Drake's Lead Single 'Over' Emerges

Drake's Lead Single 'Over' Emerges

The Canadian rapper mentions Jada Pinkett Smith, Rosetta Stone and Michael Jackson in this Boi-1da-produced song.

Drake's brand new material called "Over" and produced by Boi-1da has made its debut. The MC raps about songstress Jada Pinkett Smith as well as British band Rosetta Stone and also makes reference to Michael Jackson on his verses.

"This is my first song," Drake said of the new track during a radio interview. "This is still my first single off my first album. This is still the beginning, as great as everything has gone." A music video for the single reportedly will be filmed in Los Angeles sometime soon.

Drake's debut album is entitled "Thank Me Later" and is scheduled to be released later this year. "This record sums up where I am right now in my career. I think it's a great first impression. The album is going to be a great body of work for you to get lost in. Right now I just wanna have some fun. When we're out partying, I want people to have some fun too, because this is the one," he stated.

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    May 02, 2010

    I was impressed by the Rosetta Stone reference, thinking he was alluding to the Egyptian artifact. Bad call on my part.

    Mar 17, 2010

    Not the band rosetta stone the language classes. "I can teach how to speak my language rosetta stone". Can we take this ste seriously?

    Mar 16, 2010

    Drake iz ma future hubby! I'm Drake's biggest #1 fan. He'z right it's far from over.... to all da hataz

    Mar 16, 2010

    Drake best ever... cant wait till the Album... And yes he was talking bout the language software not the band.

    Mar 09, 2010

    He don't rap about a band called Rosetta Stone, Drake's talking about the language software

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