New 'Smallville' Trailer: Small Talk

March 06, 2010 04:34:24 GMT

Clark asks Oliver what's up with his life and glimpses of what's coming in the next few episodes are given.

New 'Smallville' Trailer: Small Talk
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The CW renews "Smallville" for a tenth season recently and with the good news comes a new trailer. Titled "Small Talk", the trailer begins and ends with an awkward conversation between Clark and Oliver. In the middle of the footage, action, romance and twist of plots in the remaining episodes of season 9 are previewed in glimpses.

"Smallville" is taking a long hiatus, skipping March entirely and coming back April 2. The return episode is called "Escape". Through the preview released last week, the episode will bring back John Corben aka Metallo who is played by Brian Austin Green. Two characters' secret identities will also be revealed.

Beside Metallo, there would be appearance of The Martian Manhunter, Max Lord, Martha Kent and Perry White in the remaining episodes. Comic scribe Geoff Johns also hinted on his Twitter that Apokolips may also be part of the story.


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posted by Tiffany on Mar 09, 2010
I luv tom welling and his character Clark, but I do agree with you he really needs to tone up his superman physique, it's supposed to be apart of the superman fantasy. Other than that I can't wait for the return of Smallville, and the rest of season 9 :)
posted by blue2212 on Mar 09, 2010
i agree tom welling should maybe lose a couple of pounds for superman, other than that he is practically perfect (L) i'm sso glad they're going to do a season 10 :D
posted by zahadum on Mar 06, 2010
Tom, nothing but luv 4U but you're scaring me dude. Freeweights much? No matter how many tv shows you're producing, must keep up that Superman physique.
posted by Anon on Mar 06, 2010
PS. Smallville's coming back 2nd April, not 4th April

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