Shakira Locking Lips With Rafael Nadal in 'Gypsy' Music Video

February 26, 2010 02:04:05 GMT

'Gypsy' music video witnesses the young tennis player caressing Shakira before landing a kiss on her lips.

Shakira Locking Lips With Rafael Nadal in 'Gypsy' Music Video
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Playing a couple, Shakira and Rafael Nadal are all over each other in a newly-premiered music video for her latest single "Gypsy". Starting with the singer playing a harmonica, it continues showing her and the tennis player getting intimate. Nearing the end, the two share a passionate kiss on the lips.

"Gypsy" is taken from Shakira's sixth English studio album "She Wolf" which has been in stores since October 2009. The song is also re-recorded in Spanish called "Gitana". Music videos for the English and Spanish versions are directed by Jaume de Laiguana.

On her decision to pick up Rafael Nadal as her leading man in the video, Shakira said, "I thought that maybe I needed someone (in the video) I could in some way identify with." She continued, "And Rafael Nadal is a person who has been totally committed to his career since he was very young, since he was 17, I believe. (The song represents my) way of living and seeing life. I've been on the road since I was very young, so that's where the gypsy metaphor comes from."

Shakira was once rumored to date Rafael after spotted having a series of meetings with him including a dinner at a hotel in Barcelona, Spain. But her representative was quick to deny it, saying "It was a dinner organized with the director to brief Rafa on what was expected from him in the video."

Shakira's "Gypsy" music video


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posted by xoxocandyxoxo on Jan 20, 2014
He's undeniably soooooooo handsome and terribly hot, but hes such a faithful good boy and he'll never give up his highschool sweetheart gf for another bombshell 💎 Hes a sweetie
posted by nicole on Feb 12, 2011
rafael is sooo hot and shakira is my ultimate role model- beautiful and romantic video id watch anything with either of those two in it anytime me gusta shakira
posted by Kyla on Jul 04, 2010
Words just fail me. Rafa is so so gorgeous its not fair! He can juke me anytime!
posted by magdalene on Feb 28, 2010
OMG, Rafa Nadal is truly gorgeous, hot and sexy. Can't get enough of this beautiful man!! What an eye candy he is!
posted by Michelle on Feb 26, 2010
I've watched the video several times already and I plan to see it even more. WOW! Rafael Nadal is SO sexy and SO HOTT! *pants*

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