Confirmed: 'Fringe' Gets Season 3

March 08, 2010 08:20:16 GMT

Although the number of audience tuning in to the FOX sci-fi series is declining from last year, FOX believes in the Thursday line-up.

Confirmed: 'Fringe' Gets Season 3
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"Fringe" will be back for another season despite not being stellar in rating. FOX has ordered a third season of the sci-fi series created by J.J. Abrams and Alex Kurtzman although the number of episodes is not disclosed.

In its second season, "Fringe" is averaging just 7.6 million viewers. Although the number is high for a major network, it is still considerably low compared to other FOX shows such as its Thursday partner "Bones" and "24". However, since it was paired with "Bones", "Fringe" has proven to be a solid Thursday night line-up for the network.

"People haven't abandoned Fringe," FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly told The Hollywood Reporter last week. "It just may have moved to their second choice; they're picking it up on their DVRs or Hulu. When there's wiggle room in time period, they come back."

The show is taking a hiatus to give "Past Life" a chance to show itself. However, FOX has pulled the plug on the new show and will return "Fringe" on air on April 1 at 9/8c with new episodes.


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posted by ivan on Jan 22, 2011
COME ON,its such an awesome show!
posted by guest56789 on Jan 11, 2011
lovee fringe! boyfriend and i are addicted to it! X
posted by hey hey on Dec 30, 2010
LOVE LOVE LOVE this show :))))))
posted by hey hey hey on Dec 30, 2010
This is the best show in the world!!! They better keep this show going. I usually hate sci-fi but this is one I actually like. Please keep it going.
posted by FRINGE on Dec 10, 2010
I just saw that they are moving it to friday! Are they killing the show?
posted by RayofSunshineuk on Dec 03, 2010
Best Sci fi ever!!!
posted by sarah on Sep 24, 2010
i love fringe very much******
posted by Pendras on Sep 14, 2010
im glad we got a new season!!! i hope there's more Astrid/Walter Bonding. They make such an awesome team. Besties for evs. Mr Noble is epic, I have to find at least ONE character i like in a show before i keep watching it and Peter made me smile first but Walter made me laugh first.Hes the reason i watch the show. I hope it goes on for a good long time or at least until there able to show reruns. 100 eps guys then ur in the clear!!
posted by Emmanuelle on Sep 01, 2010
posted by Rick on Sep 01, 2010
Just finished watching Fringe Season 2. Can't wait for Season 3. It is much better than X-file because it bothers to explain why and how. Love it! Please continue until Season 6 or 7 like Supernatural.
posted by medicbh on Aug 28, 2010
I first saw Fringe browsing thru hulu. It took 10 mins and I got hooked. Can't wait for season 3.
posted by Heston on Aug 27, 2010
Thanks, imlove thjis show, its fantastic. I love Olivia and hope to see more of her
posted by LOVE Fringe on Aug 26, 2010
Fringe is fantastic. I cannot believe anyone even thought about not renewing this series. Fox seems to make a lot of bad decision (canceling Firefly and Dollhouse), I hope they don't mess this one up also.
posted by gramps on Aug 26, 2010
thank you, i think walter is hilarious!
posted by forestpkguy on Aug 24, 2010
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show.. so happy for a 3rd season..
posted by crazycatz on Aug 22, 2010
Due to schedules and such, I know i don't typically watch Fringe on the TV, but it hasnt moved to a 2nd place preference. I still love the show and watch it when I can. And like the article said, I do use Hulu to catch it. I hope they don't decide to close down the show later on for thinking there aren't enough viewers cause i know many probably pick it up online like myself. Can't wait for season 3 though. It kills me to have to wait another month yet.
posted by j_wallz on Aug 19, 2010
Ok well fringe is amazing!I truly hope that people realize how exhilarating this show is in season 3! I nearly crapped myself with the cliff at the end...
posted by gayathri on Aug 17, 2010
Fringe is the best series. I really wonder how really one could imagine all these things, and how really one could show us the exact things what they imagine, its really superb
posted by lynnie on Aug 16, 2010
OMG so excited, can't wait for season 3
posted by Jace28 on Aug 16, 2010
I am still going through season 2 of fringe and I am so locked into it I just watch 1 episode after another
posted by candydoll33 on Aug 16, 2010
Fringe is awsome and it's far better then most shows out there I cant wait for more seasons to come out
posted by amkee07 on Aug 12, 2010
I love this show it the best thing since the x files Please I would love to see many more seasons at my works many grown men set and talk about this show like some women do about thiers soap show it is the BEST SHOW ON TV!!!!!!!
posted by RainMaker on Aug 11, 2010
Have anyone viewed Fringe Season 3 ??!!??
posted by lewisXVII on Aug 09, 2010
you've got to love Walter he is a great actor to play a mental person then to go straight to a normal person must be so hard I think that the relationship between Peter and his father is unstable but I think they will start to work it out in season 3 and also the cliffhanger in season two where Olivia is being held captive by alternate Walter and the alternate Olivia has took her place what an awesome ending for season 2 finally Olivia admits how she feels about Peter I think in season three Peter will be the first to notice the alternate Olivia and go to extreme measures to get Oliver back from the other side........... this season was amazing 5 stars
posted by Skylar Madison on Aug 05, 2010
Hey fringe is amazing! Season 2 finished off with an amazing cliffhanger! If they stopped it now, it would be cruel to all of us! Such a fantastic show, along the calibre of Dexter, Lost, 24 and SOA.
posted by M121478 on Aug 02, 2010
I think it stinks we have to hang on til April. I would like to be watching now,Almost everyone I know likes theis show.Joshua Jackson Is a wonderful actor! I hope they dont take it off.
posted by cmadalin on Jul 30, 2010
Fringe is the best serial.i hope not be the last season 2, the show is brilliant and the actors playing so well
posted by Jim on Jul 30, 2010
I didn't think any series in the cutting edge sci-fi could get any better than Bones untill I found Fringe. My only hope is that the authors don't go on a wild goose chase like the ones in Bones in a bid to get more seasons out of a good story-line. I like the first two seasons so far and I do hink they have it in them to do two more and give us a happy end with peter and olive having a child of two universes to bring balance or something. Anyway it's a great watch this series. Walter is an awesome actor, he is the life of the show fro sure.
posted by aliendung on Jul 28, 2010
yeah what moron wouldnt want to watch this? I am hooked on fringe like a crack pipe to a crack whore..dont stop..keep it coming!!
posted by aLice on Jul 28, 2010
I am not a fan of them series but this one? I am hooked! FRINGE is awesome!
posted by Fecozzi on Jul 27, 2010
Yeah! Kant wait 4 d season 3 am an addict 2 fringe! Oh i luv dem bishop family!
posted by observer on Jul 23, 2010
Fringe is important!
posted by hey hey hey on Jul 23, 2010
I'D give my left nut to keep this show going.
posted by Kimdra on Jul 22, 2010
I love this series. The characters are so real, the emotions are high, and it's the perfect show. I've always loved sci-fi/paranormal type things, and this show embodies it all! I was hooked since the previews for the pilot came out, and I've been watching since the first. Love, love, love!
posted by fringe on Jul 21, 2010
fringe is awesome!!!
posted by some one on Jul 19, 2010
oh god i love fringe since seasoooon 1 and i hope we will see it till the season 10 :p
posted by Thailand on Jul 18, 2010
I love Fringe, I wanna see Season 3, Please
posted by Nokoru on Jul 18, 2010
I am addicted to Fringe, i kept watched it till day break, give me fringe 3 :D
posted by behzad on Jul 18, 2010
i love fringe plz dont stop it i am addicted to fringe
posted by lindy on Jul 13, 2010
i love that series so much,well done producer....we need more
posted by tonyt on Jul 12, 2010
Supernatural is much better than fringe
posted by philip on Jul 08, 2010
fringe is so hilarious in a good way. i mean the episodes scare the shit out of me
posted by kwame on Jul 08, 2010
i don't know how to describ how i feel toward fringe. i thought dexture was the most ingenious show i ever, till i started watching Fringe two month ago. and now i'm addicted to it. i hope the 3rd season would not ruin it for me.
posted by fringe fanatic on Jul 08, 2010
I just finished the last episode, and i can not wait till it airs again, they really should upgrade their marketing campaign because in my country(Netherlands) there are nearly no commercials of the show. I only stumbled upon it because it was on TV in Mexico where i spend my vacation. Since then i am a total Fringe addict I can not wait to see how they will rescue olivia from the other side. Great show it is X-files time a 1000. Great work....and please let Mr.Spock return next season haha
posted by simone. on Jul 05, 2010
only 3 things I watch on TV...Fringe, Sanctuary, and most anything precluded by the word "Star". :P Fringe is definitely at the top of that list. Keep it up!
posted by rambo on Jul 03, 2010
posted by UK Viewer on Jul 02, 2010
Im over the moon that there is going to be a season 3 of fringe. I had to catch up on fringe since i heard about it from a fellow mmorpg player and since then i can not get over how good the show is. In my opinion the show is like a X-files meets CSI for the thinking public and not like most shows that spon feed you everything before the end of each episode. Keep the seasons coming.
posted by UK RFRINGE WATCHER on Jun 30, 2010
I live in the uk and have watched both series of fringe on sky 1 and absolutely love it, by far the best series i have ever watched and am absolutely over the moon that season 3 has been confirmed and really cant wait for it to come back on, walter is awesome, heres to waiting lol I agree that there should be more advertising for fringe as there hasnt been much at all in the uk either, If people were informed abit better i believe that there would be a vast uptake in new fringe fans, i hope so.
posted by Hamdun on Jun 29, 2010
Olivia is a great actress and i lover the way she leads the show. She is very sexy! I love the show and i am a loyal watcher.
posted by ANGEL SPAIN on Jun 27, 2010
I consider myself a Shows freak and Fringe had no advertising whatsoever... If they had a better campaign in Europe they would've had more viewers...The show is quite solid and it's very adictive...Please more!! I like it even more than The X Files
posted by Rose on Jun 24, 2010
Fringe is awesome. Please don't take it away. Enough said.
posted by Stef on Jun 24, 2010
Im not from the US and cannot watch it on TV but I know many people here watching it online!!! don't stop fringe, it's amazing! when watching it, it really makes one think deeply about existence, life, universe...
posted by Clarko on Jun 24, 2010
Are they nuts in the USA? Fringe is programme is better than Bones or 24 and keeps coming up with original and thought provoking stuff. Don't dare take our Fringe away!!!
posted by Dylan on Jun 22, 2010
yes fringe season 3 cant wait best show on television
posted by pipolord on Jun 21, 2010
plz fox dont even think to stop this show .becz really its amazin i never miss 1 episode
posted by berkat09 on Jun 20, 2010
Fringe is definitely a show to keep running it makes you really think about the possibilities of science
posted by Ze_ddy on Jun 17, 2010
Well written ... a break from reality. A cross between Sliders and X-Files, just a lot of fun to watch. Please FOX make this a top priority it's an excellent show and once ppl catch an epsiode there's really no other option on t.v, season 1 and season 2 DVD's will be the golden ticket.
posted by GJ on Jun 17, 2010
I give FRINGE a definite GREEN LIGHT!! )) bring on series 3!!! When will it start to air?
posted by prempakar on Jun 14, 2010
Come on FOX....please dont ever stop fringe. PLEASE. I am from malaysia and i loved every inch of it. Bravo producers and directors.
posted by Tommy on Jun 14, 2010
Seriously bones? 24? Both series after my opinion is a disaster and is quiet boring. Fringe on the other hand is one of the best series I've seen togheter with Californication, weeds, stargate sg-1. Please don't stope the production
posted by prashant on Jun 12, 2010
i love fringe and can't wait to see what is going to happen in the 3 season.
posted by atemp on Jun 11, 2010
I love fringe! I usually have to pick it up on hulu because I am busy with three little boys to raise, but I really hope it stays on for a while.
posted by SASQUATCH on Jun 11, 2010
posted by brookeg48 on Jun 09, 2010
I wish there was a way to track ratings other than cable. So many people watch on the internet now. it's just so much easier. It makes me feel almost guilty for getting rid of cable to save a little money. But honestly, Fringe is my favorite show. It's not tv junk food, one of those shows you can just pick at here and there when you feel like it and you won't miss a thing, it's a 7 course dinner. You have to start at the BEGINNING. I've been making people order the first season off of netflix, and then of course they're hooked. because how can you not become hooked once you start watching fringe? surely fox wants to know what's going to happen next just as much as we do.
posted by olliegoboadams on Jun 08, 2010
fringe is the best show on tv! its a shame there's always massive month long breaks 3 times a series! i dont think the amount of people watching has declined jus the medium they watch it on - its all about the streaming. i dont understand y its takin the tv company's soo long to work out we want anytime for everything!
posted by nivirtchari on Jun 08, 2010
I like fringe. although it kinda reminds me of Xfiles, still it is good in contents and plot. I have found out about the series only recently and managed to watch whole season 1 and 2 in just 1 week. I hope that season 3 will be nicely tailored and will take us to the wildest imagination.
posted by AussieAlly on Jun 07, 2010
Fringe is a fantastic show even my eight year old loves it but he's a big science freak. I hope this show goes for many more seasons. It's great to see Aussie actors like Anna Torv and John Noble making it big in America. The same goes for Simon Baker in The Mentalist and Bruce Spence in Legend Of the Seeker. Fringe is definately a top rated show.
posted by PoppyGirl07 on Jun 04, 2010
me and my parents love watching Fringe in the uk we just seen the last one last night and i was gutted im Glad they doing another series of it so is my mum and dad hey even my little west-highland white terrier watches it SO PLEASE BRING ON SERIES 3 WOOOHOOO
posted by Spock rocks on Jun 04, 2010
Perhaps if they got rid of the observers handing around in the background, and all the 'Easter eggs' they stick into the show, it would be cheaper to make... but it's those little details which makes this a great show!
posted by lord benevolence on Jun 02, 2010
I agree with candydoll33 since I'm also a series freak and i vote Fringe as the BEST SERIES I EVER WATCH. i just loves series which involves comedy and action, but i interested more in Scientific Series. Fringe is the BEST. Can't wait for season 3 to come out...
posted by jkjones on Jun 02, 2010
i love fringe. it always keeps me begging for more and just when i think i know what's going on more questions arise and once again i'm trying to figure things out. it's so intriguing. i love love love fringe
posted by eethry on Jun 02, 2010
I didn't watch it on tv, I watched it on Hulu. I was busy but with school and work. But I would always find a way to watch it. As a scientist think this show is freaking awesome. They should let this go on as long as X-Files. I LOVE this show.
posted by USsoldier on Jun 01, 2010
With the reruns of so many shows on tv anymore. I tend to hardly ever watch tv of any kind. I discovered Fringe at the end of season 1. There are alot of show's that really don't have good content, most show's are Criminal investigation show's of some kind. While I do find some of them entertaining, Bones, criminal minds. I find that having a what if scientific show to be absolutely mind boggling. Being in the military life is very "real" to me. I do not always want to watch shows about serial killers or murder, which seems to be what is on nightly on one channel to the next. Heros was an awesome show because again it brought in that what if factor. Fringe show's us the possiblities that can be theorized through science. What desperate people will do to save there children and how the bonds of friendship can cross worlds. I for one and looking forward to season 3. As are most of my fellow soldiers. One thing to consider as someone said above, just because the actual TV ratings do not show people tunning in on there TV does not mean people are watching then. I know several soldiers that do not even own TV's but watch all there show's on Hulu or various other sites. If there is a show that I think is worth saving I would say that Fringe is probably one of the best show's or series I have watch in years.
posted by Tim on Jun 01, 2010
My top shows for this year in order would be Fringe, Lost, Sparticus, and Stargate Universe. I got to admit I don't watch on TV either. Its a growing trend and tv ratings alone is not a good way of reading who's watching what shows. The biggest fans will not wait a week or longer to see these on Sky or TV in UK so internet is probably hte more likely choise for most of us. A reavaluation of the rating s should be done. Set up a facebook group or something dedicacted to help with this and i'm sure you get a far better reading. Rant over
posted by dam on May 31, 2010
this show is not just a is a way of life for us student to inspire us .they should not stop there it should have at least 5 seasons,it will do better than 24
posted by UK Katie on May 31, 2010
Fringe must continue!! Like someone else said, if you stop all this American Idol shite and aired more frequently then the viewings would go up!! Fringe is above and beyond X-files so they need to continue ... It is very popular over here in the UK, well - in my household it is!! BRING BACK OLIVIA!!!
posted by Joao on May 31, 2010
Fringe is awesome! The history is lovely and i really don't like sci-fi series. But this is an excepcion :P Kisses and hugs from Portugal!
posted by Grumpkin on May 31, 2010
PLEASE PLEASE - dont stop Fringe - what an amazing show - best seen for a long time - dont make us wait too long for Season 3!!!!
posted by neo on May 30, 2010
what thinking of shuting it down, they mad!look i live in the uk and i dont sit at the box much but this got me hooked like true blood did if fox don't want it give it to HBO they bring some fab stuff out, it is the new x files and the actors do work together well and walter makes me piss
posted by Tidalet on May 29, 2010
FRinge is a great show!!!! I can't wait for the next episode!! It's so thrilling and the episodes are amazing!!! I cannot wait for the start of the season 3. When is it coming out?
posted by Doramon on May 29, 2010
Please continue the seanon 3, We love "Fringe" so much!
posted by NiteSurfer on May 28, 2010
X-Files was great sci-fi entertainment, But nothing seems to have been anywhere near it until This show cam along, it fills that gap nicely, It's becoming a great show, They need to stick with it.
posted by glovrinov on May 26, 2010
fenomenal series. dont stop pleas.
posted by herk on May 23, 2010
doe's any one know when the first ep is on
posted by ukboy on May 23, 2010
we should start the bring back the olivia campain
posted by ukboy on May 23, 2010
this show is so good so pls pls pls give us season 3 pls
posted by Kevin on May 23, 2010
MAYBE if Fox would stop taking it off the air for AWFUL AWFUL American Idol, every year. People would watch it more.
posted by parker on May 22, 2010
What do Fox expect? they send shows out to pasture for many months on end, and then wonder why the shows epic fail. Stop with the crazy pointless 3/4 month hiatus. Fringe deserves a much better network than Fox the network that loves to put shows on as many hiatus' as it can per season. Find Fringe a new network!
posted by Cheema on May 22, 2010
Fringe should be aired as i think of it a marvelous and what else Tv show could be better than Fringe? After Prison break the only Tv show that made me excited. Well desperatly waiting for season 3 and it would in FOX's best interests if they launch it in very near future coz there are many fans like me who are still waiting to see Olivia back to the universe.
posted by Tito_sy on May 22, 2010
Fringe is the most awsome show that I have ever seen for a years , Thank God that Fringe S3 will be in near future.
posted by Luisa on May 22, 2010
Bones conpares with fringe??Are they serious? Bones is boring when compares to fringe.
posted by Popjam on May 21, 2010
Fringe is awsome best show on tv hope tha don't do a heroes and kill it off
posted by Jessa on May 21, 2010
I never watch shows on TV--NEVER--only on the web. Please don't get rid of this show. Remember your online viewers!
posted by cocoabeachbaby on May 20, 2010
I LOVE FRINGE!!! So glad it will be back.
posted by pasiha on May 20, 2010
Can't wait for Season 3! FRINGE most exciting show I have seen in years!
posted by Chi on May 20, 2010
Fringe is the best series I have ever seen. It's amazing. I really love the show. Im happy to know they did not shut down, like Life on Mars (which was also actually a good show though)Please, do continue the series.
posted by dj on May 18, 2010
i am surprized to know bones is campared with fringe....fringe is awsome and bones no where near it, fringe rocks...happy to now they are not shutting it down.
posted by Justin on May 14, 2010
Candydoll33 pretty much said it, out of all the television series I have watched from beginning to end including some of the most popular....24, lost, NCIS.....Fringe is the best show I have ever seen. Excellent acting and incredible plot twists make this show the most exciting ever. I also find it absurd that Bones is being compared to Fringe, Bones is not even on the same level as Fringe. Bump it up to the 9pm spot and maybe all of the little kids watching Bones before bedtime will tune in and realize what a good show is.
posted by nightwatcher on May 13, 2010
Thank you for giving Fringe Season 3. Love the show.
posted by mimicoctopus on May 02, 2010
I really love this show and I hope it lasts as long as "Heroes" or "24".
posted by candydoll33 on Apr 28, 2010
I am a series freak and to be honest, Fringe is the BEST series I have ever seen. And I have seen series from the 50' 60' and so on. It is the mix of sci-fi, action, tenderness, shocking moments, and unexpected scenes. It is just amazing. The actors, Olivia, Peter and Walter are just the perfect combination.shocking moments, and unexpected sceans. It is just amazing. The actors, Olivia, Peter and Walter are just the perfect combination. Specially Walter is just out of this world. I give this series 5 stars.

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