Video: Justin Bieber Debuting 'My World 2.0' on QVC

March 10, 2010 09:05:23 GMT

The March 9 performance has the Canadian teen singer sitting on the high chair, strumming his guitar and performing his new songs.

Video: Justin Bieber Debuting 'My World 2.0' on QVC
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Justin Bieber has stopped by the home shopping channel QVC on March 9 to perform songs from his upcoming effort "My World 2.0". He kicked off his set with an acoustic version of "One Less Lonely Girl" which comes from his first album "My World".

Another track Justin performed was a brand new song called "Smile" which is recorded as a tribute to his devotees. "This is the song I wrote for my fans and dedicate to them," Justin previously wrote on Twitter about the fresh track from his sophomore set.

"My World 2.0" is due to come out in the U.S. on March 23. Fans are given the opportunity to purchase the album two weeks before its arrival via QVC which has specially packaged it with an exclusive bonus DVD featuring live performances of "Favorite Girl" and "Never Let You Go".

"It's cool to be launching my new album on QVC," Justin said in a statement about his promotional appearance on the channel. "Where else can I perform live and reach more than 98 million homes with my music? It's just an incredible opportunity for me."

Beside performing, Justin Bieber also had a chat with the host, talking about his journey before claiming his fame among other things. His QVC appearance will also be broadcast on Friday, March 12. He follows the footsteps of artists who have done their sale pitch on the channel, such as Goo Goo Dolls, Elton John, Jessica Simpson, Dr. Dre and many more.

"One Less Lonely Girl":



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posted by laras widia on Sep 16, 2010
i love you 4ever J.B
posted by gabriella on Sep 15, 2010
your song are so good and your foice to and everything you are good
posted by maddy on Aug 27, 2010
fuck you guys
posted by madisyn on Aug 27, 2010
justin is so good at writeing songs realy good
posted by madisyn on Aug 27, 2010
i love all of your songs justin all of your songs are great
posted by zaya laras on Aug 27, 2010
i love u justin from fans laras
posted by shay on Aug 26, 2010
i......really really really love u i think your so f*cking hot and i would love to go out with u
posted by sahoriii on Jun 17, 2010
hot and sexy
posted by harnil on Jun 04, 2010
i have fan of you
posted by ghea on May 10, 2010
I really liked you Justin ! <3<3
posted by DARK on May 06, 2010
posted by I AM BITCHY on Apr 20, 2010
posted by naysa on Apr 19, 2010
justin can i have tickets
posted by amy on Apr 03, 2010
i love justin bieber even if he wasn't a singer
posted by EbRu on Mar 19, 2010
I LoVe YoU
posted by Da Gurl on Mar 18, 2010
i love you justin bieber you are like the fucking best then any other teenage singer<Duces>
posted by justcin on Mar 17, 2010
well nice song buddy keep singing whatever comes your way,stick to your goals....mwwwwwwwahhhh..
posted by MARTHA on Mar 17, 2010
posted by JUSTIN BIEBER on Mar 17, 2010
posted by soon to be mrs biebe on Mar 13, 2010
**** I LOVE YOU*** =)
posted by mia~babii!~ on Mar 12, 2010
ilove justine he iz so fine! my future hubby!
posted by Justin4ever on Mar 12, 2010
I love the way he sounds. I love his personality (well, what i see, since i dnt actually kno him). He is great. I love you Justin!
posted by ataamayz on Mar 12, 2010
aww poor you ashley wateva ur name is ! dnt worri justin bieber's gay yeah.. one dai yull meet him dnt wori ya fuken net hero YOU MUM bitch!
posted by ataamayz !! on Mar 12, 2010
lets jus get to da point shall wee !! JUSTIN BIEBER !! RITE !! IS GAY !!!!!
posted by HAATEIHO SPARTAN on Mar 12, 2010
bro this kid sounds loike a little itchbayss..he needs his voice to get deeper or something cos he sonds loike a girl!!!..hahaha no offence buddy :D
posted by justinWIFEY on Mar 12, 2010
posted by asif from pakistan on Mar 12, 2010
we love justin bieber
posted by Sugar on Mar 11, 2010
I don`t really know any of his songs.But,boy,is he cute!!!!
posted by Christina on Mar 11, 2010
He is very cute! I love his music! Go Justin! I think his voice has been trying to change!
posted by erika(: on Mar 11, 2010
wow! he is an amazing singer he has so much talent! i don't know where i would be w/ out his music!! i would love to meet him someday!! i cant wait to buy his new CD!!!
posted by sisster on Mar 10, 2010
hey i love u.Are going to have any thing good happen in you life
posted by tt+jj on Mar 10, 2010
i love justin's songs and i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayaya
posted by Dorra on Mar 10, 2010
I love u. .
posted by Asjiah on Mar 10, 2010
Justin may b a star but he is a hero in my book
posted by Asjiah on Mar 10, 2010
~From his songs you can tell he is a great guy he just has his ways of showing it......u say u love him but u dont really kno him.~
posted by emily on Mar 10, 2010
i love u
posted by lil caecae on Mar 10, 2010
I love justin bieber.I listen to all his songs.I just never went to any concerts.Thats one thing I want to do.
posted by maddy on Mar 10, 2010
i love you
posted by maddy on Mar 10, 2010

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