Taylor Swift Thinks Taylor Lautner Is Hot

Taylor Swift

When asked to choose one person she thinks is hot, she mentions her 'Valentine's Day' co-star whom she was once romantically linked to.

Taylor Swift covers the new issue of Elle magazine and she reveals which guy she thinks is hot. "Um, well. ...Taylor Lautner," she replied shortly without giving any reason. Swift and Lautner play lovers in "Valentine's Day" and rumor has it, they embarked on romance off-screen but ended the relationship within a few months.

Made as Elle's featured artist, Swift appears in the photo spread of the April issue. In one of the black and white photos, she gets a total make-over that trades the signature curly hair with long straight crop.

Beside revealing about hot guy, Swift also talked about her biggest fears, media scrutiny and sourcing material from her romantic relationships. About the latest issue, she said, "I like to categorize the various levels of heartbreak. I've only had that happen once. A letdown is worth a few songs. A heartbreak is worth a few albums."

Swift once dated Joe Jonas of Jonas Brothers who later broke up with her over the phone. The song "You're Not Sorry" from her album "Fearless" allegedly is directed to him.

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    Mar 19, 2010

    @joe4ever yeah I totally agree with Cammi! It's not that I had hated Joe before this because that would make me prejudiced but I seriously think that he's a huge jerk to break up with dear sweet Tay over the phone. And if it had been because they couldn't get along then hey fine buddy no problem. But Joe dumped her to go with someone else who dumped him later:DD HAHAH what I call R.E.T.R.I.B.U.T.I.O.N. ILY TAYLOR FORVER AND ALWAYS!!!!

    Mar 10, 2010

    this girl is found the beautiful but not so and nothing more hilary duff..............

    Mar 08, 2010

    FK HR TAYLOR IZ MINE ALL MINE&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;

    Mar 05, 2010

    The song about Joe is "Forever and Always".

    Mar 05, 2010

    oh taylor cant u jst sht up abt joe??? u indirectly accuse him..evn taylor lautner broke up with u k? joe is gettin hotter now so plz sht up for heavens sake and eff off!

    Mar 05, 2010

    Yeah! Both Taylors are hot:) I <3 both of them

    Mar 05, 2010

    i like your song

    ks loves rp
    Mar 05, 2010

    you to rock i hope you et together agien soon....... :-)

    Mar 05, 2010

    joe4ever - get a life. Taylor did not say anythiing about joe - the person writing the article editorialized (as most journalists do)& added the comments about joe. Just because you have dreams of getting joe, it's no reason to rag on Taylor. Taylor is so over joe & by the way, joe is not so unforgettable that a girl can't get over him. Oh, that is except you.

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