Confirmed, Bow Wow Plans to Release Double Disc Album

March 06, 2010 05:04:57 GMT

The Cash Money's artist hopes to satisfy his male and female fans with the forthcoming record which is claimed as a reflection of who he is.

Bow Wow
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Bow Wow has announced what he has in mind for his next studio project. In a post on his official blog, the rapper told his devotees that he is going to release a double disc album, reasoning he wants to please his male and female fans.

"I chose 2 discs in 1 because every album i always say man i wish the whole album was like my 'Greenlight' mixtapes because everybody loves the Greenlight series," he began his explanation. "Or i wish i had an album full of just hot rap s**t like fresh az imiz and my oh i think they like me verse. People forget i was running with snoop [Dogg] at 6, i was cussing and all dat."

"So its like another person inside me who wants to make a rap album that i never could make. full of meaningful records. not all that stuntin shit but actual SONGS, my thoughts, my ideas that i want to share with my fans. Another side of me they haven't seen nor heard before."

"But then i think about my female audience and what they want as well, but i make those records in my sleep (outta my systems, like you, let me hold you etc.... So why not kill 2 birds in 1 stone and give the greenlight fans something to f**k with and all my male fans who just now f**king with me and my fans such as the ladies and all my fans that been messing with me since day 1. I want to cater to all my demographics."

The album which is yet to be titled will become Bow Wow's debut in Cash Money after leaving Columbia Records. "So this album is a more of a me thing, but u all will love it. because this album is a reflection of who i am," he concluded.


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posted by shawty on Dec 13, 2010
Omg! keep doin yo thang glad you back
posted by dj on Nov 09, 2010
wot up
posted by yess boss on Oct 10, 2010
yall mudafucker are just haters man.let the dude do his thing n get off his dick.dumbfucks
posted by Touch on Sep 12, 2010
Kill em bow,i knw u got wt it takes 2 deliver! Holla bk
posted by bow wowz nigga on Apr 23, 2010
i think the album gon be good the greenlight mixtape was good so the albums proly gon be fire guud luck bow o yea you shud make a nuda sng wid nikki n one wid plies guud luck lambo bow
posted by fuck you on Mar 09, 2010
fuuck you yall must have missed something this man got three nr 1 hit albums 10 nr hit songs stayed in the spotlhigt in 11 years this cd is going to be fire !
posted by Richard on Mar 06, 2010
But go head on Mr. Bow Wow since you got a high opinion of yourself, go head on. Good Luck.
posted by Richard on Mar 06, 2010
All of his materials including his last three albums in not feeling it at all. And also, he's not as a great actor either. For one he's terrible on Entourage. I'm soo glad they cut him off. He's horrible on that show. He needs just give up Entertainment all together and just do something else.
posted by Richard on Mar 06, 2010
Go right ahead but don't waste your time. All them comments i saw so far i have no choice but to agree with you 100%, I heard his mixtapes i dont know about this.
posted by Cherick on Mar 06, 2010
Who gives a shit.........smgdh i just don't see how this motherfucker last this goddamn long. It's gotta be them motherfucker females it's gots to be. I'll rather hear Aretha Franklin double cd then this bastard. smh......
posted by wanda on Mar 06, 2010
he aint gon do nothing but talk about the same bullshit over and over!!! what the fuck???? We not feeling your fake shit no more. He need just cut the bullshit out.
posted by Real Talk on Mar 06, 2010
lol this nigga is not going to sell i'm tellin you that right now. he's not going 2 sell. This nigga is never going to learn. He should have went to his retirement and stick to it. Leave that music alone. Give it up homie your mickey mouse days is over, you finished, you done, we not feeling you anymore. Your music don't make any since anymore but yourself (quote of the movie purple rain).
posted by yawn on Mar 06, 2010
man when is bow wow gonna get it????aint a damn person care bout ur music nigga.all u talk bout is the same shit over n over.bruh new jack city II was ur first album to get a parental advisory label.mickey mouse ass nigga.that shit only sold 14k in the 1st week lmao.shouldve stuck to ur retirement homie cuz ur old fans aint feelin ur fake another love song wit JD "roc da mic"
posted by killer on Mar 06, 2010
it seems to me dat al of ya'll have feelings dat ya'll won't share...............h8rs n jealous ppl.IF he delivers den gud if nt he fucked nehuz he wil deliver so stop h8n
posted by Sheila on Mar 06, 2010
i agree with anoymous said... he needs to tell the truth if he wants respect and stop acting like a fake. I thought this dude retire......
posted by john on Mar 06, 2010
double the wackness. Who gives a fuck, really.
posted by anoymous on Mar 06, 2010
ahh cut the bullshit he trying to be like T.I. or Nelly suit/sweat stop swaggin jackin. Let me tell u what nigga, I'll buy your album nigga but for one condition you better tell the world who you really are.. Everybody knows by now, you a undercover fag. Tell the truth nigga tell the world why you so much in love with ciara why and what's the real reason behind that breakup, and how u and Omarion acting like yall living as man and wife. Tell the truth nigga then i'll buy your shitty ass album. We see for now. Other then that fuck bow wow.
posted by Dre\'s Wifey on Mar 06, 2010
Most of all fuck his damn twitter and his lousy ass 2 disc cd. The Deandre Way July 28th everybody cope that.
posted by Dre\'s Wifey on Mar 06, 2010
i hear ya, i was once in love with that dude. Most of all i was his delicated fan for 11yrs. I'm sooo glad i moved on to Soulja Boy. He follows me on twitter That Shad Moss do such a thing. Not one tweet nor a fucking follow so fuck him.
posted by whatever on Mar 06, 2010
as a bow wow used to be fan i don't give 2 shits about his damn cd. Next.....

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