Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush End Romance Due to Maturity Differences

March 25, 2010 08:17:49 GMT

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have gone their separate ways after the reality TV star realizes that the football player is 'too young' for her as she wants to enter marriage and motherhood world.

Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush split, again, and reason behind the separation is said because of maturity differences. Kim thought Reggie, who is four years younger than her, was "too young" to keep up her marriage and motherhood plan as the New Orleans Saints tailback isn't ready for the next big thing, a source revealed to Pop Tarts .

Confirming the reason behind their break-up, an insider told Life & Style, "He's definitely had a marriage conversation with Kim's mom, Kris, and step dad Bruce. But he's like a child; it's doubtful it was formal." The insider, who said the pair has gone their separate ways shortly after their Costa Rican getaway in early March, further said, "So either there will be a ring - or they'll be finished."

Meanwhile, another different source, who affirmed Kim and Reggie's split to E! Online, did not mention Reggie's readiness for the next level in his relationship with the reality TV star as the cause. However, the source claimed that the issue in their relationship is Kim's love for spotlight and her hectic work schedule.

As the source stated that Reggie struggled with Kim's famous public life, the football player himself revealed he doesn't love the cameras. During his recent visit to TV show "Rachael Ray", he said, "I play football, and most football players are camera shy. We just want to be left alone, we just want to stick to what we do."

"I do it because it's important to [Kim]," Reggie further claimed. "We're so busy so much: Monday through Saturday we're putting in 14-hour to 16-hour days. In the off-season I try to spend more time [on the] relationship and doing things that she might like and pleasing her."

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush, who started dating in 2007, are yet to give any comment about the split. The two have previously ended their romance in July 2009 before deciding to get back in October the same year.


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posted by jarofhearts on Dec 16, 2010
I think Christina Perri will be the next big thing for a long time.
posted by whocares on Dec 16, 2010
really - why do we care about these people. can't they just go away quietly? Please people wake up out there there's more to life than the K network (which they should rename E!)
posted by The Yeti !! on Dec 04, 2010
I never liked any of the Kardashian sisters. They are indeed the most stupidest,no class woman on the planet. Asian woman are by far the most classy woman on the Earth. Black woman are the most ugliest and irritating primates alive. Gotcha.
posted by j6 on Oct 27, 2010
Shame on Kim for putting Reggie on “BLAST!!” She turned the speaker phone on when she was supposedly having a “private” conversation with him. I’m sure he didn’t expect her to put him on “BLAST” like that. I understand that she and Reggie had a relationship in the past and he most likely agreed to conversations with her on the speaker phone before, but now, to do this without his consent or permission, in front of millions of people, is totally “DISRESPECTFUL” and a stab in the heart. I was a fan of Kim until she did that to Reggie. I thought that they would get back together one day because they seemed like such a great couple. But now I realized that is all about her selfishness, attention and wanting to remain famous. Khloe didn’t put that NBA guy she once dated on “blast” when she broke up with him over the phone. She made the conversation “private,” the way it should be. Shame on Kim!! I still like you, but shame on you.
posted by marl on Sep 17, 2010
am a black woman n i think they look good 2gether. At some point i think there was some love and connection btwn them, esp kim. I wish them the best.
posted by WHAT on Sep 10, 2010
The funniest comment award goes to omar77, who doesn't want a black women who shows her ASS, but a mad beautiful classy woman like Kim. News flash omar77, Kim did show her ASS in public. LOL
posted by shaniah on Aug 30, 2010
posted by whiteness on Jul 24, 2010
fucc black bitches
posted by Lesh on Jul 12, 2010
Wtf!kim u ar grgeous n m ur nmbr 1 m srry u ar a vry big hore.reggie hny u dsrve sm1 bttr tht u cn cl a wfe.u stl hv a lfe 2 explre so dnt b frcd int mrrge cz tht whte btch wl cntrl u en ur mny tht u earn in a dcnt way,unlk hr
posted by azzie on Jun 23, 2010
Black men are hot so as ladies. this is the fact that can not be factorized, but apart from being hot black men look for decency from a woman, White ladies are so so indecent like her?? as you say she has the money.. why was she in a sex tape?? bitch!!! and nothing in the world can change her,,, so was right to dump her and so others who pull themself to black so that they feel the heat, Go reggie find a black hot chick who is decent, like we all sayy " white women are just for fun" black women are wivesssssssssss
posted by lola on Jun 13, 2010
Reggie Bush is a young guy with money who isn't ready for marriage .If he was he would have married Kim along time ago. Kim has disgraced herself on national TV and video with her trashy behavior. Nothing to be proud of there. If she were serious about marriage to any MAN she would have behaved herself ,rather than behave like a trashy dime a dozen sleaze . What's lacking in both of them is ,virtue, character and integrity. Kim's mother should be ashame of herself because she has lived it up on the nasty behavior of her trashy daughters. These girls are NOT marriage material for any decent gentleman . Men like to know that they're women are exclusive. Reggie Bush has not behaved any better than Kim. He gets around way to much and is NOT trustworthy or honest . Kim and Reggie are lacking in character what it takes to commit to a serious relationship. Both of them put they're careers first and are self-center. Why should a man or woman wont to marry when he/she can get them for free without making a commitment. Who would wont a man/woman who has been used up ! What a pitiful bunch!
posted by groupie69 on Jun 13, 2010
u cant force somthing that isnt
posted by gruopie69 on Jun 13, 2010
Obvioulsy they not compatible... Quit trying to force something that isnt
posted by Gemmie on Jun 03, 2010
why is there so much talk about race over here? It has nothing to do with their skin color, the fact is they broke up like many couples do because of their differences.Whether it was their careers or their maturity levels.Race or nationality has nothing to do with it.
posted by MaryB on May 25, 2010
Kim deserves the my Dear please follow your heart and always listen to your instinct ok..
posted by fleurdelis on May 23, 2010
I will mtake Reggie Bush any day of the week. he deserves a not just a beautiful woman, but an intelligent tactful young lady. Kim is gorgeous, but her reputation is tainted. And it will be difficult for her shed that. I hope she finds a guy who looks past her previous mistakes. Reggie was a good one, hate it didn't work out. :{
posted by Trapa on May 09, 2010
Ur gay
posted by jen18612 on May 09, 2010
When did the all of the nutjob racists take over the comment section? Attempts to generalize the intelligence or studipidy of anyone based on race is primarily an attempt to make yourself feel better at someone elses expense. If a black man or white man or black woman or white woman: 1) did you wrong, 2) acted studid, 3) left your for someone of another race or 4) whatever, get your head out of your ass and recognize that that person is a bad match for you and go on with your life without taking your anger on frustration out on the rest of us who have to be exposed to your denial about the kind of people you usually date or the kind of person you realy are. Good luck and focus on your future.
posted by strngwhtwmn on May 03, 2010
when will people see that there should be no race mixing that porch monkey bastard doesnt deserve a white woman that is just gross some monkey looking man you cant take in to public because like all blacks he has no class doesnt know how to behave around decent white folk bring back slavery or send em all back to africa
posted by Dash on Apr 30, 2010
@sammie how dare you say u hate black ignorant women? Why not not ignorant woman period?you are obviously the ignorant 1!
posted by sammie on Apr 24, 2010
i hate black IGNORANT woman. WHITE PEOPLE THIS AND WHITE PEOPLE THAT. and its the always the black ignorant woman who say us "crackers" are the racist ones. like seriously F you. WERE ALL JUST PEOPLE, AND OUR SKIN IS JUST A COLOR. ITS ABOUT OUR SOULS THATS WHAT MATTERS. i mean dont get me wrong not all black woman are like that and not all white woman are like me .
posted by f on Apr 24, 2010
posted by Kitten19 on Apr 23, 2010
Kim is beautiful in face and body but, who wants to marry someone who's had their VJJ viewed by the world; please, HIT IT AND QUIT IT
posted by ana on Apr 19, 2010
your all haters!!!!!!!! kim is gorgeous and if reggie isnt ready 2be married and she is she doesnt have to wait.truth is she is more famous than him and she deserves to be happy!!
posted by Nadine on Apr 18, 2010
Maturity issue? wtf? he's more mature than her. Hey Kim, GO AWAY!!
posted by Xeey on Apr 14, 2010
I keep wondering y he stil wanna b with her. She's annoyingly annoyin!jst lyk mum,selfish n controllin... Reggie,i thnk u nid u sm oda sexy mama
posted by stapelzzz on Apr 07, 2010
just hit it and quit it
posted by stapelzzz on Apr 07, 2010
who cares how kim acts. shes pretty with a fat ass what else is there to care about?
posted by Bella on Apr 07, 2010
Ahh Kim is hot and Reggie is childish,im happy for kim,she deserves true love
posted by pinkice on Apr 06, 2010
personally i'm sick of some black men putting down black women exspecially considering how most black men cheat on thier women having babies all over the place but got the nerve to talk about black women have attitude some black men talk trashy to thier women ,then have the gall to say the white woman dont have attitude thats bullshit.and so far as those kardashians who cares what they do-congradulate them on making asses out of the rch black idiots.oh by the way not everybody is always jealous of sometimes it;s just the funky way you carry yourself.
posted by pdxchrissy on Apr 01, 2010
I would like to address this to all heterosexual males: Would you want to marry Kim K. knowing she made a sex tape? your buddies flashing back on Kim shoving that big 'ol black thing in her mouth. Nice...Maybe, just maybe, Reggie Bush has pride and integrity, and might want to marry a woman that hasn't held a camera between her legs. Kim looks great because she is only being compared to her sisters,"dim-bulb" and "dog-face".
posted by Song on Apr 01, 2010
Kim Kardashian is the girl you want to take home after you're buzzed and horny. She is NOT the girl you want to wake up to. Can anyone here tell me what there is to admire about her? What has she ever done to garner fame and admiration. The sex tape, the money whe wheeled and dealed for. She had sex and got money for it, porn, prostitution, what's the difference, you got paid for having sex. Run Reggie, run! You got your turn, that's about all she's worth. And Maturity? WTF! Has anyone listened to anything that comes out of her mouth. Maturity, intelligence, class... These are things Kim does not have. What a joke that peeps even defend her.
posted by Kim S on Apr 01, 2010
yes one may look better than the other but there still all pretty I like Kim and I like Reggie and again I am a black female, who cares what color you are, I truly wish individuals would get off that color kick
posted by Boriqua on Mar 31, 2010
Um....please stop lying to yourselves. Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman to anyone with eyes.
posted by Kim S. on Mar 31, 2010
I am a black female but i don't get upset with interracial couples i love to see them that means progress, if Kim wants to move on she can I hope she finds a person who is ready to get married and have children. I like to see her and Reggie together, just as i like to see other interracial couples.
posted by madnesss:( on Mar 30, 2010
um, BLACKNESS, idk where u were raised but i dont think of, specifically, white women as being WHORES or any other kind of woman. And jus bcause most black men does think SOME white women r beautiful, it doesnt mean their self hating, its jus that they admire beauty no matter what race they r
posted by blackness on Mar 30, 2010
posted by Jack on Mar 28, 2010
Maturity issues LMAO, why would he marry a ho like this
posted by filly on Mar 27, 2010
She looks about 10 to 12 years Older than him. She needs a mature man. This is a young man, still hasn't reached his prime. He doesn't need the Drama. He's the rich one. She's hanging on to him. What is she famous for and how is she relevant?
posted by latoyacovington2010 on Mar 27, 2010
omar77 I hope your comment was not intended towards all of the "sista's" as you say. Although I don't believe it was intended as such. Just like there are black women who show their asses there are also some white one's that do it to. If more "brotha's" would stop including every black woman into the "she got attitude" category maybe he will find a beautiful black woman with class.
posted by omar77 on Mar 27, 2010
I'm so sick of all the talk about black men that DON'T want to date black girls!! Get a clue.... it's not the color of your skin it's your foul mouth & bad attitude that turns us off about the sista's! We want a beautiful woman that has class! Not the one who shows her ASS - making a scene everywhere we go! Kim is mad beautiful! Ya'll black chicks are HATERS cause she got a good black man! Get straight, maybe you could get one too!
posted by jaybo on Mar 27, 2010
That Bitch!
posted by morgantaraly on Mar 27, 2010
he is to good for her all the kardashians are is a bunch of high priced call girls including mom looking for rich men reggie its sisters out here remember that
posted by latoyacovington2010 on Mar 27, 2010
First of all jenny stokes I guess you didn't read Big N comment or doesn't it matter. I feel like all of you sound ignorant and for you to come on here and swear with every other word like is just disgusting. Do you know open eyes to be calling her all kinds of bitches? I didn't think so so practice what you preach sweetheart and maybe your comments will make a difference on this post someday. I mean listen to you, you were ready to go at someone's throat over someone you don't know. How pathetic is that?
posted by DiamondChevaughn on Mar 27, 2010
and annaslace i guess ur ass must be blind or something cuz kim kardashian is nowhere near ugly wtf do u look like bitch??? and what the fuck does gabby sidibet have to do with this? get a life u fucking cunt!
posted by Jenny Stokes on Mar 27, 2010
Just like I thought, All the negative comments are probably coming from ugly bitches. facebook me if u have a problem, we can meet up.
posted by john on Mar 27, 2010
both are sucks
posted by getreal on Mar 26, 2010
Why does Reggie do so many TV interviews if he is a shy football player? He's just not that in to you Kimmie!
posted by lovegirl on Mar 26, 2010
kim go get a life. because you are sickness.
posted by Open Eyes on Mar 26, 2010
Way to go Reggie!!!! Kim's mother is a pimp. She pimp's her own daughters, in order to bring in the money. You are smart and by the way there are many beautiful black women, baby. Do not forget black is strong. Can you see RayJ did not want her and he's not hunk. Do not be dumb like Lamar Odom. His wife is a cocaine addict.
posted by annaslace on Mar 26, 2010
Kim is not pretty..but she looks better than Gabby (Precious). thats only my opinion. Why am I discussing any of them. I need to get a life!!!!
posted by Sabrina on Mar 26, 2010
I'm sure Kim broke up with him, because he seems to be stuck on himself. Girl wannabe...
posted by Skank watch on Mar 26, 2010
The whole Kardashian family is a joke abunch of fat Drama queens
posted by Big N on Mar 26, 2010
F her and him! Who cares, maybe she will get her a white boy next time around and maybe her sista will lose her black chunk too! KKK moment coming on, "Wake up White People!!". Hehe....BTW - Kim saw your video you look like a lousy lay!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ponia23 on Mar 25, 2010
I think that this is a private matter and I am sure both do care for each other deeply and wish each other nuch happiness. I hope they are both doion okay!!
posted by wow on Mar 25, 2010
LOL@ when is her 15 minutes gonna be up!
posted by kiki on Mar 25, 2010
yeah I am sure she dumped him...that is bull..he let her go cuz she is all over the news all day,every day!!people don,t want thier buisness out there like that..if she loved him she would slow down!!FOR GODSAKES WHEN IS HER 15 MINUTES GONNA BE UP?WHEN THE NEXT BIG BOOTY GIRL COMES THROUGH?SICK OF HER!!!!!!!
posted by lesly on Mar 25, 2010
i hope she dumped him cause i really do think at such a young age and with all the sucess reggie bush has gained this year with his team winning the super bowl there no way his going to marry kim anything soon. Plus how can he stand her, she seems so annoying, and selfish on her reality show. I total love khloe, but Kim am not a fan of her at all.
posted by alyali on Mar 25, 2010
best wishes to both of them

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