Ke$ha's Nude Photos Leak Denied

March 18, 2010 07:30:56 GMT

A couple of photos showing a woman looking like her having sex were leaked but the singer claimed it was not her.

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Photo credit: /WENN

Ke$ha made a headline recently after a couple of alleged images of her engaging in a sexual activity got out online. claimed to have possessed the exclusive images of "what appears to be singer Ke$ha engaging in sexual intercourse and other fun stuff with an unknown man!!" The site added that their source has a lot more of them.

A rep for the singer has denied that it was the artist in those pictures although the woman does strike a resemblance to Ke$ha. To Gossip Cop the rep said, "This is not Ke$ha in the photos." Also, the singer personally reached out to her Twitter to laugh off the pics, writing "okok. so ive never done any naked pics.. lol . that sh*ts fake. thats not me. total bs. shes hot tho. n getting laid. good for that girl."

Ke$ha was also forced to clarify another rumor via her Twitter on the same day. On Wednesday, March 17, she performed on "American Idol" wearing fur-like outfit while singing "Blah Blah Blah". Dodging a war with PETA, the singer wrote, "yo yo yo - errything im wearing tonight on idol is FAUX (FAKE) fur and recycled feathersss.. just to let yall know kittenzz.. luvluvluv x"


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posted by greek boi on Sep 16, 2012
posted by toShdlsg on Jan 08, 2011
im reesee65to
posted by to s3hdlsdg on Jan 08, 2011
you should get a life i know shes not the best your not the best ether so get a life
posted by reesee65 on Jan 08, 2011
kesha rocks rocks rocks she does
posted by Jllymffin on Jan 03, 2011
Fck u bitch
posted by Vajazzle on Dec 15, 2010
Ugly bitch. Looks like a crack ho
posted by wtf on Jul 17, 2010
wtf here again just wanted to also say i seriously doubt thats kesha but if it is her well it aint her fault those are there point the finger at the fagit that took those pics
posted by hi on Jul 12, 2010
I might do her after few beers.
posted by bang on Jun 09, 2010
she's bang tidy and probably a minx in the bedroom. i'd ruin her
posted by 2-D on May 24, 2010
I wanna see the pictures!
posted by i dont know on Apr 01, 2010
where is the pic
posted by Rock on Mar 23, 2010
fuck ur boobs

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