Lady GaGa's Q Magazine Cover Deemed Too Hot For U.S.

February 26, 2010 07:25:27 GMT

Several retail stores in the U.S. refuse to stock the magazine's latest issue unless the offending areas are covered up.

Lady GaGa
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Photo credit: Daniel Deme/WENN

Lady GaGa sparks controversy due to her racy photoshoot for Q Magazine which sees her posing topless and having a dildo strapped in her pants. It's not the dildo which puts her on the hot water but the fact that she shows the lower part of her boob.

Retail stores like Borders have refused to distribute the publication's April issue based on the law in the U.S. which prohibits showing any area of the breast below the nipple. The chains also express concern over GaGa's "crotch grabbing", but surprisingly say nothing about the dildo. They are willing to put the magazine on their shelves only if the offending areas are covered up.

Several other major stores in the country are yet to give their approval to stock the magazine. Meanwhile, some independent stockists reportedly have no objection about selling the magazine "with the cover in it's full glory."

Lady GaGa herself is yet to comment on the issue. But, the magazine's editor said in a written statement, "We can't help wonder what Lady GaGa herself would make of this turn of events, given her prophetic quote, standing at the start of the Q photo shoot with a dildo in her hand 'It'd be a real f**king story, right'..."


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posted by Shocked on Mar 01, 2010
are you kidding me...they are banning O magazine but not all those men's about that swim suit edition of Sports Illustrated???
posted by SirGaga on Feb 28, 2010
It does shock me that Borders refuses to carry this issue considering they carry almost every variety of adult magagzine. Shame on you Borders!
posted by Natrod25 on Feb 26, 2010
Oh please? People are whiners. Grow up, people act like they never seen crotch grabbing and boobs before. < rolls eyes >

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