Sneak Peek: Soulja Boy Gets Tattoo on 'LA Ink'

Soulja Boy

The tattoo-wrapped rapper wants to add another art on his right hand that would complete his other hand's ink.

An upcoming episode of TLC's "LA Ink" has been previewed and Soulja Boy is in it. The self-proclaimed superstar and rapper comes to Kat Von D's tattoo parlor to have the back of his left hand inked with his last name "Way" so that when the two hands are joined, they would spell his name.

Soulja, who has numerous body arts already, said that he had never had a tattoo by a female artist before. During the inking, Kat who obviously has not heard a lot about the rapper, asked him about how he claimed his fame. Soulja told her that he was famous through the internet first before he released a debut album.

Also in the Thursday, March 11 episode, the planning of a party at the shop puts Kat in the middle of feuding Adrienne and Liz. Aubry debates about removing her LA Ink tattoo.



    Jun 07, 2010

    what in the heck was qoinq on with his hair? L m b o ! Im not tryinq tuu pick, but im just curious aboutt his hair. I still love yuu tho DeAndre . As lonq as yuu have that smile, i wouldnt care if yuu had a jerri curl. lol :]

    May 13, 2010

    i love u !!!! and u is mad sexy

    May 11, 2010

    I LOVE YOU !!!!!

    Mar 27, 2010

    Omg I freaking love youuuu O n ur HOT:-)

    Mar 26, 2010

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    Mar 10, 2010

    your so hot

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