Music Video for 'We Are the World' Spanish Version Emerges

March 02, 2010 04:59:13 GMT

David Archuleta, Shakira, Ricky Martin tackle the singing part, while Pitbull, Taboo and Daddy Yankee deliver the rapping lines.

Music Video for 'We Are the World' Spanish Version Emerges
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"Somos El Mundos" has got its music video premiered on Univision's "Cristina" show Monday night, March 1. Kicking off with devastating scene of Haiti post the January earthquake, it continues showing recording session of the charity single.

Juanes sings the opening line, being followed by Ricky Martin, Jose Feliciano and Vicente Fernandez. The likes of Shakira, David Archuleta, Thalia and Jon Secada are also captured in the video hitting recording booth for the benefit project.

The rapping part, meanwhile, is taken over by three acclaimed MCs. Pitbull is the first to spit the rhymes before giving the rest of the lines to Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas and Daddy Yankee.

The revamped song is initiated by Gloria Estefan and produced by her husband Emilio Estefan, Jr. along with Quincy Jones.

Gloria Estefan's "Somos El Mundos" music video


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posted by violet4ever on Mar 11, 2010
Somos el Mundo sounds great! I bought the single and the video (proceeds go to Haiti). For the person who asked why David Archuleta is in this, David is Honduran-American from the Mayorga family of Honduras. David was also the winner of ALMA's 2009 Male Artist award (Achievments Latinos in Media and Arts).
posted by algo on Mar 06, 2010
la cancion es mejor en español
posted by Hola on Mar 04, 2010
Why is David Archuleta on here?
posted by Ardy on Mar 03, 2010
No doubt about it -- this version is soooo much better than the latest English version. The singers have so much passion in their interpretation. Being a David A. fan brought be to listen to this video, and I sure am glad I did: A great job was done by all!
posted by Sevgi on Mar 03, 2010
Even though I don't understand the words, I think the spanish version of this song is so much better than the english version. I agree with the person who posted that the rap part was much better on the spanish version. I liked it so much, I bought the single and video on Itunes. David Archuleta stood out to me and there were some other great singers who participated. Really nice!
posted by justin on Mar 03, 2010
wow, some very passionate and gorgeous latinos on this. Great voices. I will buy this one for sure. Props to Archie too, he has very distinctive and beautiful voice.
posted by yolanda on Mar 03, 2010
This Spanish version of WATW is amazingly done by singers who actually can sing. Listening to it I can easily identify David's voice - his voice has this awesome quality that no one else has.He is just stunning.
posted by viana on Mar 02, 2010
I also just bought the package of video & song and gifted a few. kudos to all the latin artist, great job!
posted by Marcela on Mar 02, 2010
Love this version !! Congrats to all the latino singers Shakira, Juanes Luis Fonsi , taboo and David Archuleta, the Estefans and Quincy Jones Very Beautiful Work!
posted by caitlin on Mar 02, 2010
LUV this version--so much better than the English version! David Archuleta's voice rises above all the rest! Awesome!
posted by Joner on Mar 02, 2010
I really enjoyed the Spanish version and although I'm not into rap music, for some reason it didn't bother me in this one. David Archuleta definitely stands out for two reasons...he was the youngest participant and has an amazing and distinctive voice. Age obviously has nothing to do with talent. Very nicely done Mr. and Mrs. Estefan!
posted by bella on Mar 02, 2010
I"m not going to diss the English version that came out before this one. I think that's disrespectful considering this was all done for charity and out of the goodness of the artist's hearts. I will say though that I love how full of passion this version is, and the beautiful and strong voices involved. Plus, I'm seriously enjoying all the eye candy in the video. ;) Lots of gorgeous people, that's for sure. Very nicely done.
posted by Pastel on Mar 02, 2010
Please purchase legitimately from itunes. Both the single and the video are worth keeping in your playlist. Very passionate performances. So heartfelt. Well done everyone!
posted by Mhel on Mar 02, 2010
The spanish version is soooo much better,more moving,more stunning and breathtaking.can we just say it's perfect!!!!and the solo parts of david archuleta gives me chills!!!great to david and to everyone involved!!go latinos!
posted by zuzufeng on Mar 02, 2010
Ooooh man, I like.David Archuleta you rock, baby
posted by babda on Mar 02, 2010
I have to agree about the better quality of this song. I chose to donate to Haiti but NOT to buy the English WATW because I knew I would never actually listen to it. I've purchased the package on iTunes for this one and plan to put it on my favorite playlist. These artists can actually sing, and are so passionate -it's a nice change! I thought Pitbull was super and absolutely loved David Archuleta (he looks gorgeous and sounds amazing, too!). Thank you to all of the latin and english artists who gave their time for both recordings.
posted by VJ on Mar 02, 2010
Go Archie! OMG I love him! Amazing eyes, amazing voice, amazing heart. Tks so much to the Estefans and all artists involved for taking the time to put this project together. I hope that it goes along ways toward helping the people of Haiti..And I have to agree; this version is soooo much better than the English one. Good job!
posted by TrudyFOD on Mar 02, 2010
I was so happy that David Archuleta got to lend his voice to this amazing charity/project along with all the other great artists. I was excited to see him and watch the performance -- and for such a worthwhile cause!
posted by Tonai on Mar 02, 2010
For sure David brought the best out of everyone in this video. He just has that charisma that no idol, I repeat NO IDOL, PAST PRESENT OR IN THE FUTURE, no matter how much Idol people try to coach Kelly and the guy with the long hair with forced smiles and licking of lips to emulate David's syle,look and persona. Idol wants a David so bad because they realize the huge mistake they made not giving him the title. The new guys Idol is trying to promote and coach to be like David are simply phony. David is "the one and only," and known as the "King" of the American Idol show. David Archuleta. He is the Real Deal. And don't you fans and people forget it. No sir, can't touch this kid. I can tell a phony a mile away and Aaron Kelly and the girlie guy won't ever have what David has. Thank you Univision for inviting David to a cause he is sincere about. He should have been invited with the other group of singers. Instead they asked that kid Justin which is senseless being that he is just another mediocre singer and a wanna be who is promoted by one with a lot of money If David would get fair promtion he would surpass all others for sure. David is the real deal that Idol pushes others to emulate. Aaron Kelly does not have the looks and has no charisma like Chris. Just sayin.
posted by josh on Mar 02, 2010
David Archuleta looks like he's the youngest? He has strong chops!! This version is much better than the disastrous second one with many crappy singers.
posted by lct on Mar 02, 2010
I do have to say this version is so much than the English version! David Archuleta does stand out! Gosh he's so handsome!
posted by Remax on Mar 01, 2010
Somos el mundo is the bomb! The Spanish version is soooo much better. LOVE IT! LOVE David Archuleta's voice and solos in it... Pitbull's rap is great.
posted by amerie on Mar 01, 2010
This is awesome! I purchased both the video & the single from itunes, and they're great!
posted by tina on Mar 01, 2010
this is so much better than the lackluster remake done on the english speaking version... there is more passion, more energy - and better quality of singers. david archuleta looks and sounds fantastic. this one is a keeper. go, order both the single and video on itunes!

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