Ke$ha's 'Blah Blah Blah' Music Video Feat. 3OH!3 Leaks in Full

February 24, 2010 02:05:36 GMT

In this music video, the 'Tik Tok' hitmaker makes it clear that she is not interested with the guys who talk too much 'Blah Blah Blah'.

Ke$ha's 'Blah Blah Blah' Music Video Feat. 3OH!3 Leaks in Full
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"Blah Blah Blah" music video which sees Ke$ha sharing screen with her collaborator 3OH!3 has hit the web. It follows the female singer snubbing several guys because they're talking too much when all she really wants is to have sex with them.

"The whole concept of the video was a bunch of douche-y guys macking on me as usual, and me making them eat their toupees or other various items," she previously told MTV. "At one point, I get to be strapped to this harness and bouncing around everywhere, and it was really cool."

"Blah Blah Blah" is the second single from Ke$ha's debut album "Animal". A series of live performances have been done by her to promote the effort. Most recently, she did a MySpace private show at East London's Bathhouse Monday, February 22, wearing a zebra-print catsuit and performing six songs during the set.

Ke$ha's "Blah Blah Blah" music video


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posted by grim517 on Oct 14, 2010
your realy hot
posted by andy on Oct 11, 2010
This song is very cool
posted by awesome elmo on Oct 05, 2010
AAAAAAhhhh!!!!!! this is like omg talking like u r famous hey your my favourite lol lol lol lol lol peace out
posted by ModernMusicMakesYouD on Jul 23, 2010
I'd rather listen to a cat rolling around in a dryer, and I fucking love cats.
posted by sophie on Jul 10, 2010
why does she tape sombody and then pull his pant's down I like it
posted by This is to WTF on Jun 26, 2010
Hey, WTF... Watch what u say. If your going to insult sum1 about they're language, make sure ur not insulting urself n the process. Thanks! :)
posted by alissa on Jun 03, 2010
u rock that stage kkkkkkk bye
posted by bihgjg on May 28, 2010
@ keshhaisgay ur gay motherfucker
posted by sarah on May 11, 2010
hi i love u song blah blah blah x x x x x x x x x
posted by cutiekay 27 on Apr 23, 2010
this song iss the stuff wat song u like more tik tok or blah blah
posted by skyler on Apr 16, 2010
posted by Emma on Apr 16, 2010
posted by krissy5 on Apr 04, 2010
keep on diong what u do gurl ur the best the only go 4 it dont pay attention to the haters there WHORES
posted by lolomg on Mar 27, 2010
kesha has some gud music i love blah blah blah it my fav. song then it tik tok
posted by lolomg on Mar 27, 2010
kesha is awesome love ur songs gurl!
posted by darian<3 on Mar 25, 2010
i <3 ur songs ya like tik*tok + blah blah blah
posted by maqry on Mar 23, 2010
blah blah and tik tok and ur love is my drug are awsome man i l.o.v.e all her songs
posted by ke$haisgay on Mar 23, 2010
f u kesha
posted by WTF!?! on Mar 23, 2010
All of you need to sort your lives out seriously WTF your'e all messed in the head learn to use propper english ... god i f***ing hate american's
posted by fukkk yall fuqin hat on Mar 22, 2010
fuq all yall fucqin haters dat iz a live ass fuqin sonnggg
posted by koolgurl on Mar 22, 2010
kesha is tight yall im glad she yodals lol hahhaha
posted by ke$ha is f ing good on Mar 21, 2010
hey ya
posted by yourawsome on Mar 17, 2010
all you people ar hores you dont know talrnt lolnyou ar awsome
posted by iloveKe$ha on Mar 15, 2010
thats mah idole i wanna be juhsz like her!
posted by ke$harocks164ever on Mar 15, 2010
u rock i love all of ur songs:)
posted by sexchick on Mar 14, 2010
posted by KE$HAISGAY on Mar 12, 2010
posted by boyfinenumbertwo on Mar 08, 2010
dont be hatin on kesha cuz you cant be like her
posted by bagofchips on Mar 08, 2010
i love the song so all these haters aRE HATIN CUZ THEY didntmakeit up keep being a whore whores reppin jk sffsly
posted by Sexykesha on Mar 07, 2010
Awwww she pulled Down the guy in the music video and duck taped. Him yummmmm
posted by shortie in mad-ville on Mar 01, 2010
txt it
posted by ke$haisgay on Feb 28, 2010
posted by KE$HAISGAY on Feb 27, 2010

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