Official Tracklisting for Justin Bieber's 'My World 2.0'

February 26, 2010 03:57:49 GMT

The Canadian singer will pay tribute to his fans in one of the songs and tells why he is eligible to be the man of every girl's dreams in another track.

Official Tracklisting for Justin Bieber's 'My World 2.0'
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Less than a month before his new album "My World 2.0" arrives in the market, Justin Bieber shared what to expect from the CD in his Twitter. The pop singing sensation simultaneously tweeted the title of the album's tracks in respective orders.

"Anyone want to know the names of all the songs on MY WORLD 2.0?? We are less than 4 weeks away," he began. Afterwards, he names ten songs which will be included in his March 23 release, ranging from lead single "Baby" which features Ludacris and has been put out for download to a solo track "Never Let You Go" which is plotted to come out as the second single.

A song called "Smile" is declared as a fan appreciation tune. "This is the song I wrote for my fans and dedicate to them," Justin gushed. Another track titled "That Should Be Me" is "a song about how I should be your man," he continued.

"My World 2.0" tracklisting:

  1. "Baby" feat. Ludacris
  2. "Somebody to Love"
  3. "Stuck in the Moment"
  4. "Smile"
  5. "Runaway Luv"
  6. "Never Let You Go"
  7. "Overboard"
  8. "Eenie Mini" feat. Sean Kingston
  9. "Up"
  10. "That Should Be Me"


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posted by music is my life on Nov 19, 2012
hey Biebes, just wanna say luv ur music. An it really helped me get through a bark time in my life,BTW ur song down 2 earth I can totally relate to. thanks for the music JB, luv you.
posted by haat on Sep 26, 2012
posted by haat on Sep 26, 2012
posted by sameera on Nov 26, 2011
coooollll album jb!!!
posted by valesitha on May 23, 2011
I <3 YOU
posted by grace on Mar 12, 2011
love justin so much he is so cute he was bos lats night in liverpool he rules xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)(L)(L)(L):)
posted by rand on Mar 11, 2011
i luv yew so much my dreeam 2 see yew in da reeal .. rlly i luv yew i like ur songs 0ooah
posted by i♥justinbieber on Mar 01, 2011
posted by debany de jb on Feb 25, 2011
posted by hiphop 16.:) on Feb 24, 2011
i like all d TRACKS man.......they r ausome..
posted by tamika on Feb 16, 2011
omg girls u guys hav 2 stop saying marry me talk 2 me im a huge jb fan 2 but face it if he writes bak 2 on girl he has 2 do the same too like 200000000000 more girls
posted by ximena miranda on Feb 12, 2011
omgg i love justin bieber he is mine nd only mine hahaha . lets go justin bieber or as i shoud say bieber nation
posted by elicia donovan on Feb 09, 2011
posted by kim d. on Feb 06, 2011
pleas merry me justin pls iloveyou
posted by justinhater on Jan 06, 2011
:O thats all i have to say about your album
posted by YESENIA on Jan 04, 2011
posted by amber on Dec 30, 2010
justan beiber you are my bf justan beiber call amber beiber at 4784440
posted by Skye on Dec 25, 2010
PLEASE COME BACK TO AUSTRALIA! but you NEED to come to Perth this time :) xx
posted by J B on Dec 23, 2010
you are a bad but I LOVE you OK
posted by jade december 21,201 on Dec 21, 2010
I love u. U r so hot!
posted by wassup 2.0 on Dec 17, 2010
iloveyou...jb 4eva and always and ilove SOMEBODY 2 <3
posted by sumit on Dec 16, 2010
your songs are very good
posted by jerry Ferron on Dec 16, 2010
I love you Jb Nice Album
posted by jerry on Dec 16, 2010
i love you justin and i met you when you were in Toronto
posted by sweetgiri on Dec 15, 2010
niceeeeeeeeee album
posted by i on Dec 12, 2010
Ilove you and ou are hot baby
posted by u on Dec 05, 2010
justin bieber I LIKE YOUR MUSIC BABY.
posted by ayan on Dec 05, 2010
I love you justin bab;
posted by Justin<3 on Dec 02, 2010
posted by kaaty on Nov 25, 2010
posted by jusfandidi13 on Nov 25, 2010
hi justin please come to mexico.The mexican girls i love you.
posted by ayan on Nov 23, 2010
I love you
posted by clyde.S.R.i<3 on Nov 20, 2010
oommgge jb ur ssoooo amaziinng i hope u come to idaho plllss i kno itsa tiny town but pllss come hree dont ever let those ppl tht say ur gayy and a fag or anything cuz u truly are the best artist everrr ur voice is amazing every one of ur songs i can relate to pllzz come to idaho falls in idaho i kno its a tiny town but pllzz we love youu sooo much plzz and keep up mall the good woorrk lluuvv ur music<3 oh and u are sooo gorgoes looking
posted by sofims on Oct 30, 2010
come to chile plisss!!!! y love you and your songs! <3
posted by leslie000 on Oct 26, 2010
yeah one person sopied my name too i think her name is sammy????....she's ugly
posted by rebeibkcuf on Oct 25, 2010
you people are losers
posted by omg on Oct 25, 2010
i just heard from sammy cole copy names
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watch out for sammy coz she iz gonna copy
posted by sammy on Oct 25, 2010
yeah copy names i made hat girl mad
posted by sammycolle101 on Oct 25, 2010
copy the names copy he names use the names as your names
posted by sammy on Oct 25, 2010
sorry for coppying names is just that..i cant use my name
posted by neo on Oct 25, 2010
nope i just copy names
posted by neo on Oct 25, 2010
i'm sorry i guess we have the same name coz my whole name is neo sam
posted by neochel on Oct 25, 2010
hey who copied my name??
posted by neo on Oct 25, 2010
@baby girl you are a poser are you?? damn you bitch
posted by JUSTIN HAHA on Oct 25, 2010
hey baby,wow!..... i just searched my world 2.0 and look every where i go i see my fans i am so adorable...haha any of you wanna go out....
posted by neochel on Oct 25, 2010
Justin pls come to the philippines..pretty please!!!!
posted by 0834655532 on Oct 24, 2010
is jy gay ma jou musiek is ok as j afrikkans verstaan he he
posted by baby girl on Oct 24, 2010
i am best friends with justin bieber i have his cell and everything oh ya and i have kissed him before!!!!! and it was amazing!!!!
posted by AMBER on Oct 17, 2010
posted by shakir on Oct 15, 2010
i like your songs is it possible any show in my country we will pay for it.
posted by wanessa sua fa numer on Oct 10, 2010
See larger image Less than a month before his new album "My World 2.0" arrives in the market, Justin Bieber shared what to expect from the CD in his Twitter. The pop singing sensation simultaneously tweeted the title of the album's tracks in respective orders.
posted by amber on Oct 09, 2010
i love you justan hot beiber call amber beiber 478440 my cellis 5585131132
posted by williams304 on Oct 06, 2010
wat justin am your biggest number1 fan in the world i will die of you have die i love so much bye
posted by ms.biber on Oct 06, 2010
i love u
posted by NatashalovesJustin<3 on Oct 02, 2010
Omg i love your cd you ar amazing i listen to it everyday Love you so much
posted by eMo cHe on Sep 14, 2010
OmG!!y0ur so hands0me guy justin!h0pe you will have a concert here in philippines in mindanao!!there's so many gurls who fall in love with you specially if you are singing baby!!i love it!!=) WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH here in philippines!! >>JBIEBS # 1<< >cherrymae >novelene
posted by JUSTIN BEIBERS WIFE on Sep 12, 2010
you girls should really stop hitting on my husband
posted by you 1 fan on Sep 10, 2010
justin i love you alot you are so much hot
posted by net on Sep 09, 2010
where are doing ?
posted by zardari kutta on Sep 07, 2010
hot lund
posted by BIANCA on Sep 01, 2010
posted by riley on Aug 31, 2010
you are a realy good singer
posted by jasmine annisa on Aug 30, 2010
justin i love you but only friend for ever okay ^_^ love you only friend
posted by sameer on Aug 23, 2010
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good singer.
posted by ElishaCarpenterManch on Aug 19, 2010
Heard All Your Songs Haft To tell Youu That Should Be me Is sooo Cutee Likee YOU Pleasee Come To manchester Near Christmas Cozz I Reallyyy WANT yOUU to bee My christmas Prezzieeee!!!<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
posted by WHAT???? on Aug 18, 2010
PS: I am better looking then that dickhead. In fact, almost everyone i know is better looking than her i mean him xD
posted by WHAT???? on Aug 18, 2010
Yo! Whats wrong with you ppl? The dude is a prime example of 1% talent and 99% commercialism/voice editing! He is a total doush bag! He doesnt care about any of his fans he just wants your money! I quote: "posted by InLoveWithYou on Mar 03, 2010 I have become in love with justin . His birthdays 6 days away from mine <3 I wanna meet him , I wanna be his favorite girl . I have all his posters , I enter all his contests , & one day i'll meet him . I cant garentee that he will fall in love with me but I just wanna be his bestfriend . Hes amazing . Its not just his looks that get my attention . Its his personality , lyrics , music , and some much more . He gives me a reason to smile . Follow me on twitter Lovemejustin7" you are wasting your life! He would never go out with you. He doesnt know what love is and niether do you! STOP OBSESSING OVER A DOUSH BAG WHO ONLY THINKS ABOUT WHO HE CAN GO OUT WITH/HOW MUCH MONEY HE CAN MAKE! STOP SUPPORTING HIM!
posted by cierra on Aug 17, 2010
i love u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh ur hot
posted by piki on Aug 17, 2010
y love justin bieber
posted by alessandrA on Aug 16, 2010
posted by lauris aRkady on Aug 15, 2010
te amoooo JB eres el mejor sigue asi y nunca te olvidare...........jajaja
posted by eOw bHe justin biebe on Aug 12, 2010
hi! im your #1 fan in philippines I LOVE YOU !!!!
posted by bieber.loveme:)) on Aug 11, 2010
love u bieber !! :)) love me ya ;)
posted by FER on Aug 10, 2010
posted by ghiwa_jb on Aug 08, 2010
come to lebanon :P i love yaaa for uuuu
posted by PauuLaa on Aug 08, 2010
Justiin!! plisss I begg U come to guadalajara to do a concert pliss!! Im your fan #1 in all the world I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KID! YOU´RE PERFECT!
posted by chantelle on Aug 08, 2010
:D come back to Australia and do a tour, come to Perth as well :DDD
posted by mimaaaa on Aug 08, 2010
jb jb jb jb jb jb <3 ya soooo much!
posted by kata on Aug 06, 2010
happy bersday your friend katy
posted by cleo on Aug 06, 2010
luv you bieber! marry me bieber! we gonna have child juz like you....
posted by Justin Bieber on Aug 06, 2010
I love you all and here is a messege for cheyenne bieber its over!!! i whas never with you. you faker!!! -Justin Bieber
posted by virginia sfakianaki on Aug 03, 2010
he is not gay...he is so hot,cute,sexy and i really really love him and his hair...!!!!! i love you justin bieber and i always support you...!! you are have a lovely voice and a cute smile.....also...your hair are love your hair and you of course...i am a huge fan and i like and know all your songs....I LOVE U JB.!
posted by Rocky on Aug 03, 2010
posted by live, love, JB <3 on Jul 30, 2010
Justin, I don't know if you might be reading this....probably not. But just in case....I love u sooooo much. You don't know how much. I think I would die without you. You're the best singer I've ever seen, and you're music inspires me everyday. oh and speaking of that, I can't go one whole day without listening to your music. xD I AM A HUGE FAN as you can see :D You're just AMAZING. Thank you for everything Justin. I live in Oklahoma, and I'm going to your concert in November! I started crying when I got the ticket! :D Haha. Oh....I want to tell you one thing...a lot of people know....that people say bad stuff about you. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. You're incredible,and very talented. Don't let them get in your way. PLEASE keep up the good work. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH (as I said earlier)AND I ALWAYS WILL. You're incredible. :) Thank you again. ;) Luv ya! <3
posted by van on Jul 30, 2010
can you pls come here in philippines!!! i really love your in every songs... ur songs are so amazing & it really strikes my heart...hope that you can have a concert here...pls...:] justi is not a gay!!!!!!! ur just jealous & making a way to destroy his image!!!
posted by SARA on Jul 27, 2010
posted by Big Fan on Jul 25, 2010
justin can you plz come to ventura for a concert alot of people like u.I mean ALOT! every girl at my school loves u.guess what even some like your songs
posted by a on Jul 25, 2010
i love u
posted by allison nicole on Jul 24, 2010
te a mo justin i love you te a mo te a mo te a mo tqm tqm++++++++
posted by allison nicole on Jul 24, 2010
amo la musica de jutin bieber es muy guapo y el mejor musico
posted by bieber fan on Jul 24, 2010
justin can you come to ventura for a concert
posted by Carolina on Jul 24, 2010
Justin if you read these can u come to the ventura county fairgrounds for a concert
posted by carolina on Jul 24, 2010
u r my favorite singer i cant wait to go to one of your concerts
posted by bieber fever on Jul 24, 2010
i am a big fan
posted by JASMIN on Jul 24, 2010
posted by KATY on Jul 24, 2010
posted by SophiaheartsJB on Jul 23, 2010
I love u JB... and can't wait till next year(2011) cause you are apparently coming to australia for your tour... I LOVE U
posted by justin bieber is fit on Jul 22, 2010
i love justin he is well fit and hot i am the top lover in the worl im number1 fan my favorite song is baby if ur out there im always loving u forever and everxxxxxxxxx<33
posted by hailey <3 on Jul 18, 2010
omg i luuuvvv justin bieber.... HHHOOOTTT!!!!!!all u ppl who talk sh** about him are allllllll jealous!!! bii <3
posted by maggie on Jul 16, 2010
u are so cute!!!!!!!!
posted by maisie on Jul 15, 2010
i luv justin bieber hez the <3 of my life cant wait to see im in consert even though iv seen im already about 10 times lol see ya there justin and make sure u dont mime xxx <3 ya
posted by cheyenne bieber on Jul 15, 2010
sorry but justin is token me and him are together so back of everyone we already thought of a baby name if a girl savannah if a boy clayton
posted by vevo on Jul 15, 2010
justin bieber es gay
posted by vevo on Jul 15, 2010
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posted by Patricia on Jul 15, 2010
I Lovee Justin Bieber I Dont Know Why People Always Talkin Sh!t About Him Like Seriously Hes Talented ! Im So Happy Im Going To See Him In Concert (: ~Bieber Fever~
posted by ani bieber on Jul 14, 2010
O.M.G i'm your biggest fan and one day we will be getting married don't worry i'll be in touch soon love you baby i'm yours P.S My worls 2.0 is way to cool and so much better then my world but i love both P.S.S I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
posted by fan500 on Jul 14, 2010
i just need sombody to love to i love and how canso much hottness can fit in one person please answer that qestion for me?
posted by M on Jul 11, 2010
Love him!
posted by nikolascristiano1999 on Jul 09, 2010
i hate u forever
posted by aannaa on Jul 07, 2010
Luv you JB
posted by yeny on Jul 06, 2010
te amo juby
posted by tammy on Jul 05, 2010
you are hot love you xx
posted by on Jul 04, 2010
alove justin te adoro
posted by on Jul 04, 2010
a love justin
posted by paupau j. on Jul 03, 2010
justin bieber is great!!!!!!!!he's my favorite i would die without him....
posted by caca on Jul 02, 2010
posted by justin on Jul 02, 2010
i love justin
posted by Sammi Jones on Jun 30, 2010
OMG I LOE JUSTIN BIEBER AND JUSTIN IF YOU ARE READING THIS....... which u prrobably wont b....... but anyway please please come to the boys and girls club in derry nh. Please me and all of my friends love you and your music.
posted by Sexi_Lexi on Jun 30, 2010
does anybody know when "shawty let's go" come out???? and yes it is by justin bieber!!!! and when you find out post it on here plz!!!!!!!thnx!!
posted by lol on Jun 28, 2010
i love you :) you're so great :)
posted by katlyn<33 bieber on Jun 28, 2010
im in love with you, lol i leterally cried when i found out i was getting to go to your concert.<33 i love you!
posted by Natallie on Jun 28, 2010
JUSTIN, YOu are my favorite singer! I know alot of people say that But i wud do nything to see u in cponcert i have called 97.1 aall day and noo one will pick up but it rings thru so hopefully I win I have gone nuts trying to win!! lol wellif i dont i still will b ur biggest fann!!!
posted by Shan gurliii! on Jun 27, 2010
Realiiiii gud songs Justin!!I didnt lke u bfore bt nw i do!!Ur great!!xoxoxoxox
posted by katana on Jun 25, 2010
hey,justin i love love your song pick me & kiss & tell ur a geat singer
posted by hater_bieber on Jun 23, 2010
hey bieber your not good singer!! your a damm shit!! i hate your song and your weird flip hair i hate that your..
posted by katana on Jun 23, 2010
he hates u 2 like do u thax he cair no 2 bad get a life miss i hate bieber
posted by katana on Jun 23, 2010
he dose not have a gal friend what r u talk n about ur dum i love u justin wooh lol wow gals dont stop try n!!!!!! ;)*
posted by bieberfever on Jun 21, 2010
Awww,c'mon! GET A LIFE PEOPLE! He has a girlfriend! DO STOP DAYDREAMING! Do he even know you?! If the answer is no, then stop hoping that he will choose you!
posted by melzbieber on Jun 21, 2010
@firabieber: gw jg mw dy dtg k indonesia.Btw punya fb gk?
posted by kaylalove335 on Jun 21, 2010
i love you i,m coming to your concret in memphis tn i love you your so cute
posted by karen on Jun 20, 2010
justin i wish iwas you futur wife.i love you forever and ever
posted by karen on Jun 20, 2010
omg i lov eyou justin you are the hottest pop star ever you are so hottttttt
posted by Firabieber on Jun 19, 2010
Come to indonesia..plzplzplz..i <3 u justin..
posted by kristina on Jun 18, 2010
woooo girls i think he is cute and has girl like voice cause he is small and his voice is turning and he is not really good boy as iam an indian i would not prefer him and bout his songs they re good and girls they are crazy bout him but iam not
posted by ashley on Jun 18, 2010
OMG I LUV THE SONG PICK ME! THE WAY U SING IT its just awesome. I LUV U SOOOOOOO MUCH! IV SEEN LIKE ALL OF UR VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE,also,all of UR SONGS MAKE SINCE. THE LYRICS CAME FROM UR HEART. its amazing! u r an amazing person i can tell u that now. payce!
posted by xxmrs bieberxx on Jun 16, 2010
luv u ....xx
posted by kassandra castro on Jun 15, 2010
i love you justin bieber !
posted by bigfan00001 on Jun 14, 2010
you are so cute and you are a great person
posted by ashley on Jun 13, 2010
ur song kiss&tell is 1 of my fave songs. the whole soundtrack is my fave. y do u think im always listening 2 it?! i am now! im listening 2 baby.
posted by ashley on Jun 13, 2010
i just wanted 2 say my world 2.0 is a great soundtrack, and i love it so much, its the best! but i still listen 2 my world. i listen 2 both soundtracks everyday! even @ school. (well lunch/gum).now summer has come, im busy doing nothing but listen 2 him,and pretty much extersize and get those songs stuck in my head :)
posted by Harriet on Jun 13, 2010
posted by jena on Jun 11, 2010
posted by mrs.bieber on Jun 11, 2010
for all yooh people sayin mean stuff about justin like you dont like him and stuff why did yooh even search diz!! yooh dont like em get da fuuk off hizz page!!!
posted by Mbieber35216 on Jun 08, 2010
i love how the girl is 3x his size.hahahahaha
posted by lololol on Jun 08, 2010
rofl, say that you love me (6)
posted by andrew on Jun 08, 2010
hello justin how are you
posted by kidkid E on Jun 07, 2010
id fuck him and im a guy:d
posted by Amy on Jun 06, 2010
justin bieber is a babe you are so fit and i so would ;) lol i love all your songs your such a good singer and i love you!!!!!
posted by sumone on Jun 06, 2010
The correct title for the song with sean kingston and jb is EENIE MEENIE not eenie mini...fix it plz...THX!
posted by jbluver on Jun 05, 2010
whole entire album is amazing!
posted by GagongMgaHatersKayo on Jun 04, 2010
and btw .. what will u do i u see him? u will say "i will kick his ass/i will punch him/i will say FVCK YOU JUSTIN" can u do dat? in front of the pipolss??GAGO!!BOBO!
posted by GagongMgaHatersKayo on Jun 04, 2010
hey [Ihat3You] ur fvckin stupid why did u search for this?! and if he sound like a gurl! and he's like fvckin stupid why hes POPULAR? then so what if he sound like a gurl.. cuz ur a def..jerk!
posted by s0ph(: xxx on Jun 04, 2010
oi, if you dont liek him, why do you search him up and shit? x
posted by Ihat3You on Jun 03, 2010
I really do not like Justin Bieber he singz like a girl he is so short 4 his age i have no idea wat u girls see him u guys clearly have bad taste in music and guys. I listen to baby,Somebody to love and kiss and tell i thought each of them were horrible how could they ever let him reacord that stuff?????they really are deaf.. My point is not everyone "loves Justin or thinks hes hot'" and how can you love a guys some of you never meat before? and then have the nerves to say i want 2 marry him????? Justin if you read this i want u to know you have some wacko fans who are obssed and need
posted by BIEBER CASH on Jun 03, 2010
i want touch justin hair...
posted by Bite me_2727 on Jun 03, 2010
After reading all those comments really scanning threw i have no idea what to write now..... uh i dont love Justin and i dont like him i like and love his music. Wierd right?
posted by abby richards 10 on Jun 02, 2010
your so hot justin bieber i now every song and love every song please make
posted by oona on Jun 01, 2010
woow justin you're awsome you're so amazing singer your music is best dat i've ever heard,im grazy about you, you have to come to finland to perform i want to meet you so badly &#9829;&#9829; you took my heart justin ! you seryosly gotta come to finland..plzplzplz i love u justin <3 and im waitin' untill u come ! &#9829;
posted by PaIsLeE BeaDlEs on May 31, 2010
I love you and your friend christian Beadles he is hotttt and so are you < 3 you so much keep making awesome music!!!!!! :)
posted by NumbA ONe Fann BiebE on May 31, 2010
OMGG I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER YOU ARE SOOO FRIKEN HOTT AND SEXIEE I LOVEEE UU I WAN TO SEE U IN CONCERTT SOOO Bad awww i lovee uu !!&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829; I havE POsters Of you All over MY Room I &#9829; u!!!...:)
posted by ILoveJustinBieber4Li on May 29, 2010
i love youu. <33
posted by justin fag on May 27, 2010
hes fag- maricon-viado.
posted by Queeve Edmilao on May 27, 2010
&#9829;i LOVE YOW!&#9829; JB, you're my worLd!!!! i mean,. i LOVE your songs..... ;)) keep it up boy!! its very amazing!
posted by blt on May 25, 2010
justin you rok. i am in complete luv wit u. do u think u will com to berrien springs michigan? i can really relate to ur songs. i luv how u sing to us girlls
posted by IloveJustinBieber on May 24, 2010
Hey Justin! You are so freaking hot! You have lots of fans here in the Philippines so I would be so happy if you came here!! I would totally go!
posted by irah bieber on May 24, 2010
i love you justin bieber i wish you come to singapore
posted by dilara on May 23, 2010
love you !!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by bobby brooks on May 22, 2010
OMG!!! justin you are so sexy please come to linconshire to do a consert i have a signed jumper of u
posted by jblover on May 22, 2010
OMG i love you
posted by bjhghg on May 22, 2010
wow you r vary populer
posted by macbook on May 21, 2010
i will love for you to come to my house and give me tickets to your next concert
posted by monkey funkey on May 21, 2010
justin beiber i will love you forever you will always be my boy
posted by justin no.1 fan on May 20, 2010
hi justi u make my smile and i lov u!!!!!
posted by Jeremane on May 19, 2010
I love u!
posted by littleMs.biEbER on May 18, 2010
OMG justin u are so freakin Hot i love u so much....cant wait for your concert in arizona cuz in totally going!!!!!!yay
posted by Sarah Harkin on May 18, 2010
Hey Justin , you have alot of great fans in derry , i am also one it would be great if you would come to derry (ireland) to do concerts you are an amazing singer and it would be awesome if you did , xx
posted by eli on May 17, 2010
justin u are sooo cool and i love u so much i like your songss and i like more baby one less lonely love and eenie mini
posted by Rezwan frm BD on May 15, 2010
Fuck u mann.....fukin awsome....
posted by JBLuva! on May 15, 2010
Justinn i luv allur songgss well most off themm xxx Come 2 London,uk Sooooon!! i want 2 go 2 ur concertt xxx Luv ya song 'PickMe' && 'Smile' xxx foreva Fan xxx Lovee Youuuu xxx <3 <3
posted by juliettavenegazzů on May 12, 2010
posted by keke blaz on May 12, 2010
justin,i love ur songs, they are so cool especially "baby" and "eenie meenie",this is keke blaz future star
posted by Hi on May 11, 2010
I love your song ''That should be me'' ''I love you''
posted by keke blaz on May 09, 2010
justin bieber com 2 nigeria, com discover me i'm in a group x generation and we have written songs.the album is starlight and it might b released in 2012.4eva ur music name is keke blaz it is combination of all my names
posted by ziizyy on May 09, 2010
hey justin OMG i lovee you soo much yu'll always be the guy of my dreams and i love all yur songsz i listen to them evrydaii love you<3
posted by sherry b on May 09, 2010
u stink justin,ure a motherfucker
posted by shay on May 08, 2010
hey hey hey you sld come to yeoval n.s.w. xoxo love you
posted by sarah on May 08, 2010
love uu.....the CD is great. kiss.<3
posted by kaitlyn on May 08, 2010
I love you justin bieber todas aqui te amamos
posted by Tonn x on May 07, 2010
I LOVE YOU !<3<3 U are a amazinn singer u aree soo cutee
posted by justin bieber fan on May 06, 2010
i love forever ik hou echt van je als jij dood bent ik ook en je lieve hoodje heet sem ik love you forever hij is mijn vriendje
posted by romy on May 06, 2010
posted by JustinBieberLOVER on May 06, 2010
justin you are soooo hot i love you so much it hurts my room is covered with posters of you :) LOVE YOU SOO MUCH i cant wait when you do world tours i am definatly going to go i would do anything to meet you I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH i know all your songs of my heart :) from you BIGGEST fan in the entire universe xxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by LoveJustinBieber on May 04, 2010
I want Justin Bieber comes to the Netherlands!!!
posted by helena on May 03, 2010
croatia loves youuuuuuuuu!
posted by Ilove you justin on May 03, 2010
my form is Saudi Arabia and we love so match Ihav olov your songs and you are so hot Ilove justin My name is Lena see you
posted by Erica on May 02, 2010
God Justin is so wondeful! I adore him! I haven't heard a lot of the songs in this album but I bet they're all immense. Out of the one's I have heard my favourite is "Stuck in the Moment". I can relate to it. Gawjuss boy
posted by !!!! on May 01, 2010
luv ya jb pleeezzz come to richmond va it would b a full house
posted by DARYL on May 01, 2010
posted by amy on Apr 29, 2010
justin u da best i love u soooooooooooo much please come to S.Africa DURBAN i love ur song BABY (-: <3<3<3<3
posted by FAn on Apr 29, 2010
Yo wats justins cell phone num. i want to txt him
posted by Gg+jb on Apr 29, 2010
heyy justin i hope you remember me i just wen to your concert and i went backstage soooooo see you next time!!! luv ya
posted by Cheyanne Chartier on Apr 28, 2010
i love you justin bieber...! <3 your so cute i love you && your songs :) well yeahh peaceout ! ps. im your biggest faaaan.. <3 ok ;)
posted by Mackenzie on Apr 28, 2010
I HATE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!! YOU SING LIKE A GIRL!!! HAHAHAHAHA get a new voice and maybe i will like you!! :( :( :(
posted by Lily on Apr 28, 2010
i dont get y ur so hung up on this kid hes a normal pereson. i personaly dont like him one bit :( :(
posted by CHAN on Apr 27, 2010
posted by chan on Apr 27, 2010
posted by Justin\'s Angel on Apr 25, 2010
I am one of his huge fans!!!I &#9829; him and his songs!!!
posted by justin bieber\'s fan on Apr 25, 2010
hey justin love your songs and i love you to death
posted by Jessica on Apr 25, 2010
Hey! Justin i love You i wish i could MEET you like who wouldn't it's you JUSTIN BIEBER well there were rumors going around that you weren't coming to NZ because i live in NZ i am suppose to go to your concert but i dont no if it's canceled so yeah! ILY Justin Bieber seriously LOVE you!i so wish infact thats my biggest wish is to meet you. J.B i like this boy in my class and since you sing romantic songs i would ask you! what would you do IF you were a girl. I am your BIGGEST FAN in the world ILY! Mwah im Jessica Ward and i think you know butt! I really really Love you!
posted by Disha/lov-u on Apr 24, 2010
omg i love you so much then any body in the whole world i lovvvvve your songs you are the cutest guy in the whole world i love you then any one eleas i wish i can meet you your the worlds handsome cutest and hottest guy i lovvvvve yooouuuuu!!!!!!!!!
posted by noemi on Apr 24, 2010
i love you
posted by tabi on Apr 23, 2010
fuck u!
posted by shayla on Apr 23, 2010
My favorite song is baby. I love your music, but I'm not saying I like Justin.
posted by jblover on Apr 23, 2010
justin u are a awesome singer and u are very hot
posted by bieberis hot on Apr 22, 2010
hi justin i love you i love all of your songs so much please come to houghs neck in quincy you are the best person in the world
posted by Phoebe & Alessia on Apr 22, 2010
We love Justin Bieber
posted by persia on Apr 21, 2010
ur well chong!!!!
posted by Persia on Apr 21, 2010
u r well chpng!!!
posted by saf on Apr 21, 2010
ur well fitt !!1
posted by laura on Apr 21, 2010
hi justin you are so hot my bday is in 4 days when is your real bday some people say its march 14 or march1 1994 i think its march 14 bye hottest guy in the world
posted by laura on Apr 21, 2010
justin bieber you are so hot please come to houghs neck in quincy i like you the best out of the whole world i love you ps you seem really nice and sweet
posted by idk on Apr 21, 2010
i love youh justin! imagining meeting"heyy girls" evry1: "hi" THE END. :(( awww i love youh so muchh and i knoww theres nothing anyone can do, but i wish i didnt love youh so much because it hurts. :) it really seems like u care, but i would bet £100,ooo,000 that u never read this (LOL yes, £, im in london, uk, ;)) PS. YOU ARE THE SEXIEST GUY EVERR
posted by hi on Apr 20, 2010
All of justin bieber's songs are awesome
posted by AmeeyDuggan(: on Apr 20, 2010
Youu Girls Aree Freaks But I Lovee Youu All(: Right Im Not Gonnaa Saay How Much I Lovee Youu And Stalk Youu Justin. Your Hot And I Love Youur Music. And My Biggest Dream Would Be To Sing On Stage With You. One Off Youur Songs. I Think Im A Pretty Good Singger. And I Am On Youtube But I Dont Sound To Good Cause It Is Recorded On A Phone. But Im Singing One Time. One Of My Fav Songs. It Would Be My Dream To Sing With You And One Day, Just One Day. I Hope It Will Come True. FaceBook Mee. ^^ My Screen Name. x
posted by caitlin <33 on Apr 20, 2010
posted by chan <3 on Apr 19, 2010
i love you, HUGE FAN and youre beyond sexy!! (: <3
posted by Justinns no.1 fan on Apr 19, 2010
i loooooove you. you are hot, Lush and sexy1 yyour songs are well good. (L)
posted by babybree on Apr 18, 2010
OMG I love you soooooooooo much Justin! You are the bomb! Luv Ya!
posted by Kayla on Apr 17, 2010
Love you Justin!! Can't wait to get your new album!!
posted by Jaeebeeees girl on Apr 17, 2010
Luv ur songs!! Up is my favorite for my boo n meee!!
posted by Sheah <3 on Apr 16, 2010
I Luv You Justin Your Kind And Careing..I Hope You Can Come To England And Prform? =] All Your Fans Here Would Really Appreciate It Thank You We All Love You Me Also Hope You Can Make It Love'You Very Much... <3
posted by jen9500 on Apr 15, 2010
come to ireland plz i love u
posted by julia on Apr 15, 2010
posted by Natalia on Apr 15, 2010
Hey I live you so much come to Victoria please your so sweet and You are sooooo Hottt Luke smokin
posted by hanna on Apr 14, 2010
COM TO SWEDEN !! ;o <3 love you justin <3
posted by JBBB<3 on Apr 14, 2010
Come to SINGAPORE :) we love you even on the other side of the world... <3 JB
posted by makenzi15 on Apr 14, 2010
is he cute or what....
posted by Justin bieber lover on Apr 13, 2010
I love him so much that he so cut.
posted by shammylla on Apr 13, 2010
your songs are cool justin i love them!!!
posted by rach on Apr 13, 2010
hi justin bieber please come to houghs neck or boston please
posted by laura on Apr 13, 2010
hi justin you are so hot i like you more than my best friend my friends say im too obbssed with you but there wrong my fav song of yours is eenie meenie and baby
posted by justin bieber\'s gi on Apr 11, 2010
eeeeeep. i got the CD!!! i luv u baby. x JUSTIN DREW BIEBER FOREVER! x i gotta high bieberfever!! (:
posted by RACHEL on Apr 11, 2010
posted by RACHEL on Apr 11, 2010
posted by RACHEL on Apr 11, 2010
posted by kassie on Apr 10, 2010
omg i wish they put kiss and tell on the cd!...but i still love justin bieber
posted by fer <3 on Apr 10, 2010
i love you youu are the best in the worl i love all yours songs eenie meenie somebody to love baby one time ............
posted by LAUREN on Apr 10, 2010
posted by etniesvogue on Apr 09, 2010
oh man... i spent my money on 'my world' first edition and now this one has 'Baby' on it? oh gosh... that sucks... i hurried up too much. now i'm sorry.
posted by necro on Apr 09, 2010
who know when his birthday?! mail me at
posted by gloria on Apr 09, 2010
i cant wait 4 u'r next album hope u win a grammy 4 2010 u are really awesome
posted by gloria on Apr 09, 2010
i love all u'r songs esp one less lonely girl and baby
posted by kali<333 on Apr 09, 2010
I LOV YUU SOOOO MUCH AND MY FRIENDS THINK IM SOOOO obsessed with yuu. Like i have 53 pics of yuu on my phone lol lov ya......
posted by jbisgawjuss ;) on Apr 09, 2010
hmm he's actually well fit i love youu <3 xxx
posted by elfblieber on Apr 09, 2010
i like your songs :) i hope you can sing with other singers beside the US singers :). good luck
posted by cedrcik on Apr 08, 2010
just awesome man .great work .
posted by justinlover on Apr 08, 2010
posted by biebergirl on Apr 08, 2010
i love the song that should be me i love him hes so hot ughh ily
posted by miley on Apr 07, 2010
love u!!!!!!!!
posted by bigfan of justin bie on Apr 07, 2010
posted by kensie sharpe on Apr 06, 2010
i love justin so much and i think he is the most hottest guy i have ever seen and i just turned 13 and i really hope i will get to meet justin bieber some day my fav song by him is one time and baby!!! i love justin so much and my friends think im too obsessed but i dont really care justin bieber roxs xoxoxox.
posted by princess JB on Apr 06, 2010
wow JUSTIN is the best boy in the world i love you my boy the best boy...i love you song "i never let you go" " baby" and i love you
posted by yanka on Apr 05, 2010
love you
posted by KAMAIKA on Apr 05, 2010
get well soon OK
posted by kamaika on Apr 05, 2010
this boy is so blessed that he had a chance to follow is dreams . he as shown that u can do anything if u put ur mind to it .i love u Justin Bieber (if ur looking for real love call me at 187648066120
posted by <3 love on Apr 04, 2010
:D im going to your concert in august i cant wait but i got bad seats now you wont be able to see our sign me and my friend are making a sign that will say something :D love you
posted by ana bieber101 on Apr 04, 2010
omg i think the best song by justin bieber is THAT SHOULD BE ME! i think its the most meaningful song there is by him! and i can relate to it<3
posted by justinluv on Apr 04, 2010
i love justin if only he knew who i was i love him sososososo much i am 9 years old have any of u seen cody the three year old girl who crys xx i love u justin love me back
posted by justin\'s love on Apr 03, 2010
posted by justin\'s love on Apr 03, 2010
posted by Sarahboo on Apr 03, 2010
people who say "i wish i could marry him" please stop saying that! you sound like a friken stalker! but i love justin biebers music (:
posted by youngladyjunsu on Apr 03, 2010
I think that song "Overboard" is featured female singer... !!!
posted by jb lover4 on Apr 02, 2010
omg! i love justin sooo much!(L) i love all his songs i wish i could marry him!!:D
posted by ..JBLOVER!.. on Apr 01, 2010
ILOVEYOU(l) i wathing als jou com to nederland!!! Xxx ILOVEJUSTINBIEBER(l)
posted by Serena on Mar 31, 2010
this album is amazing . and so is Justin Bieber , he's absolutely auuumaaazzziiing . keep up the awesome albums. im a HUUUGEEE faaaan . love yyuu <3
posted by just another lonley on Mar 31, 2010
hey justin keep up the good work. I used to think you were just another guy who was famous and just in for the paparazzi but then i think back and i didn't like you then.i moved to chaska and i started to like you cuz kids down here well your all they talk about so i started to like you more and more then i went to the jingle ball and was back stage and you where amazi
posted by Vivien Indira Pascua on Mar 31, 2010
being a bieber fan is amazing ........every time taht i take he's a BIEBER REFICT ..!!! once again im vivien inidra pascua from philippines
posted by michelle on Mar 31, 2010
Du bist so hot.Ich bin ein grosser Fan von dier.Gib doch auch einmal in die Schweiz ein tolles Konzert wie wäre das? BITTE
posted by michelle on Mar 31, 2010
Justin ist so heiss und mit der Singel Baby hast du dich selbst übertroffen. Komm doch einmal in die SChweiz und gib ein Konzert.
posted by caitlin on Mar 31, 2010
I am going to marry Justin Bieber!!! he is so hot and I love him so much!!! text me!!!
posted by rose on Mar 30, 2010
Justin! I really love your album. Keep up the good work. :) You`re so hot.
posted by justin\'s girl on Mar 30, 2010
justin if theres anyone in the world who loves you truely <3 its me . i hope to meet you soon .
posted by justin\'s girl on Mar 30, 2010
justin if theres anyone in the world who loves you truely <3 its me . i hope to meet you soon .
posted by GeRaLdInE on Mar 30, 2010
JuStIn you are so cute
posted by justinabila on Mar 30, 2010
huh..justinbieber have forgot me, his fan..i know, he never know me, but, wtver..i'll support him although im in da trouble:p
posted by stefy on Mar 30, 2010
we love yuo more
posted by j\'faaav. on Mar 28, 2010
I heart you.
posted by alycee♥ on Mar 27, 2010
OMG JUSTIN BIEBER I LOVE YOU MORE THEN ANYONE ELSE!!&#9829; no one knows how much i do (: i love you xoxoxo your voice whoaa... so good! your smile to die for. your just one LOEVELY,AMAZING,EXTREMALY GAWJUZ BOYY (: once again iLOVEyou justin bieber xoxox &#9829;
posted by jblover333 on Mar 27, 2010
i love justin bieber so much i am ur biggest fan ever my favorite song in the whole world is baby :) i love u
posted by Essy on Mar 26, 2010
all me and my friends is talking about is JUSTIN BIEBER, the music we listen to is JUSTIN BIEBER,and me and my friend love u BIEBER.(ESMERELDA & JESSICA)
posted by Jessy on Mar 26, 2010
WOW Justin bieber is realy a cool& cute he is also down to earth and i love him therefore.One justin is going to is big in the music industry.i love u Bieber and keep up the great work
posted by i luv justin on Mar 26, 2010
i love you so much...
posted by bieberlover16 on Mar 25, 2010
i want his cd so badly!! i &#9829; justin!! :)
posted by Danni =) on Mar 25, 2010
I rate you come to South africa =) to Jo'burg! :) All us girls are crazy about you! your Cds never come to south africa :) Soo it would be amazing if you came to south africa so please think about. Thanx Danni =) x0x0x0x YOU ARE FRICKEN HOT!!!! :)xxxx
posted by JustinBieber#1superf on Mar 24, 2010
I am determined to win a meet and greet with him.
posted by mrs.justin bieber on Mar 24, 2010
your so amazing ! i love you !!!! love, the future mrs.bieber
posted by beiberbelibier#1 on Mar 24, 2010
hey justin <3 luv u one time soon he'll call me baby and i'll be one less lonely girl and well be bigger and down to earth, he will love me and i'll be his favourite girl, we'll have our first dance; this is the ultimate dream of my world and he'll never let me go!!!!
posted by beiberbelibier#1 on Mar 24, 2010
justinbieber u are my life. You are amazing about you i love u!!!! ur cd rocks my face track is that should be me and somebody to love.
posted by tasmiyah.xx on Mar 24, 2010
i love justin bieber he is soo hot nd his songzz r amazing!! hes such a talented singer luv u jdb xxx
posted by JLSJUSTINBIEBER on Mar 23, 2010
he got a range rover!
posted by Elise on Mar 23, 2010
I love u!!! Great songs, keep up the good work! Hope you got the ferrari for you birthday!
posted by thamy:) on Mar 23, 2010
i love all his songs and he is so hot i <3 Justin Bieber :)
posted by ULTIMATEJUSTINFAN on Mar 23, 2010
I am a HUGE fan!! I have been a fan from the start and I will find a way to come to your concert in toronto! I am from stratford and i am so proud!!
posted by gabriela on Mar 22, 2010
posted by bieber<33 on Mar 21, 2010
pick me and never let you go yooo.but love me is good too!!! oh and dont forget baby! and favorite girl..and all of his songs are really good!!
posted by BIEBER4EVER! on Mar 21, 2010
i love him. i would l;iterally die for him. he's amazing hius songs are amazing everything about him is just so hot
posted by VampireGirl on Mar 20, 2010
I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER! I know I don't know him but still he's really HOT! And I am sure a lot of other girls agree with me.
posted by momo! on Mar 20, 2010
all yu girls are over obsesed with him yall dont event know him so you cant be in love with him yal need to chill out he aint gonna get with any of yall ugly girls!
posted by MEDiNA on Mar 20, 2010
OH MY GOODNESS love yoohH JUSTIN DREW BIEBER cant wait till u come to australia peace out SHAWTy
posted by beiberfever78 on Mar 19, 2010
i didn't realize that i put 2 comments but yeah they r both me... sorry but anyways... the symbols were not supposed to be symbols they were supposed to be hearts but somehow it didn't work, lol i luv justin bieber
posted by bieberfever78 on Mar 19, 2010
sorry guys i didn't realize that i put 2 comments but yeah soo, they are both me though! lol and the symbols at the end r supposed to be hearts but i guess they wouldn't work! lol
posted by beiberfever78 on Mar 19, 2010
heyy guys u all r soo supportive of him and i'm sure he luvs u guys too!! and i'm sure he is thankful to have fans that support!! him soo much well ok bye:) &#9829; i luv him &#9829;
posted by bieberfevergirl78 on Mar 19, 2010
awww guys i'm sure he likes u guys too!! he appreciates how u guys support him and being there for him as fans is awsome the more suport he get's the happier he is &#9829;&#9829; i luv justin bieber &#9829;&#9829;
posted by anna on Mar 19, 2010
Some places will sell the cd with 2 exclusive tracks, "Kiss and Tell" and "Where Are You Now?"
posted by khadiza on Mar 18, 2010
omg i luv justin bieber songs all of them seriouly i fell in love with his vioce and justin if yhu reding this i love ur eyes justin they are soooo CUUUUUTE! love ur songs and keep up the gd songs khadiza (kad-ee-za)
posted by tamika on Mar 18, 2010
yahh justin bieber iz sexxi he mhi mann zo yalw need tahh bck uhp off hm
posted by Mmmm,Justin:) on Mar 18, 2010
Oh Risa <3, your probly right im just an 11 year old girl who is crushing on him hard, when you get with him... could you mayby get him to look at this page,. i wanna know he see's my comments. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN! xoxoxox
posted by Risa<3 on Mar 18, 2010
Yeah i'm one of those crazy chicks who says they love you and your biggest fan coz thats just stalkerish.. But i will say, i've been seeing his videos, right from the very beginning, and i knew he would go very far... he does have a gf and its so cute. But i'm telling all of you chicks and his gf, if he saw me he would choose me! :) keep up the good work Justin Look forward too see you whenevr you come to Australia! xx
posted by AliceSarah\'x on Mar 18, 2010
I am a huge fan, i no all your songs including these new ones and the ones you havent released and the remixs,i have i love justin bieber jumpers and i look everyday too see when ur touring in england, i am seriously your biggest fan, i have about 400 pics of u on , my laptop. Love from Aliceee xxx :) x
posted by justin bieber on Mar 17, 2010
thnx fans i love u all maybe i come to the netherlands to ??? xxx justin
posted by AsianJustinBieberLov on Mar 17, 2010
Justin u r da best male singa in da world no one can eva take ur place
posted by makayla on Mar 17, 2010
heyyy justin can you come to New York to horseheads plezzzzzz I LOVE YOU
posted by makayla on Mar 17, 2010
i love you your sooooo.....HOT
posted by biggest fan ever no on Mar 17, 2010
ur amazingg
posted by Danigirl98 on Mar 17, 2010
Jk I hate that pic. It's not that I hate it it's just I don't like it.
posted by Danigirl98 on Mar 17, 2010
That is a hott pic of him!
posted by Quintar on Mar 16, 2010
if you search for it on the web, you can find it
posted by nana on Mar 16, 2010
he has a girl friend people.
posted by No.2 Fan! :D on Mar 13, 2010
You know i had been counting down for my world 2.0 to be out! :D:D I so gonna buy it. You rocks man, love all your songs. ((:!
posted by jade on Mar 13, 2010
will you go out with me justin love you hotty
posted by jade on Mar 13, 2010
i love justin he is soo hooott
posted by prettyhott996 on Mar 12, 2010
all ur songs are soooo pretty and awesum, ,like u
posted by prettyhott996 on Mar 12, 2010
u are soooooo hot, just like me!!!! we shud go out!!!1
posted by (sHitLOVERjUsTinDrEW on Mar 09, 2010
Oh, JUstin's songs are soooo beautiful... it makes me sleep when everytime I play it... it hypnotizes me.. (jzt like my little sister singin)
posted by bay on Mar 08, 2010
lol justin u amaze me with your talent and good looks ;)
posted by soccer33 on Mar 08, 2010
hey justin you are an inspiration to me and my school i wish that you could set up a compitition for "D" schools, like mine so that we could have a chance to win. i hope that you do greatan buffalo!!! oh and the Coffee Culture is great!!
posted by biieberholic on Mar 07, 2010
Are ther just 10 songs on my world 2.0?? I thought there were 12...?
posted by tinelle on Mar 07, 2010
what happened to PICK ME?? that song is GORGEOUS!! i love it
posted by TimeOfOurLivess on Mar 06, 2010
the song called Pick Me got renamed to That Should Be Me. i cant wait for the cd to come to new zealand
posted by JUSTIN BIEBER12 on Mar 05, 2010
posted by Amina on Mar 05, 2010
I LOVE JUSTIN!!! and never let you go and eenie meenie are great! they're the only songz i have heard from that album so yea lol. i can twait to hear the rest!!! but i wish pick me was on it :(. o well. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER <3 xxx
posted by chloe on Mar 05, 2010
looll fittie love him
posted by bev(: on Mar 05, 2010
Wasn't Justin Bieber featuring a song with Sean Kingston called Shawty Let's Go? Why isn't it listed as one of the tracklist song too?
posted by sammie on Mar 04, 2010
posted by brogan on Mar 04, 2010
OMG justin bieber fittie
posted by trafford on Mar 04, 2010
whta happen to pick me thought that song would be on :)
posted by InLoveWithYou on Mar 03, 2010
I have become in love with justin . His birthdays 6 days away from mine <3 I wanna meet him , I wanna be his favorite girl . I have all his posters , I enter all his contests , & one day i'll meet him . I cant garentee that he will fall in love with me but I just wanna be his bestfriend . Hes amazing . Its not just his looks that get my attention . Its his personality , lyrics , music , and some much more . He gives me a reason to smile . Follow me on twitter Lovemejustin7
posted by dannicca on Mar 01, 2010
hi i love your pic up there u look so hot
posted by PICKMEE<333 on Mar 01, 2010
i agree with justinbieberlover6, what about Pick Me? is it in this album? cause it's not in the first album...
posted by jusinbieberlover6 on Feb 28, 2010
What about Pick Me?? That was like my favorite!!!! :(
posted by Nicole on Feb 27, 2010
I want to get to meet Justin Bieber in person and get to experience the time i have with him wen i do !!!!!
posted by chloe phillips heart on Feb 27, 2010
never let you go is a really good song. ive been a fan since his youtube apperance. i love you. (L).
posted by taylorjustinjoe on Feb 26, 2010
i think "smile" will be my new favorite because i don't like my smile so maybe this song will inspire me to smile more. (:
posted by bigfan00 on Feb 26, 2010
im so sorry for your broken foot
posted by bigfan00 on Feb 26, 2010
OMG I am a huge fan. I like your songs
posted by caitlin on Feb 26, 2010
ou are hot

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