Jake Comes Clean on Not Having Sexual Chemistry With Tenley

Jake Comes Clean on Not Having Sexual Chemistry With Tenley

The 'Bachelor' just did not want to use the word sexual because Tenley is a wonderful person, plus Vienna reveals why people hate her.

In response to Tenley Molzahn's statement on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that Jake Pavelka likes "physical level taken care of first", Jake said to Jimmy Kimmel that it was indeed true. During his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" with fiancee Vienna Girardi, Jake admitted he did not share a "sexual chemistry" with Tenley.

Tenley said that she did not understand what kind of "physical chemistry" that Jake told her during "The Bachelor" finale. "Ok, I'll come clean. Physical and sexual chemistry are the same thing," Jake told Jimmy. He prevented himself from using "sexual" because he was trying to "take the high road and be nice." He stated, "I didn't want to crush her because she is such a wonderful person."

Moving on from the Tenley subject, Jimmy asked Vienna why she is unlikeable to many people. The 23-year-old defended, "People love to hate, and I have a huge personality, and it's even more amplified on the show." She recalled one hater shouted at her from a window while she was walking on Rodeo Drive.

About her relationship with Jake's mom who was not impressed with her at first, Vienna said that everything is going well between them. "I talk to his mom, like, twice a day. We both call each other," she revealed.

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    Mar 07, 2010

    There is a BIG reason why so many people dislike Vienna and it's not because of a conspiracy, it's because we all see the greedy, manipulative side in her. Manipulative people are good at masking themselves and Jake was an idiot for falling for it. Her strategy, as does any manipulator does, is to automatically act like the victim when she confronted with the truth. I have had the same situation happen to me many times by both men and women (moreso women) and I am a woman. The manipulator/liar gets caught and then goes into "victim" mode and tries to turn the situation around to make it seem like people are being unfair. Hello, perhaps there is some truth to everyone disliking her. In the end though, Jake did choose the right one because now America sees the shallow person he really is -- he was just after some young flesh, not at all concerned with the real person inside. His comment about there not being any physical connection says it all. I will laugh when he finally sees the manipulative person she is (if ever). Tenley got saved bigtime from being with this DUMB, gullible idiot.

    Mar 06, 2010

    What I find just plain wrong and annoying is not that Jake didnt pick Tenley (who was obviously the more beautiful and mature one)it's that ABC spent a season making the viewers root for Tenley and made Vienna look like a dirty rat. Why oh why would ABC producers make his fiance someone we Hate? That's the dumbest producing I've ever seen. I will never watch the bachelor again.

    Mar 06, 2010

    I agree. If he didn't find sexual chemistry with tenley when she was the final five, he should have let her go there. Don't drag the poor girl along.

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