Video Premiere: Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato's 'Make a Wave'

March 13, 2010 02:33:25 GMT

The Jonas Brothers' lead vocalist and his 'Camp Rock' co-star are a Malibu beach couple in this new music video.

Video Premiere: Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato's 'Make a Wave'
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Instead of making its debut on March 14 like it was previously scheduled, "Make a Wave" music video is uncovered two days earlier. It features Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato enjoying a sunny day on Malibu beach. Footage of sea animals like dolphin and seal swimming in the ocean is also featured in it.

"Make a Wave" is recorded for Disney's 2010 Friends for Change: Project Green. It was showcased live for the very first time at Epcot theme park in Orlando on February 11 and will be featured in upcoming Disneynature film "Oceans".

The song will be made available for digital download beginning March 15 with its proceeds benefiting environmental charities around the world through the mouse house's Worldwide Conservation Fund.

"Oceans" will be released in theaters across the United States on Earth Day, April 22.

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato's "Make a Wave" music video


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posted by ДИАНА on Jan 09, 2011
posted by sapna on Dec 18, 2010
i just hope about joe cause always like joe he just amazing like him nobody in life also demi she only one peace in the world
posted by sapna on Dec 18, 2010
its amazing joe looks amazing and demi also but joe is too.................good....
posted by melissa diaz on Aug 27, 2010
te amo joe jonas demi cisiera ser como tu
posted by holly on Apr 28, 2010
I love that song in yall special joe
posted by adeera on Apr 28, 2010
Love This song ^^ !!!!!!!!!
posted by always happy on Apr 15, 2010
i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by finger happy on Apr 05, 2010
i am just kidding i love demi and joe plus i love the song
posted by finger happy on Apr 05, 2010
good song but hate who made it(Demi and Joe)
posted by ginz on Mar 15, 2010
joe is so handsome..he looks like when he was 16..
posted by FAN on Mar 14, 2010
Love This song
posted by chica sexi on Mar 12, 2010
yo solo q`ero mandar un saludo a nick jonas te amo eres lo mejor
posted by hayley on Mar 12, 2010
the sea animals are adorable that footage is great
posted by Joe J Chick on Mar 12, 2010
Joe Is Awesome In It :)
posted by Katie on Mar 12, 2010
This video and song make me smile. Joe and Demi's voices sound incredible together and the chemmistry they have is unbelieveable. Glad to see young stars coming together fo the enviroment. P.S. The last harmony in the song gave me chills!!!! :D
posted by Kristyyy on Mar 12, 2010
Wow, this is a really good song! Joe and demi sound great together. But if they're trying to save the enviorment, why are they driving a car that's polluting the earth? Hmm, just wondering. And the footage of the animals are absolutley adorable!!!!!!
posted by Kandilyn on Mar 12, 2010
Just not liking this song or those two. Way too cheesy. I love the ocean part of the video.

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