so cool and i love you justin and kim iam a big fan of justin and kim and justin forget aabout them whos sending nasty staff there dum
posted by awsomegirl222 on Sep 16, 2010
justin bieber is mine
posted by boom shack on Sep 14, 2010
fuck all of you
posted by Jacqueline leecyous on Sep 12, 2010
don't think twice, is hard to find true love...94J10.
posted by jj on Sep 11, 2010
hey justin this iz a guy your musics hope 2 meet u
posted by Relaxed on Sep 06, 2010
Guys it Justins choice he mite not want to date any of these girls.
posted by viki on Sep 04, 2010
posted by FELICITY WHYMAN on Sep 02, 2010
posted by beancey on Aug 30, 2010
hey justin I think u should not date kims smaller sister and wait intill u found some body jonger like 5 jears jonger and u should not date no one intill ur 25 but its ur decition but if u want to follow my words and ull sockside
posted by kylie kardahian on Aug 25, 2010
justin you can call me im even cuter then my sisther every body nows that...text back fast as you can..
posted by Kylie Kardashian on Aug 23, 2010
i don't think my sister derves kim i deserve him not her i think i should go out with him
posted by justice on Aug 23, 2010
i think that justin bieber and kendall r a very cute match cuz age ain't nothin but a # and plus just cuz she taller than him that don't mean anything if he likes her and she likes him move on people theres plenty more cute boys in this world i think kendall is very pretty girl she is also a model for pictures who evr thinks that they r an ugly match or that kendall is too ugly for him you all are just jealous because you didn't get pick to go out with him i love kendall and even though i luv justin bieber i think they would be a cute match
posted by maxert on Aug 20, 2010
LOL nonsense
posted by JHheny on Aug 19, 2010
i always watch you justin and i also want you yo be my friend. also i want you to meet you but i know that is very imposible
posted by Justine Gaudreau on Aug 19, 2010
Justin date who ever u want it up 2 u
posted by December rain thomps on Aug 18, 2010
i think justin has a amzing personality i love that about him not for the lokks that every girl in world.. and i dont think kendall likes him for him just for the looks and bc her older sisters go out w/ super stars so i think she think that she should to justin bieber the big teen super star but i know it wont work sorry justin and kendall but i had to say it!!!
posted by morgan on Aug 18, 2010
i think justin should try to find some that loves him for him not for his looks really i ike him for his personality but not like it matters bc hes never going to care
posted by soso on Aug 15, 2010
if justin beiber and kim`s sister are gonna be 2gether ill hope they gonna do a "accidentaly porn tape" just like her older sister =}
posted by xoxo on Aug 14, 2010
I think that Abigail is cute for Justin Bieber. Infact I think that Nicola Peltz should be there too! =)
posted by ranie bieber on Aug 07, 2010
J.b u is to hot....u r the hottest artist among the others...
posted by jenna on Aug 04, 2010
Oka I think Justin should decide for himself who he wants to date coz kim just asked kendall if they should make it happen she didnt say to Justin if they should make it happen, but thts all im saying that Justin should have a say and maybe he doesn't even want to date anyone x
posted by loi on Aug 02, 2010
issso e uma muita chato jutin biba
posted by justin bieber on Jul 15, 2010
posted by Is Justin Bieber A F on Jul 13, 2010
Off topic maybe, but does anyone really know where Justin Bieber was born? He was born in London Ontario Canada in a Salvation Army group home called Bethesda, his mom Pattie Mallette was a troubled teenager taken from her parents by Children's Aid Society and babies who were born there were either named Justine if it was a female or Justin if it was a male. lol I have read on the internet and his bio says he was born in Stratford, Ontario NOT true that was changed to make it look better so fans didnt judge him or dig in the Mallettes past! lol ask the cook at Bethesda in London, Ontario Canada hahaha she shares many stories. What kind of Christian is Justin Beiber's mom anyways,she sells her kid's soul to the devil for money? Justin was born to sing to God NOT to sinners! He was supposed to be special. Pattie Mallette you think about that you greedy/materialistic lier!!!
posted by Mis bed rock on Jul 13, 2010
I think tht kim must fuck off ass hole
posted by justin on Jul 12, 2010
Kim Kardashian you are so sweet and saxy but remember not deitt justin bieber but you are so sexy that I want all with you and monoclinic with you nat and be sexy to let the world justin
posted by selena gomez on Jul 11, 2010
hi justin remember me at the concert live yeah fans took it wrong thinking were freinds but i just wanna apologise to everyone that iam a good person really and i already have nick jonas tata 4 now
posted by demi lovato on Jul 11, 2010
hi its me demi yeah i know its hard fans take justin beiber as a big frog and a papa
posted by stacie on Jul 09, 2010
@secret. whats the secret with kendall?
posted by Secret on Jul 08, 2010
To Justin: Find out Kendall's secret and see if you still want to date her. To Kendall: Yeah. I know it!!!
posted by leah on Jul 05, 2010
i think the two of them are ok for each other xx
posted by justin bieber lover on Jul 04, 2010
listen kim u r way 2 outta j bs leage so stuff u oh j b fans step away j .bs mine at least i know his age 16 and a half i am biebsessed with justin id choose j b over 5 million bucks.........
posted by Michelle on Jul 01, 2010
hafe of you are being really imature, first off Justin isn't your boo, baby, or anything.! im sorry to disappoint but just get over it, my opinion is he kinda seems like a player but if it makes him happy he should be with whoever he wants to be with. you all look pathetic.! Kendal is super pretty and so are the other girls but it's still his life and he more than likely isnt even looking at this shit, youre all causeing way to much drama on a website, like get real.!(: in the end it's his choice and your opinions won't matter.
posted by Kim Kardashian on Jul 01, 2010
posted by yourallinsane on Jun 30, 2010
oh, and by the way, im not jealous in any sense of the word. i live my life exactly the way i like to live it. i just felt i needed to let you all know your a bunch of dumb bitches. oh, and i'll probably never even look at this steaming heap of cockshit website again, so rant and rave all you want, but it falls upon deaf ears. oh, and i just dont give a fuck
posted by yourallinsane on Jun 30, 2010
ok, so i was just going through the internet when i somehow come across this big heaping pile of dogshit. whether male or female, why the fuck do any of you care what a 16 year old kid is going to date? and furthermore why do you wrap yourselves in to this bullshit that has absolutely nothing to do with you? if the media wouldnt follow him so much none of you would care, but he's just a person, talentless mind you, who was meant to be rich. mix his voice in with some copied beats, check. media coverage, check. good looks, check. but past that, to be entertained with such shallow provisions as this is beyond my comprehension, especially to the point where some of you are at, where you know as far as his love life. its fucking sick and makes me disguisted.
posted by annomynous on Jun 29, 2010
hey that tongan girl is right just let him date anyone he wants to go out
posted by Loisi. L on Jun 29, 2010
well let see justin bieber is a huge see he can date anyone and i am a hug fan and i am
posted by anonomyous on Jun 29, 2010
heyyy Justin Bieber fans! if u were really a true fan of would be happy that he is happy..all these nasty bad words are out of get over yourselves..i LOVE Justin Bieber ALOT!!! but if he is happy with who ever, leave himm be.
posted by Anonymous on Jun 27, 2010
posted by sexy shanny on Jun 26, 2010
i think they must be together because they are cute alike....................
posted by Ashly on Jun 25, 2010
justin shoud dat ho he like but someone in hes age not olda and mabe me i rilly Lake him And NOT hear shes Only dat justin sowe People live hear elown and dase trroy i love Justin And i wont him to Nowe that And trroy and i rilly wont him to dummp hear justin if u read thise pls dummp hear just lison if u don't get thiepoint love u not hear
posted by kim n the prettiest on Jun 24, 2010
pikel is the number one fan of justin bieber plz dont like kim shes a bitch!!!!!!!!!! and ogly im prettier than her but only that my name is weird its pikel like the one u eat
posted by candy and pikely on Jun 24, 2010
kim is too young for justin bieber come on people justin bieber is hotter than her! and also if justin bieber is reading this well ure look like if ure 12 well im noot trying to be mean but that is true other people think that 2
posted by MusicPrincess on Jun 24, 2010
WHAT??!! who she is to judge him he is free he can date anyone he wants and i am a BIG Fan!!
posted by Tee on Jun 23, 2010
Justin Bieber ish aye fag face kient..<kim ish wae tuu gud foa dat biarch... Kim K Rox
posted by TEE on Jun 22, 2010
hey yew haters:) weo yea i fink dat Justin ish ub himself n dat he needs tew get F****:) Kendall ish tuu kud foa him:) F*** Justin Bieber
posted by shakeisha on Jun 22, 2010
love u Justin no matter who u pick mann ull always be mine in my imagination......;))xoxo
posted by josie on Jun 22, 2010
posted by josie on Jun 22, 2010
ur to old for justin but who cares he has to pick his own choes
posted by xxishpets on Jun 22, 2010
Bitches, he can date whoever he wants. He's NOT yours even though you claim to be. BUT FACE IT, keep dreaming he's only intersted in older woman. So fuck off and leave him alone
posted by bieba feva!! on Jun 21, 2010
i luv u J.B!!i stare at ur pics everyday!but 2 tell u da truth....i luv JLS beta.....soz,but wishin 2 marry u or marvin or aston!!!
posted by mrs bieber...N.O1! on Jun 21, 2010
i luv u j.b!i know ur mine foreva!shez basicaly 2 old for ya,dun n dun!kiss,kiss j.b!mwuah!!!
posted by kiki on Jun 20, 2010
bad couple !!!!!!!!!!but who am i to care he can date anyone he wants.
posted by arod1284 on Jun 16, 2010
The writer needs to do a fact check. It's Kendall Jenner, not Kardashian.
posted by peacepeopls on Jun 16, 2010
i luv u jutin
posted by she-wolf on Jun 16, 2010
i think that they look cute but he should be mine and jessica/mrs.bieber who caresif u live in canada be sieds im his cousin hedont care 4 her so its cool he tells me ever thing that has happend and i will be there 4 u justin biber tack a chill pill fans
posted by Lol on Jun 14, 2010
Lol Justin is to short trust me I been to three of his concerts and he is short and that dum ass last time broke his leg and his a player so don't be lettin him talk to girl and he asked lotz of older women and u think lil' kid they may have aid z u never now and maybe there not even a girl like LADY GAGa in telephone they say told u she didn't have a dic lol k bye need to get on myspace and Twitter. And facebook by the way I'm TOM the one that made myspace the world of sex jk hit n up my number is 6618384030
posted by JeSSe soto on Jun 13, 2010
HEyy itz me Jesse and like tomorrow is my birthday an I'm going to the beach so Kendall if u wonna come it'S at ten and I'll make sure to wear a condom so I very wonna have SEX with u you just get me Bonney wary second and u to Justin I just really want to fuck someone tonight and sometimes I think I'm by but I'm just a eghit year old so ya I leave down hear in mExco <333333 bABy
posted by cArRiE UNDERWOod on Jun 13, 2010
haHa Losers I thought Justin bieber was a girl when I first heard his song on the radio .so ya u think u guys should go out but Miley cyrus is in the way and Selena gomez to so ya but if u guys go out itz goin to be hard becuz Justin travils alot and Kendall just is on tv HEYYY gO TO My COnCert On June 30 AT BaKErSFiEld aNd by the way I'm not suppose to say but I'm taking one of the hottest singer and youngest that u u BIEBER FEvER love and u said it ITz JUSTIN BiEBer ta baby so tell all ur friends and hurry becuz there's lil' bit of tickets left.
posted by SELeNa gomeZ on Jun 13, 2010
I think that me and Justin make a good couple !! Srry fans but jb is mine he's never going to go out with one of u BITCHEs!!! Me And ur family do what we want say what we want and get whatever we want srry but I'm going to be mrs .Berber gomez lol srry You see when ur famous u get whatever bYE bYe and when we together I'm going to make jb to stop singing for u guys
posted by Victoria on Jun 13, 2010
U guys make a good couple togetherso u guys should go out .And u Justin have some Balls for once and go out with someone how cares if ur older than her what maters is that u guys like eachother don't listen to ur other fans .Do what u want not them .And Kendall u are pretty the rust of those losers are just jealous of u and Justin bieber
posted by Kid on Jun 11, 2010
??? my little sister left this up lol
posted by Kendall Kardashian on Jun 10, 2010
Who really love Justin Bieber, wants to see his happiness in every way! sorry fans
posted by Alonna Thomas on Jun 10, 2010
whoops i spelled something wrong and kim your sister isant ugly she just is not meant to be with him!! :)
posted by Alonna Thomas on Jun 10, 2010
Jackie i know for a fact that the lucky fan is me i mean we ahve alot of things in common! i just wish i could spend a day with him to prove we are ment to be! but he is busy!! :(
posted by Kim Kardashian on Jun 08, 2010
posted by GGGTY on Jun 07, 2010
posted by california girls <3 on Jun 07, 2010
hight should not matter i like tall guys and i a pretty short in fact i am shorter then most people i am called tiny at my school but my last boyfrind was a lest 5'5" and yeah so let justin bieber date who ever he wants to and if he did date a non famous person it would most likely be one of his friends
posted by nina on Jun 03, 2010
i still want JB with caitlin... i donno why
posted by Jackie on Jun 01, 2010
who could that “LUCKY FAN” be???
posted by Jackie on Jun 01, 2010
I agree with "winaWARS!" i think Dakota Fanning & Justin Bieber will make a good couple. :D and i love the both them<3
posted by montana on May 30, 2010
i think it is up to him if he likes her he like her if not than whatever
posted by bubbles rock on May 26, 2010
Well, i think that J.B. is short but, If Kendal really likes him i think she should get to date him. They would be a cute cople i can just see it.
posted by Justin Bieber on May 25, 2010
I like Kendall even if she is taller. She can give me tall kids. In fact, I love tall girls. Girls like Taylor Swift and Rihanna.
posted by Tom on May 25, 2010
Keandall is taller than Justin Bieber. She's 5'9" tall and Justin is 5'4". So they will look like an adult girl walking with a kid.
posted by kinzie on May 23, 2010
yea it is a little wierd.but i still looooooooooooooooovvveeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
posted by makayla on May 23, 2010
ithink that it is a little wierd that she is taller justin.anyway justin please come to texas,winnsboro
posted by prisi on May 21, 2010
i would kiss you
posted by NALIYAH on May 21, 2010
posted by naliyah on May 21, 2010
posted by too cute on May 19, 2010
first of all justin bieber is my boo for all ya people who saying ya like him he so sexy that i just feel like going up to him
posted by MISS CUTEIE on May 19, 2010
posted by mr$_B!3b3r_b@by on May 17, 2010
u guys look cute u guys should hook up...<3justin bieber<3
posted by graci on May 17, 2010
i think they dont make a really cute couple but if they want they could (he's to cute for her).
posted by Ale on May 16, 2010
Well i think they make a cute couple. But they are the ones who choose who they want to fall in love with or go out with. Dont make decisions for them just let them make their own. But i do agree with Kim, she is way taller than Justin and it will be weird her leaning down to kiss him..
posted by monique on May 16, 2010
justin please come to jamaica to meet you and always
posted by monique on May 16, 2010
i'm from jamaica i hope justin is reading this i think kendell is a good match for you i'll be better for you love you and always
posted by Angel on May 15, 2010
I tink they r meant for each other. Height dosen't matter you know, nd besides justin bieber is still growing. He is still a teenajer. Who says he isnt ganna get taller. Kim i tink kendall is okay for justin. Well about naced photos of kendall, not sure about that. But if true pls kendall stop it cos it is really bad nd disgusting. They both rock, so people leave them
posted by brooke on May 13, 2010
sick but ok
posted by bianaca on May 13, 2010
ai coitada se acha e e cheia de silicone.......
posted by jb on May 12, 2010
posted by Tyra on May 10, 2010
So so cute justin i like you
posted by WHats up?!!! on May 08, 2010
Hy Kim I think that your pretty and your sister is kind of pretty. But I all so that your trying to help your sister get the best boyfriend she can. That's what a older sister should do and that's nice of you. Try looking for another famous boy that your sisters size and is kind of like her and he has to be handsome to.
posted by reacheal on May 08, 2010
i love you JUSTIN BIEBER AND chade michael murry
posted by reacheal on May 08, 2010
man justin bieber is so cute but like i mean why would he date her i mean like date demi lovato or selena gomez like yeah and by the way justin bieber i am a weird person to ask you but in june there is a gradeguation in canada so sir adam beck junior school toronto ontario can you perform so can you please come i am baging you i am serious please post your comment on twitter and i will post the date so you can see if you can come
posted by MsBieber on May 07, 2010
Well I think Ur sister is too short for Justin
posted by winaWARS! on May 04, 2010
Hello! i mean r u guys blind or something?! kendall jenner is so beautiful! u guys r lyk maniacs! like jb knws u xD. kim and kendall r two beautiful gurls. so why the hell is ABIGAIL BRESLIN is there? i was like, omg! she's too young for him! HANG ON A SECOND! What about dakota fanning? they have same age what! dakota's cute, than abigail. this is unbelievable! lets just keep our f**king mouth shut and whoever justin picks, its up to him bcos he have the rights to choose! STUPID BASTARDS!
posted by breanna on May 04, 2010
i love you justen i am your nuber 1 fan oh! can you come to winnfeild i love you very very very much from your number 1 fan Breanna michelle me at 6286282 and if my grandmother picks it up say can i talk Breanna johnson because i love you very much.
posted by ....... on May 01, 2010
no creoo que resulte!! pero si se tiene que dar que se de !!
posted by me on Apr 30, 2010
i love the kardashains so i think he needs to be with one or me atleast
posted by Elrike on Apr 30, 2010
make yure own choices justin if ure choice is being with her. . .go for it!
posted by gossipgrl on Apr 18, 2010
It really don't matter cause hes gay people.
posted by lizzette on Apr 09, 2010
justin drew bieber i think you and selina gomes macks a good coupol call me 2817772922 you rock babby
posted by staplezzz on Apr 07, 2010
how tall is he really?
posted by ashley on Apr 07, 2010
i personaly tink that he should be the one ho pick his girlfriend he should follow his heart not follow kim kardashian and mtv. if he wanna date her is his choice;
posted by JB hater on Apr 06, 2010
personally i dont like justin at all. but they can do what they like for all i care.
posted by las locas on Apr 06, 2010
loca chich #1- i think that they should be together if they want to pero si no paque lo moeven. loca chich #2- i think no becuase she looks like a freaking slut. don't do it justin!!!! loca #3- if they like each other then yes who am i to judge.
posted by JESSIKA on Apr 06, 2010
posted by Michelle davis on Apr 03, 2010
I think they make a cute coupl
posted by Dani... on Apr 02, 2010
Kendall is really pretty, but I'm not going to lie about this. He wants a girl to make him laugh and I don't think he'll find that in her.. Or anyone that's famous. Maybe if he would look outside that world for a minute, he might find somebody he likes a lot mroe then anyone else. But iI am no one to judge. iIt just seems like he's really looking for someone that matters based on what his songs are wrote about..
posted by singerinthemaking on Apr 02, 2010
How old's Justin Bieber anyways? like, 15.. right? so, two years younger shouldn't matter. But, I once dated a dude shorter then me.. ughh. i didn't like it, but justin bieber would be taller then me anyways. and kendall must be extremely tall, because justin seems sorta tall too, but i have no idea why im typing this because it's pointless :D
posted by xIdill:) on Apr 02, 2010
Oh Wow, Isn't Kim Taking photo's for Playboy, Justin is intrested in her? Amazing ; - ;. And There is naked photo's of Kendal ._. Omg.. I'm rethinking of even liking Justin :(.. Sadly. I Love Him. But he just likes the wrong girls.. He seems a bit of an jerk I don't know him. But If I did.. I think he would. Becoz, I seriously would like to meet him :) He's hot and all. But he looks like an jerk and the girl Is stuck up. And her sisters are an bad role model and You know behaviour runs in the family.What will Kendal become! LOOL They are so not meant for each other. Justin, Look on the other side! Not Just AMERICA Remember U have fans in Britain :( And Some of Us are tying to reach our dreams to become an star if ur intrested in rich ppl.
posted by Mel on Apr 02, 2010
I hate Justin Bieber. But Abigail and Chloe? Aren't they like 5 years old? lol. Sure, Justin still looks like a little pre-pubescent boy, but he can drive and will be a Junior, even graduate in 1 those are just WEIRD matches o_O
posted by mbear on Mar 31, 2010
I think it don't matter how tall u r or how short u r like people u people just want justin bieber to be ur boyfriend and realy don't call people ugly or start romers about people like how bluestar did like how she said what ever her name is putted naced pitures online like just stop I just like jbs music and dances
posted by Jessica/mrs.bieber on Mar 30, 2010
Hi haters um....all i got to say is that why would you juge some one bye there hight they should be juged by their personalaty
posted by taletha moten on Mar 30, 2010
kim i think they would be a cute couple
posted by Alexis on Mar 30, 2010
Kendall KARDASHIAN?? Shouldn´t it be JENNER?
posted by Daniella on Mar 29, 2010
posted by nagaz on Mar 28, 2010
ayy wasup all the ppl dats readin dis. it's yo home gurl Nagaz. psht i agree wit niya. shes right! all u ppl be hatin cuz u guys dont get to be justin biebers girlfriend. ahhhahaha. dem losa's. Justins a cute boi and kendal is a cuite gurl so u to dont listen to dem shit talkers cuz u guys wud be an amazing couple. ight ppl peace out
posted by JB wife on Mar 28, 2010
i think who care how tall or short you are you can date each other and they look like a cute couple
posted by XxmexchikaxX on Mar 28, 2010
ok first of all u guys are meant to be together u guy are soooooooooooooooo cute and who cares wat kim says doesnt matter the height
posted by JB\'s girlfriend on Mar 28, 2010
OMG i thik that justin belongs with me i;m the one that belongs with him and i think that he is the hottest person on earth P.S i was born in canada
posted by miss yo fairytale on Mar 28, 2010
hwo cares about hight they are NOT made for eacher other he was made for me!!!!
posted by queen 156 on Mar 28, 2010
ok he is not to short but i dont think they are made for each other either they should jbf just be friends
posted by michelle on Mar 28, 2010
i am in luv with Justin
posted by karina gomez on Mar 27, 2010
i think tht she is still a little pretty, but she looks older than him and he too young for her and maybe he wont like her tht much, but me i will like ti meet him one day. I am born in canada juste like justin but i think him in toronto... (L)ya
posted by maddybear:) on Mar 27, 2010
she is to ugly!!! he should be with me!!!:)
posted by kinley on Mar 27, 2010
Umm no theyre both GEORGOUS!!! ily kendall and justin! so cute!!!
posted by niya on Mar 27, 2010
Y do girls like yall hate n talk about pple please do ur homework r find something to do beside stayin on the internet putting your couple of cents n pple busy. Mayb u need to go to hooywood n find yourself a man that way u want have time for the internet calling pple names. Broke pple spend there time talking about famous pple what a Shame!
posted by makenzie on Mar 27, 2010
she does not belong with him becuse she has naced photos on line
posted by bluestar519 on Mar 27, 2010
I think it is up to her. if she is happy then that is her .he is cute and she is to.
posted by Dionne on Mar 27, 2010
no i think they deserve each other. i think they're both ugly. you're free to disagree but that's my opinion.
posted by macie on Mar 27, 2010
Noooooo waaaaaaay kendal is way to ugly for justin bieber come on people this guy is too hot for her

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