Rihanna Wishes to Make a Duet With Lady GaGa

February 25, 2010 07:51:53 GMT

In addition, the 'Rated R' singer also wants Grammy-winning country music singer Taylor Swift for a future collaboration.

Rihanna Wishes to Make a Duet With Lady GaGa
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Rihanna is added to the list of singers who would love to collaborate with Lady GaGa. The "Umbrella" hitmaker recently shared her interest to make music together with the dance queen, calling a duet will be "cool" because their music is kind of "similar."

"A collaboration between GaGa and myself would be really cool because we do a similar type of music and we both really love fashion," she gushed. "So I'm sure it'll be a hot video. I would love to collaborate with her."

In addition to hoping to hit the studio with Lady GaGa, Rihanna also shares that she wants to try something different for her next release. The Barbadian songstress puts country music singer Taylor Swift on her collaborators wish list.

Earlier this week, Rihanna has decided what she wants to record for "Rated R" follow-up. " 'Rated R', I love the sound of it, in terms of the bass," she explained to MTV Korea. "I really like the bottom, the grime of it. But if I were to combine that with more energetic, up-tempo pop records, then I think that will be a happy marriage. And that's where we'll probably go next."

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posted by me on Feb 28, 2010
well i think they should, i like them both and they CAN sing, it would be awesome!! but idk about taylor swift, they dont really go well, taylor swit is pretty good (and funny) but i dont think they go well together,but make one and see whats like
posted by ines on Feb 26, 2010
Rihanna wishes she was a millionth as talented and able to sing and compose as Gaga. And I don't even like Gaga THAT much. Rihanna is a nno talent who sees her undeserved success has past and tries to revamp it by linkin herself to the new hit girl. Too bad she can't sing, she's an horrible fake product and her "fierce" sense of style is all decided by her record company. Go away, Ri-HO-nna. You don't have any reason to be famous. You belong to a stripper club.

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