Video Premiere: Hot Chip's 'I Feel Better'

March 18, 2010 06:33:52 GMT

'I Feel Better' video sees Hot Chip mocking boyband as a group of guys who make a lip-sync performance during a live show.

Video Premiere: Hot Chip's 'I Feel Better'
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A music video from electropop band Hot Chip to support their single "I Feel Better" has made its way out. It features four boybanders dancing and lip-syncing the song's verses before a shave-headed man takes the stage and shoots them with lasers coming out of his eyes.

The video is directed by actor Peter Serafinowicz who voices Darth Maul in 1999 movie "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace". The band's members are also included in this video. Instead of given the spotlight, they are spotted among the cheering crowd.

"I Feel Better" appears among new songs listed in the band's fourth studio album "One Life Stand" which peaked at No. 11 on the U.K. albums chart and reached No. 1 on Billboard Top Heatseekers list. The song was released as a follow-up to the album's title track.

Hot Chip's "I Feel Better" music video


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posted by Cacoethes on Mar 18, 2010
The lazer-vomiting messiah figure is not Alexis; he's with the others in the crowd at the end.
posted by hello44 on Mar 18, 2010
Are you sure thats Alexis on stage? I thought it was an actor. You see all five of them in the crowd at the end.

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