David Goyer Not Yet Signed On to Write 'Superman' Movie

David Goyer Not Yet Signed On to Write 'Superman' Movie

The 'Batman Begins' co-scribe allegedly has an idea that attracts head of Legendary Pictures, but he is not yet on board for the project which is titled 'The Man of Steel'.

Another talent behind "Batman" reboot could be used to resurrect "Superman" franchise. After Christopher Nolan is said to have been pointed by Warner Bros. Pictures to play a "godfather", his "Batman Begins" co-scribe David Goyer reportedly has been asked to pen the script for the next film about this flying superhero.

The news was first brought into attention by Latino Review which claimed their trusted source has learned that Thomas Tull, the head of Legendary Pictures, liked Goyer's idea to take "Superman" movies back to the John Byrne incarnation so he hired him. Ain't It Cool News, however, noted that the deal has not been sealed yet between Goyer and Legendary.

Additionally, the source managed to get other information, mentioning that the next "Superman" film will be called "The Man of Steel". Brandon Routh, who stars in "Superman Returns", as well as the original director Bryan Singer are not expected to return to the upcoming movie, so Latino further reported.

Previously, it was said the upcoming "Superman" film that involves Nolan will not serve as a sequel to "Superman Returns" but it will be a completely new franchise. The movie is also going to be a joint project by Warner Bros. and Legendary Picture.

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    Aug 28, 2010

    "If Tom gets the part", do forgive me.

    Aug 28, 2010

    Routh looked the part but he didn't make the character believable enough and he can't have a kid with Lois because Kryptonians can't have children with humans like the comics says. Tom Welling on the other hand, has the most experience, he's familiar with the character and capable of stepping up as Superman in the final season of Smallville and he does make the character more believable and after ten years working hard on building his character and has proven time after time over the years and he deserves more credit than what some people have given him. He has earned the right to be given a chance for the role. He even said it himself that he's always been open to it. He's a great choice and the future producer and director for the rebooted Superman movie should realize that. But hey, whatever happens, happens. But Tom does get the part in the future, well, then the very least was can do is give him a chance. But either way, I'll be supportive of whoever gets the part, just make it great.

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