2010 Oscars: Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart Pay Homage to Horrors

March 08, 2010 04:28:11 GMT

From 'Jaws' to 'Twilight', the producers of the show would like to give a piece of appreciation to the movie genre which has skipped the awards for more than three decades.

2010 Oscars: Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart Pay Homage to Horrors
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Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart teamed up to introduce a homage to horror films which are often excluded from prestigious awards, even the Oscars. This special clip is made to serve Oscars producers Adam Shankman and Bill Mechanic's mission to celebrate the year in movies.

"Although the most popular genre of film is horror, and although it gave a start of career to a lot of people in this room, somehow it doesn't command to the respect it deserves," Lautner said. "It's been 37 years since horror has its place on the show, when 'The Exorcist' picked up two Academy Awards," Stewart chimed in before clearing her throat.

The montage then plays clips of "Jaws", "Sleepy Hollow", "The Ring", "Scream" and also Lautner and Stewart's co-starring film "Twilight".

Just before Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart came on the stage, hosts Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin presented a spoof of horror film "Paranormal Activity".

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards is taking place at Kodak Theater, Hollywood on Sunday, March 7. ABC is airing the gala live.

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posted by liva on Oct 07, 2010
im form latvia,and a vreally vreally want to be an actresss,i live in small country by russia,if i would say that im from russia,everybody where o yeah i know that,but im not,but i want to go to america so much,and work in there,work with othwr actors and maybe taylor,not because hes popular or something,but because hes nice guy,like tom cruiz or other persons,i Want to go to amerika,whaight for meeeeeee!!!!!!!! lov u,america rocks YEAH,:D thank god i can speak english :D
posted by liva on Oct 07, 2010
i love them both so much ,i dont like very edward,not because hes a vampire or something,but i just like more jacob because he is funny and a great friend too,and ofcourse a werevold i love wolves,so yeah robert i like i gass like a guy ,normal human,but edward nooo,i for jacob,so yeah i like robert but not as much as taylor ,taylor is younger,handsam and he sports a lot,se yeah,i think it was nice that they were both ,but robert is ok too,i gues.;)
posted by suzi on Sep 23, 2010
i think they look gourgiuse. and both togetherat the osar its really natural. and whats all the fuss about it's really natural to clear a throat. no wonder rob wasnt there. t and k make a wonderful couple.
posted by just me on Mar 08, 2010
Yes her dress was beautiful and she was probably nervous but am I the only one who noticed how awkward and fidgity she was. She cleared her throat pretty grossly for live tv and kept messing with the back of her hair.Tayloreven stared at her. He on the other hand was a class act.
posted by ELLIE on Mar 08, 2010
posted by jodi fletcher on Mar 08, 2010
i too thought she looked stunning in that dress, its always nice to see fresh new stars getting the chance to be involved in something as prestigious as the oscars. Taylor looked fabulous too, shame there was no rob, it would of been great to see all three
posted by Leigh on Mar 08, 2010
Kristen was stunning in her midnight blue dress. It fit her perfectly and her skin is so flawless... what a natural beauty! Kristen will be nominated one day soon; she's on her way that's for sure! And like John said, she's only 19 years old and has let everyone know that she is nervous at being on stage in front of all those actors she admires so much. I can relate to her awkwardness and shyness; people used to think I was stuck up when instead I was extremely shy and uncomfortable in large crowds. People mistake her social anxiety for her "not wanting to be there"... I know because it happens to me all the time. She'll be fine, my social anxiety has gotten better over the years and people don't really know I have it now. Way to go Kristen, everyone is so proud of you and what a talented actress you are!
posted by jana on Mar 08, 2010
I thought everybody looked exceptionally handsome! ;)
posted by lora on Mar 08, 2010
Kristen was amazing, her dress is my nuber one
posted by lovley on Mar 08, 2010
Her dress was amazing and look perfect on her!
posted by Ronnia456 on Mar 08, 2010
Kristen was beautiful minus the mucus throat clearing and Taylor Lautner was drop dead handsome with a bag of chips. And am glad Rob wasn't there, didn't want to see him. And the rest of the show was great!
posted by John on Mar 08, 2010
Kristen looked beautiful in her black dress and the way her hair was styled. For thos people who think that she was a little nervious I would remind them that she is only 19 and readily admits that she gets nervious on stage before such a large crowd of her peers. Give her a break. She will get better with age and experience. Whatever her performance at these presentations no one can deny her very talented acting abilities. If you doubt this watch her performance in the movie "The Cake Eaters" A truly amazing performance worthy of an oscar.

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