'America's Next Top Model' Opens Audition for Cycle 15

February 23, 2010 06:09:07 GMT

Tyra Banks personally delivers the news in a video to invite models of all kinds between 18 to 27 years old to participate in the contest.

'America's Next Top Model' Opens Audition for Cycle 15
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Now that The CW has ordered another season of "America's Next Top Model", Tyra Banks begins scouting for candidates whose modeling career she will launch. She announces at that the audition for the 15th cycle has officially been opened for any type of model, be it skinny or plus size. To hinder situation like season 13 audition that ended up in mayhem, the audition is held online.

"Hey My Fierce Ladies," she began. "Do YOU want to be on Top? Top Model that is is holding an exclusive America's Next Top Model search just for YOU. This is a chance for you to be seen by ME! Forget about those long lines, and just send 'em right here. I will be looking at ALL of your pictures and choosing the girl that's going to fly to California to be on Top Model!"

"I wanna see all of you! From the Fiercely Real (ya know, plus sized) to the 'straight' (skinny) models, just doin' your thang. Ya just gotta be 5'7" and over. But don't fret, there's not only one winner in this search. ...I will be featuring more winners on!!"

Application can be directed to and it will end on March 30 midnight. Meanwhile, the 14th cycle will premiere on March 10.


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posted by Dina Pasic on Nov 26, 2012
Hi Tyra I love your show i feel that even the girls who didn't win still experienced something and were taught something valuable.Im 16 and 5'9 120lbs and I know I'm still not old enough to audition hopefully in two years I'll still have a chance to audition.Hopefully you can make something for teens.
posted by dgirl on Jun 25, 2012
hey tyra i just wanted to say i lokk up to u n your show im only 11 and im in soft ball and i want to get in dance but my mom cant pay for it but just saying thanks and you inspire me
posted by Claudia Taylor on Jun 17, 2012
Hi Tyra ! My name is Claudia Hughes and ever since your show started I was their to watch. I love what you do with the models. It's kind of like you show the models how to be a model properly. Although I am 14 years old, I dream myself being on your show in the future. I would love if you make a show for younger girls who feel that they have as much potential as older girls do. Please think about this ! So many little girls dream about being on top, their just to young.
posted by DanielleF on Jun 08, 2012
Hey Tyra, im 5,3 and from england, i watch your show all the time, and i practice at home knowing that I can do it and that I have the potential to be amazing! But being 5.3 I know I cant get on to Britian and Irelands next top model, so I was hoping if you could get me some tips on how to start a career?
posted by karma on Jun 02, 2012
why dont you do for 12 year olds to 17 years olds so when they go on the show ANTM they will be prepared for anything you put in their way... im just saying that its a great idea Tyra so many youg beautiful girls watch your show and they always say "i want to be on that show when im at the old enough age"... why not make a show for young girls 12 to 15... its a great idea just think about it... P.S your so beauitful...
posted by babymarie on Jan 13, 2012
am 5'5 and i really want to be a model but i live in england
posted by DEE on Oct 15, 2011
i love your show
posted by caroline king on Sep 27, 2011
I am 18 years old and not even close to 5'7. I have watched ANTM for years and I am in love! let us shorties know when you're doing a petite casting!!
posted by ninon valessa on Sep 16, 2011
posted by ninon valessa on Sep 16, 2011
i am camerunian and orphan i like to be a top model please choise me this is my secret dream and i wan that you to be my mentor
posted by myidol on Aug 05, 2011
My name is Samantha and i'm 13 year's old. I've watched America's Next Top Model ever since i was 9 Years old and ever since the first time i saw it i knew i wanted to be a model and i knew that i wanted to be on your show to get closer to my dream. I just want you to know you inspire me to follow this dream, An pretty soon you will see me auditioning for you show, And i will make sure i achieve my Dream of Being AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL!
posted by Abigail on Jun 12, 2011
posted by shortie on Jun 09, 2011
TYRA GIRL!!!! please have more petite models! Im 5" & i want to be a model SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad! love ya girl
posted by Dorianne Ouellet on May 20, 2011
It's me again. I live in Canada and I speak French. I am 14 years old. But you know what, when I about 19 ​​years, I really want to participate in America's next top model. And I'll win, because that's my biggest dream. I'm all your programs, and I miss not one. I just wanted to say. This is really my biggest dream, I just know not how to explain it. I'll even learn English to participate fully. This message, I translated a translation site. Because I wanted you to see my message. Thank you for reading through.
posted by Dorianne Ouellet on May 20, 2011
Hey Tyra, I love fashion and i want to be America's next top model. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by karley on Apr 14, 2011
Oh no! I wish I hadn't missed the auditions for the next season. I've been trying to figure out how to try out for two months and I just missed it!! I'm 20, 5'8", with minimal modeling experience, but I love modeling and really wish I could have the chance to make it. I guess better luck next year...
posted by NZIYA on Apr 09, 2011
posted by Brianna L. on Apr 04, 2011
I would love if you had a America's Next Teen Model. Im 13, 5'9, and 129 lb. Please make an America's Next Teen model it would be awesome.Thanks!!
posted by Courtney on Mar 31, 2011
tyra! for the 2012 ANTM, i honestly think you should do petite again, i would love to try out for ANTM but im shorter than 5'7 so i can't which is really a bummer, because so many young ladies would love to be on the show but the height kills them please really think about it =] thanks tyra you are a remarkable woman
posted by Meme Seitshiro on Mar 09, 2011
Hi Tyra!Am an african born and bred in africa,thing is i have loved modelling since forever and would love to be a model one day,am 23 years this year and i would kill for a chance to model.Here in Botswana where i'm from there aren't any opportunities for anyone who lives to model,so i am pleading with you to broaden your show,ANTM to our shores.Thanx bye,and i totally idolise you!!!
posted by queenoffashion on Mar 07, 2011
please let me know when you are doing the petite next top model i am beautiful and love modeling i know i will be the next AMERICA TOP MODEL. thank you Tyra
posted by Ashley on Mar 04, 2011
When is there going to be casting for petite model??
posted by Cassandra Bankson on Feb 20, 2011
Sounds fabulous. My name is Cassandra Bankson, I stand at just under 6'0, and weight aprox 138 lbs. Graduating high school two years ahead of my class has enabled me to get a kick-start on both my college and media careers;in doing so I've been fortunate enough to become an established Model here in the Bay area. I just turned 18, I am currently unsigned, and I plan to create a permanent career in this industry. I look forward to using Americas next top model as the platform to do so. It's a pleasure to be participating in the casting/show; hope to see you at the top :) ~Cassandra Bankson
posted by lusina dalakyan on Feb 19, 2011
hi tyra, i have auditioned in Idaho for this cycle and i really want it theirs a lot that i want to do, show the world to be proud of your self and stay positive in your own skin, and i really want to help my mother our dad died in 1991... plz tyra help me.. 208 4202111
posted by Kitsune on Feb 16, 2011
Tyra, will you be having a petite season again? Ive been watching the show for several years, and I've wanted to audition for the longest time. I'm only 5'5", and now old enough to do it haha.
posted by Crystal on Feb 15, 2011
Modeling is being free!! Is being yourself and showing it to the world!!
posted by Latoya Thomspn on Feb 15, 2011
Hey Tyra I want to be on america's next top model.. I love to model... it's my life.. I love you so much tyra you are anspiration to me.. IM 22 years old..
posted by melissa on Feb 09, 2011
hi tyra i love your show i will america`s next top model
posted by maria anjelica on Feb 08, 2011
hi tyra, I am Chilean, and will travel where my guys in LA in March 2011. I have 18 years and I love to participate in American's next top model. Do I have to be American to participate in the casting?
posted by Sapphire Pace on Feb 05, 2011
Hello tyra, It would be a dream come true for me to be on your show, because i Know that I have what it takes to be Americas Next Top Model, but I am only 17, and can't auditions until you have your next cycle of auditions, I have been in beauty pageants, and have done some runway modeling, I just need a chance to show my skills to you, and the rest of the judges so that you all can see that I am the one you are looking for, thank you and God bless.
posted by Sapphire Pace on Feb 05, 2011
Hello tyra, It would be a dream come true for me to be on your show, because i Know that I have what it takes to be Americas Next Top Model,
posted by Shontia !! on Feb 05, 2011
hey tyra !! you should do a america's next top teen model !!! ages 13-17 that would be funn !! and ill audition !! it will help young girl accomplish their dream and have something to instead of being in the streets !! it would also help girls to understand that they are beautiful no matter what the haters say !!! dont be afraid to show that other side of you !!! i bet everyone would watch it on tv and it'll be a hit !!
posted by Allison Mariah ; on Feb 03, 2011
Hey Tyra, My name is Allison Hall, I am a student at a high school in Kentucky. Im not quite 18, but i will be looking forward to trying out this modeling for myself. This is what ive always wanted & I am willing to cooperate & listen to anyone who could possibly be part of my future. I would love to meet you one day, it would be my dream to actually get a chance at fullfilling my goal. I now am 5'4 at around 115 lbs. I hope this works out for me. If not, i hope i can at least get a shot at any model agency I can get to. Thanks for reading this, keep doing what you do, the show is great i love it. Everyone tells me i am a beautiful person, who is full of life & always keep ones smiling. I really want this & i WILL get it if i put my mind on it, and stay focused on this. Thank you, hopefully i will see you one day.
posted by jess on Feb 01, 2011
tyra! when will you be having another petite season?
posted by Jenn OD on Feb 01, 2011
Hey trya, I love your show, when I watch it I ask myself why not me? I have always wanted to be a model/singer unfortunately my family and I do not have a lot of money to sign up for classes and was wondering if you had any advice for me. Thank-you Jenn
posted by Reese on Jan 29, 2011
Aolah Tyra i was aslo concerned if there will be anymore petite cycles!And i love the show as much as i my dream as to become ANTM!
posted by ninabina on Jan 29, 2011
Hi tyra my name is justina. I love the idea of modeling.My mom did a little modeling and I know I modeling is for me. Many people told me I should model. I'm 19 and onlY 5'6 but can still work it. i'm very photogetic and love taking picture. I'm very confident in myself and have lots of energy and sponk. I watch the show all the time and get ideas of what to do and what not to do.
posted by cc18 on Jan 27, 2011
yes tyra when wil you be having another petite next top model?!
posted by Carlvana on Jan 26, 2011
Hello Tyra i love your show.i think that i have the potenial to be america next top confident and i have attitude
posted by sasha on Jan 26, 2011
I heard that cycle 16 is the last cycle :[ hopefully they're wrong because I've been wanting to be in ANTM since I was 15 and I'm turning 18 in May!
posted by TayVicious on Jan 24, 2011
I meant "18-27"
posted by TayVicious on Jan 24, 2011
I'm 17. Modeling is something i've dreamed up since i was 10. Being on ANTM would be my dream come true. I'm not sure if i can audition because it says "ages 18-26" at the top.
posted by Monique Todd on Jan 22, 2011
Hello Tyra my name is Monique I am 21 yrs of age I am new to the modeling field what made me consider modelings is because everyday at least 10 ppl say I should model so I decided to give it a try so far so good. I watch your show I love it. Do u have any advice that will help me jump start my career?
posted by otty lorena on Jan 19, 2011
What if the candidate is not a U.S. Citizen? Can still participate?
posted by victorianaaa1 on Jan 18, 2011
Tyra, there isn't an antm that i haven't missed yet. every time it's on 'oxygen' i'm watching it. i've been told to model since i turned 14 years old. i would love to be on your show! please make my dream come true!
posted by krista on Jan 15, 2011
hi tyra! im krista and im 18 years old. I am onlt 5'4" so i would be one of the taller girls but i would really love to be on the top!
posted by Bri.Carter on Jan 15, 2011
Hi Tyra.! ill be 18 in april so would i be eligible to audition for the coming cycle of ANTM?
posted by Shawntelle Moncy on Jan 14, 2011
Hi Tyra :) What are the ages for Top Model. I'm sixteen... I probably wouldn't audition this year, but i would love to the next. I love modeling. Although i don't have experience, I love being in front of the camera and even behind it. I would love to audition when i can. But I'm about 5' 5" Almost 5' 6" and I'm worried if I don't grow much by the time i audition. I'm not big i guess. Probably bigger than most models i see on the show. But i am curvy. I wear 7 jeans... I'm not sure if thats plus or not in the modeling world. But i would love for you to respond to this. I find modeling a passion for me, even if all i have is practicing in the mirror. I would love to take it further. Thank you Tyra! :)
posted by Raye Quinn on Jan 12, 2011
I've watched this show since the very beginning. My friend and i would dress up in crazy make up, try on each others clothes, and do little photoshoots. After my parents divorced, i gained weight and decided to hide behind the camera instead of in front. The show made me motivated to make art through photography and made me fall in love with my work. Thanks ANTM :) cant wait to watch the next season <3
posted by deoriginal demodel on Jan 08, 2011
first thing first i love modeling,modeling is my 1st dreams to accomplish headed into a new life of skills. changing thoughts of those who said i wouldn't make it through the audition of wat i came for instead of saying it
posted by sherry on Jan 06, 2011
Hi Trya I would like to say alot of things one how I thank God for woman like you who care about making another person life much better. In saying this I will let you know that being 6foot three I have what it takes to be anything especially (amtm) model. When ever you are in the Baltimore Area. Look me up Sherry Brown as im am also appling too.
posted by ANTM on Jan 02, 2011
posted by YA\'KETTA REED on Jan 02, 2011
TYRA....HOW U DOIN?...FINE I HOPE. WELL MY NAME IS YA'KETTA YVETTE REED AND ALL MY LIFE I WANTED TO BECOME A MODEL. I want to stand out from all the other girls that talk about me, pick on me, and try to bully me. Everyone always say i'm to skinny to become a model but i feel totally different. I feel that io have what it takes to be America's Next Top Model and im goin to prove it to everyone. I'm 18, 5'7 in a half and i wear a 0, 1, and 2 in pants....WOW small i know. I attend marshall high school and i will be sending you my photos....real soon. I'm shaking right now just by writing to you. Until then xoxo HUGS-N-KISSES
posted by helena on Dec 29, 2010
Hey Tyra I really want to become americas next top model i believe i have what it takes when is the next auditions for 2011 im 18 years old and stand tall and athletic at 5'10
posted by tj on Dec 28, 2010
Hi Tyra. My name is Terri. I would love to be on the show. I am 5'7 and i am a little more curvier. I would love to send you a few photos.
posted by sippi girl on Dec 28, 2010
Hey Tyra! I was wondering if your going to do another show for people under 5'7.. I am 16 years old and I know its a long shot.. but I know I have what it takes. I see you have so many girls writing to you already but I really hope you will respond to mine. I know I probably have to be 18 to be on your show but I really want to try when I do get the chance. I fear that I am not getting any taller though.. I am 5'3 and a half! I can work heals though, I am also taking acting classes and I have been in dance classes for about 5 years.. I have rythm and movement and so many people tell me I could be a model. I hope you will read this and think about what I have said. -sippi girl
posted by CatSasha on Dec 28, 2010
Hey tyra. I was wondering if you can let people under 18 on your show? Im 16 and i want to be on your show really bad. Love Catherine
posted by Jessika on Dec 27, 2010
Hi Tyra,:) I'm Jessika,i'm 19 I just saw the emission right now,I try to be a new top model in Canada in Montreal.I want to show to you my photos,my dream is to be top model,travelling and every things around this perfect world I'm hoping to heard from you thank you xox
posted by Bianca Smith on Dec 25, 2010
Hi Tyra, I would love to try out for america's next top model, I believe I have the drive, confidence, motivation, and dedication to become on top for a modeling career. Tell me what I need and I will get everything to you ASAP. Thanks
posted by Secree Simmons on Dec 25, 2010
i am 15 years old 5'8 and i really wanna be a model i go to north surry high school and i am a cheerleader also in jrotc
posted by luna on Dec 24, 2010
Hi tyra my name is luna im 18 years old, i want to become a model, it has been my dream ever since i can rember,... i would love to try out for your show i have watched your show so much the only problem is that in 5'1 im shoet but that does not mean i can't work it,... girl i'll show you wat shoet girls are capable of doing!!!!!!!!!!
posted by woodline nelon on Dec 23, 2010
i need to becom a american next top model .
posted by porsche on Dec 17, 2010
hi tyra. i want to try out for your show. i hear alot that i should be a model better never believed it but im willing to try and see what happens. love porsche
posted by Dzenita on Dec 16, 2010
Hey my name is Dzenita, and i was wondering if you ever thought of "Teen Modeling"? Like Americas Next Teen Model. I want to be a model, but im 14, and i know there are tons of teens who feel the same :]
posted by Markeita on Dec 14, 2010
My name is Markeita. I live in the DFW area and i think i have what it takes to be america's next top model. I am a mother of 2 and thats the only thing that has stop me in the past. I have the talent, im unique, and different, and i love to stand out. Very photogenic and when i get in front of the camera its like a tingling feeling inside its like a thrill for me.
posted by JAR on Dec 13, 2010
Hello Tyra, I'm 5'9 and i am 20 years old. right now im atending at a community College, pursuing an associate's degree in Science, I volunteered to be on the front of the Spring Semester Catologue, and ever since then, i knew from within my heart that this is what i really want to do for the rest of my life. A Model is a symbol that everyone can relate to, and become whoever they want to be, through the individual's eye A model is so much more, its an ART that is captured photo after photo
posted by Little Bit on Dec 13, 2010
If you have another petite next top model I would love to be a part of it. I'm a 26 y/o, 5'2".
posted by LaKeisha Williams on Dec 13, 2010
My name is LaKeisha Williams. I am 18 years old going to collage to be a dental assistant. I have been so intrested in becomming a model i love to be different and express myself in many different ways. I am hoping to have a chance to be on the show and show the yound girls we can do anything we try hard enough for. I am 5' 3 short yes but love print. Im 118lbs and determind to become americas next top model.
posted by ShortLittleMiss on Dec 09, 2010
Tyra I am turning 18 in two years. I watch your show all the time. Always looking up to you and loving your work. I litterally fell to tears though when I saw you "must be 5' 7" " I am 5' 2" But in no way not pretty. I'm always told I should model. Tyra I'm begging you, please. Not right this secound. But give me a chance. Give a chance for those of us that can wear our heels all day with no problem a chance. We are short but in no way ugly. You expand to the plus size with our lovely whitney. Make a huge leap and cross over the petite border too?
posted by KAREN on Dec 04, 2010
posted by Karen!! on Dec 04, 2010
posted by BERENICE ESQUIVEL on Dec 03, 2010
Americas next top model is..Berenice from phoenix Arizona,I am 18 years old. I aspire to become a model because I am very persistant and determined to accomplish anything.I like to be noticed and bring out whats inside of me which is why I would like the chance to be on AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL.
posted by Bernice Esquivel on Dec 03, 2010
HI I am 18 and I am aspiring to become a model. I know it isnt easy but, I would love to have a chance in this competition.
posted by abigail on Dec 02, 2010
hola bueno solo quiero decir que me encanta tu programa y me encantaria ser modelo pero ... solo tengo 14 años pero para lograr algo que te encanta no hay obstaculos. me encantaria que se hiciera mexico next top model ya que hay bastantes chicas que son demasiado hermosa aqui en mexico y creo que merecen una oportunidad. bueno me despido por que tengo que hacer tarea ja bye areli abigail
posted by Christina Carrasquil on Dec 02, 2010
Hello Tyra, First I want to tell you that I love your show and how you give girls a start to something that they love to do. I am praying and wishing that one day i will be able to become a contestant on ANTM! and show everyone that I have some talent and I am READY to show the world and Strut! But I am not 5'7 .I'm 5'2 and 3quarters but i know i have what it takes. When will you have another season for Short girls such as myself?
posted by Briana on Nov 28, 2010
Hey Tyra. My name is Briana I am 5'7" and i weigh 105. I am 17 years old and I have watched the show since like the first cycle. I have told me mom for years that i would love to try out for America's Next Top Model. Please let me know when auditions are because i would love to get a chance at my dream.
posted by miimiimarii on Nov 26, 2010
Hi Tyra... i would love to try out but im trying to find out where it is that i can send you my pictures
posted by mercedes on Nov 26, 2010
Hi Tyra my name is Mercedes I will be 18 march 2011 I would love to try out for next top model people always tell me i can be a model and that i have the eyes and smile to become a model i watch your show all the time and its my dream to become the Next Top Model I am 5'5' 120 pounds Love You
posted by Georgina Hill on Nov 25, 2010
Can 9 year olds be models???
posted by BrieAnna on Nov 24, 2010
I wish the age limit could be extended. Models of all ages and sizes can be used for products. I just turned 31 (and still get carded),and wish to have an opportunity in a competition like ANTM.
posted by Nara on Nov 20, 2010
Hi Tyra,I love your shows very very much, I'm from Armenia,I'm 25 year, 1.66mt, my dream is to be on the show,to learn from you & your team all what you are teaching girls.
posted by Bessie Thomas on Nov 19, 2010
Hi tyra i'll be graduating in May,2011. i'm 18yrs. old who 5'9" that weight 110. I will love to be the next top model on your shows. thank-you
posted by Lindsay from Califor on Nov 18, 2010
Hey Tyra, My name is Lindsay. I am currently undergoing lymphoma (its a type of cancer) BUT the Dr says it will be gone by the middle of January 2011. I was going to audition for the last cycle, but it would have gotten in the way of this. And health always comes first. So I am making sure I get 100%, then I am there. I am 6'1, 24 yrs old. I live about 2 hours away from LA. I would love to have the pleasure of meeting you someday. I envy you, have for years since Fresh Prince of Bel Air. When you started modeling I absolutely loved your photos and how you present yourself. I have been practicing and I watch your show every wk. Well I can't wait til auditions. Thank you so much for giving females an opportunity of a lifetime. You truly are my hero! Love ya! <3 ~Lindsay
posted by yasmine on Nov 13, 2010
hi tyra im only 14 years old and also only around 5'5''. modeling is my dream i want this more than anything i always watcxh your show i want to be on the show so bad
posted by Jovy Ann Perry on Nov 11, 2010
Hello tyra i love your shows you are my favorite talk shows and also my favorite super model..tyra my name is Jovy Ann Perry I'm from the philippines 21yr old and im 108 pnds 5'5" and i have a personality also. tyra this is my dream to be a model since when i was grade school. love you tyra always take care..
posted by Stella on Nov 10, 2010
hello Tyra! You do a great job and I admire your strong personality! I wonder if it's possible to take a chance from another country? I live next to Russia.
posted by Ashley Noland on Nov 08, 2010
heyy!! my name is ashley noland and on march 23 in going to be turning 18 and i will be tryingout as soon as i can!! imi 5'6 and i weigh 110 lbs!! i watch your shows since day one and have been waiting so long to tryout and i'm almost there!! :) be ready :)
posted by kortneemckae on Nov 08, 2010
im trying out next year when i turn 18 :) im 5'7 and 115 lbs. I love antm and ive been wanting to audtion since i was 12 so be prepared! ;)
posted by randa on Nov 07, 2010
tyra,i want to be a top model so bad,i watch all of the next top model shows so i can learn from what you say. im 19 years old but im only 5'1 and it upsets me because i know i have what it takes but i have one thing stopping me, and thats my height. please consider me.
posted by Samantha on Nov 07, 2010
Tyra, I absolutely love watching your show. I would love to audition to be on your show too. I am 5 foot 4 and I am 14. Are you going to have another petite next top model because I would love to be seen on it!
posted by SEXYE on Nov 06, 2010
posted by kelsey yeary on Nov 02, 2010
Hi Tyra I love Americas next top model I've been watching it ever since i was 8 years old. I am now 15. I have always dreamed of being a model. When i get older i want to be a fashion designer.i am 5'5". i have always wanted to be on the show. i think i could do very good!!!!!!!!!!
posted by lyncey on Nov 02, 2010
hi Tyra my name is daphcar i wanna be a top model just like you but im 5"9 feet i think i can do my best 2 be on your show
posted by TwiggyBrit on Nov 01, 2010
Hello Tyra! My name is Brittany Brown and I am 17 years old. My sister is Madison and she is 14. We are both 5'10 and once 18 are auditioning for America's Next Top Model! It has always been a strong goal and passion for the both of us. We were also wondering if you were ever going to have a "teen" version of your show for girls 18 and under?
posted by Chelsea on Oct 30, 2010
I am 14 years old and I lvoe to model. I have loved it my whole life. I lvoe your show and although I am only 14 I am 5'3'' I would like to be on americas next top model. I know I'm young but I would give anything to be a model. I really want this and was wondering if there was any way that I could get on the show? My cell phone number is 720-427-2843. Please contact me if there is any way. I would commit my life to this if thats what it takes. Please consider me. Thanks!
posted by Daniela on Oct 29, 2010
hi tyra am daniela Ladstätter I have 19 years and I would compete to be the next top model americas nex. I'm from Argentina. I always loved modeling and I have a great personality. My facebook is there Dani.Ladstatter I have many pictures and I would like to see. Many kisses and thanks for your time
posted by teryn austin on Oct 27, 2010
hey tyra! my name is teryn, i just turned 20 and im 5'8". i really hope this site is for real because ive been searching for casting calls. i absolutly love the show i watch it when ever its on. u pretty much give the opertunity of a life time to these girls. i hate how some dont take it seriously at all. i have a facebook with some pictures to look through. i really want this tyra its one thing i can see myself doing for the majority of my life. i hope u give me this opertunity. i will put my all into it, il rock any haircut u give me (ur the expert) i have a great personality too. please please please please concider me =) thank u for your time and interest. teryn
posted by LolSmileieFace on Oct 25, 2010
Hi tyra i was just wondering in 8 years will the show still go on?? im only turning 11 and i really want to be a model right now i am currently 5'2 but i think i will grow taller, lol :)
posted by Corinthia on Oct 23, 2010
Hy Tyra my name is corinthia i am currently 17 but ill be 18 in time for the show :) i am not to sure if your ever gonna really see this but i would love to be a modle. i am 5 10 i have lived a crazy hard amazing life i am on my own and have been since about fourteen i have emotion and can bring life to a picture and a room like you could not believe my whole life ppl have told me its a natural glow. you have something just like it the way you make ppl feel and you bring hope to millions of women every where and i cant wait to share my glow with you look for my application if your really reading this lol thanks much love tyra
posted by Jessikam on Oct 23, 2010
Hi tyra I'm 31 years old, 5'4" hispanic and dying to be a model please give a chance to women like me to become to be a super model............ Please
posted by Shaina on Oct 22, 2010
hey name is shaina and i had got scamed when i was 12.when i seen your show i only seen tall models until u had petite antm.since the scam i been tryin to get on the 20,'5'3''and now a mother.i hope you can do another petite show because i belive there room in the modeling world for us petite girls......
posted by Destiny on Oct 20, 2010
hi tyra you are a great role model and i hope to see you soon.
posted by LUCKRIATOP on Oct 15, 2010
Hello Tara m'y name is Muriame Luc and I come from in haiti I'm in US since december 2009 and when i fisrt saw the show i loved it and iI tell my self why i din't take my chance but people told me you are haitian and they not gonna accept you ,please Tara tell me they make a terrible mistake.And my probleme is m'y english is not stronger .Can you give some advice about that?
posted by SumthinSerious on Oct 14, 2010
Hello Tyra, my name is Tatyana, I love antm, I have watched every show since I was 9. I have always dreamed of becoming a model, I love taking pictures. So i would love to be on your show bt im only 5'2, But ill make it on your show one day cause i have a postive attitude and if i keep trying and work hard at it i will succeed, but im hoping you have another petite model search cause i really want this.
posted by Melissa on Oct 13, 2010
Hey, I was woundering if Britain are planning to do a petite top model, I really want to become a model but am only 5"2 and dont know were to start other than top model???
posted by sweet angel on Oct 11, 2010
Hi Tyra, I love your show, itís just so amazing and I would just love the chance to be a contestant on your show. Unfortunately Iím in a bit of a tough spot. You see I missed the deadline to be a contestant and it may be my last chance to get into the running for the show. I am a bit old (27 years) and I would just love it if you could manage to change the guidelines a little bit, to fit this situation. It would be such a great opportunity for me, to be in your show! I have been waiting; longing to be a professional model, since my childhood! Unfortunately some of my dreams have been crushed and in the past it hindered me from pursuing my dreams and expectations for the future. But now it different; Iím in a different mole and Iím willing and ready to try to pursue my dreams all over again. Please help me!!!
posted by Chesh on Oct 08, 2010
Give the shorties a REAL chance! 5'5'' and up!
posted by Aja Stellar. on Oct 07, 2010
Well, Miss Banks IamFive footnothing and know Icould make it on ANTM. Ican't figure out how to audition but, it would be a dream. Have a stellarday.
posted by cassie girl on Oct 06, 2010
hey tyra...i am so in love with your show, i always watch the new shows to the reruns haha. i cant audition for your show because unfortunatly im too short, i missed the auditions of your cycle for the 5'7' and under but its okay il get my chance hopefully. i have always thought of being a model and had many options from ford models on myspace but im not that good with computers lol but i would love to be on your 5'4 and im 21 and i have long legs a beautiful body structure and a pretty face that i think you would like. so if you have room for me i would love to be on your show....cass
posted by Whitney Armstead on Oct 05, 2010
Hello Tyra! I've just turned 19 this past Saturday and I love your show (Americas Next Top Model). You ate truely an inspiration for young female. I have a passion for modeling, but I feel that I'm to short, to big, and to dark. I have to admit I have low self-esteem. Even though people tell me otherwise. I go along with then and hide behind a smile, but I'm in college majoring in Biology/premed and would like to possibly give my passion a try. No ones perfect, but that doesn't mean I have let it limit my dreams.....if u have any advice for me, could you please contact me at armsteadwhitney@yahoo.con
posted by dianna cobb on Oct 04, 2010
hi tyra my nameis dinna in i love your show am 19am 5"9 and i want o be on your next show
posted by jasmine on Oct 03, 2010
All of my life I've been trying to get a head start in the modeling bussiness to no avail. All I am asking is for a chance, I believe I have all of the requirements and the drive that it takes to become a model. Help me. Please?
posted by Destiny Shanks on Oct 02, 2010
HEY TYRA!!!(: im 14 going on 15 and I WOULD LOVE TO BE A MODEL...i think it will help myself esteem on my body! And i want other girls my age to think that theyre able to become watever they want to be! And to follow there dreams. And im one of those girls that watch ur show and wish i could be like these women! So, i want to be the inspiration for young girls everywhere! soo this means alot to me!!
posted by Mi\'Chele on Oct 02, 2010
Hello, Ms. Fabulous Tyra Banks My name is Michele Stewart and I watch Americas Next top Model every year and I would like to know when you are having auditions in Louisiana in 2011 I really really want to Americas Next Top Model I'm 22 years old 5'5 105 pounds and I'm very Petite and Unique and of course Im top model material
posted by Keltoum on Oct 01, 2010
Hi, my name is keltoum im 22 and im french, but i really want to be on the next americas top model. Is that possible? Im searching a way to send you pictures of me. Can you help me please. Thank you
posted by Abigail on Oct 01, 2010
Hi tyra my name is Abigail and I want to be on antm..I am a huge fan of americas next top model and I watch every single season and episode, I also learn a lot from watching and I am definitely ready to be the next americas next top model and to be on a show would definitely be a dream come true..thanx tyra ily
posted by roree lewis on Sep 29, 2010
Hi tyra my name is roree lewis i would love to be in the 2011 show, i am 18 and i love pictures i watch your show all the time, i want this so bad, i have never gotten something like this in life and i want to do something for me and to show who i really am. please give me hope and have me on your next show.
posted by jane maxilin on Sep 28, 2010
hi tyra am 6.2 and 18yrs old wanted 2 be a model. i live in maimi, florida. i hope you let me be part of america next top model
posted by Sorcha Hamer on Sep 28, 2010
Hi tyra i just love your show its fab girl. My litle sister loves you.And I was wondering if you can put me on cycle 17 i would be honored if you did.Because my mum thinks you are a great role model for me and my sister. love ya tyra banks Sorcha Hamer and Meave O'Donovan
posted by Raven Brown on Sep 28, 2010
posted by juletta parks on Sep 26, 2010
oh yeah and i forgot, im 5'8 and slim. oh yeah and beautiful!!!!! ;)
posted by juletta parks on Sep 26, 2010
hey tyra, im really interested in becoming a model and being discovered on your show. Can you schedule some auditions in baltimore, Maryland? I promise you wont regret it because i will be waiting to blow your mind with my look and cool personality. dont overlook me, please consider it
posted by JBZ on Sep 26, 2010
Hi everyone I finally see that America wants shorter girls to model! Im 5'3" always wanted to model and act but it is very hard being short. Now i am 27 and by the next audition i will most likely be too old! Is there any hope for me? I still beleive I will get my chance but only if someone gives me that chance. im gonna try anyway! when is the audition? IM ready!!
posted by Janessa Starr on Sep 25, 2010
I have always been told that I'm beautiful and I would love to have the chance to be able to show off my beauty. I am only 5'4 and I'm full of life.
posted by Yanina sanguina on Sep 24, 2010
hola tyra, amo tu programa . lo veo todos lo dias. Soy de nacionalidad paraguaya hablo español , ahora estoy estudiando ingles aqui en mi pais solo para algun dia poder partisipar del casting aunque solo dentro de tres años ahora tengo 15 años y quisiera saber si dentro de un año mas pudiera particiapar del casting . besos , espero que contestes mi mensaje . Teamo tyra banks y amo tu forma de ser .
posted by bethsitta on Sep 23, 2010
Hey tyra, my name is beth, and i always watch your show, and i think its amazing, i am 18 years old, but im short 5"3, i just wanted to no if it was possible for me to join, because i really would like to become a model, i have an uncle that works on that, and i think i can handle it, i used to help him. well thanks ans i'll be waiting for ur advice. =)
posted by moebebe on Sep 22, 2010
heyy tyra:) im 16 turning 17 in march and i would find it extremely cool if you did a season for young girls. Girls 17 and under;)
posted by carly s geary on Sep 20, 2010
hi tyra,my name is carly and im only 5'5 but i know i can be britians next top model,i am determined and passionate and confident :) please please consider auditions for us short trolls :) x
posted by bridgetMcc on Sep 17, 2010
Please change the age guidelines. I'm 28 and I would love to see the age be expanded for a season!!!!!
posted by cristina.rodil19 on Sep 17, 2010
tyra! I'm 19 and I'm 5'9". super cute and passionate. hook me up!
posted by hdlove09 on Sep 15, 2010
im 19 and 5'6" i really wanna audition for antm modeling and music are my passions. please do another short girls version!
posted by Sade\' Stephenson on Sep 12, 2010
Hi Tyra, I love watching your show. I've always wanted to be America's next Top Model. I'm 19 years old and 5'5.
posted by nicole w on Sep 11, 2010
posted by 4TH KARDASHIAN on Sep 10, 2010
posted by 4RTH KARDASSHIAN on Sep 10, 2010
posted by Lakeita R. on Sep 09, 2010
Tyra I love you, and all that you provide for young girls and women, I'm 17 ill be 18 in december when will I be able to apply or audition for cyle 16. I live in MD and I'm 5"2 110lbs I'm petite
posted by ShowGirlBianca on Sep 08, 2010
Hey Tyra My Name Is Bianca Iam 5'7 And 145 I Live In Michigan And Was Wondering When Is The Next Auditions For Americas Next Top Model Because I Would LOVE To Try Out.
posted by Jordan aka lil flick on Sep 08, 2010
Hi Tyra. I am 5'2 i know im short i weight 79 lbs . I know im small but i know i have what it takes to be a model .. Please let me know when the next auditions are . Please .. Thank you Tyra ....
posted by taytay on Sep 05, 2010
seriously 5'7" IM 5'6 1/2" this sucks
posted by kayla<3 on Sep 02, 2010
Hey Tyra, same question. Im wondering when the 2011 audtions will be held and where. Im very intersted ive been wanting to do this for such a long time. i love your show!
posted by Tyonna on Sep 01, 2010
My question is when will the next season be starting for 2011 and where will the auditions be held?
posted by anjeliiique on Aug 31, 2010
i wish i could be a model but im only 4'10" =/
posted by samantha N. on Aug 30, 2010
im only 15 but im not plus sized. but i want to be on americas next op model and im 5''8 and a half
posted by Anna Sizykh on Aug 30, 2010
Hello, Could you tell me please , when is going to be casting for American's next top model 2011? Thanks, Anna.
posted by missbre on Aug 28, 2010
Hi,Tyra My name is Breanna and i just want to say that you have inspired me to know that I am capable of doing anything even if it's becoming AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL.I love watching your show everytime it comes on.I know that there are alot of compittion out there who are willing to become AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL I will do anything to prepare myself to become A MODEL! I have goten comments saying i look like i can be a model and i have the height and face to become one.I want to be a model and i have the strong mind and the ability to be so.So when others ask me "ARE YOU A MODEL" i want to be able to look them dead in the eye and say "YES, I AM..I AM AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL".
posted by Jade Emmett on Aug 23, 2010
hey tyra! i love americas & Britains next top model and have been watching since almost the first cycle. you and all the contestants have inspired me so much. id love you audition one day, that would be absolutly amazing!! im only 14 turning 15 in november and im already 5ft 7. if i had the chance to prove to my self i can be ANTM then i would but till then i got to wait.
posted by Yusneika on Aug 22, 2010
hola señorita Tyra Banks, soy de venezuela mi edad es 16 y me gustarìa participar en el casting America next top model para la siguiente temporada gracias con amor yusneika...
posted by blu3b3rry52 on Aug 22, 2010
hello trya, just wanted to let u kno i think what u doing is great givin young females like my self a opportunity to live thier dreams first, also i think your show is great, and you as a person. i wanted to kno whn is your next audition n how can i apply ,im from new york im 21 so i dont have much younger i think the younger the better , ihave everything your lookin for n this will mean the world to me, height will not be a problem for me because im 6 ft, i just need a chance...thank u ...gud day
posted by Ashley K on Aug 21, 2010
Tyra, My mom and I love watching Next Top Model. I am a senior in high school and am working towards becoming a model when I graduate. I love being in front of the camera and my audience. I have been accepted in Miss Mississippi and Miss Teen USA pageants and am very excited. I would love to be on your show. How can I audition?
posted by Courtney on Aug 19, 2010
can you please have another petite ANTM! I am only 5'5 but I am dying to go on the show and cycle 13 was amazing! please do another!
posted by kim on Aug 18, 2010
omg tyra i guess in have to try out for cycle 16 but i really want this tyra so bad
posted by Kim on Aug 18, 2010
Hello trya my name is kimberly im 24 years old im 5'5 and i really really really wanna try out for top model cycle 15 when i seen top model for the 1st time i wanted to go ive model before i was in fashion shows and i really want this so bad this is my dream being a model everyone tells me i should b a model i wanna be on top model so bad top model would be a great experience for me trya ur a beautiful model god bless
posted by Madeline Blais on Aug 17, 2010
Hey Tyra!! My name is Madeline Blais, I'm 17 years old, 6'0", and weigh 143 lbs. I'm DYING for you to have a cycle 17 incase I don't fit the age requirements for cycle 16 (I'm not sure when antm starts shooting for it)! Even though I personally fit the look of being on antm, I feel as if any girl, regardless of her height or weight, does too. You've aready made such great strides by praising fiercely real girls to tryout. I hope you seriously consider dumping the height restriction too and allowing any inspired girl to try out for antm. I mean who knows, you may find potential in some short honeys. As Tyra Banks herself, I know you have the power to make that much needed change; and I encourage you to represent not only your widely watched television programs but also yourself with equality and limitless beauty.
posted by rsames on Aug 16, 2010
I want to be on antm
posted by Haitian Queen 2292 on Aug 10, 2010
Hi Tyra! I'm only 17 right now but I have watched almost every one of the americas next top model seasons. I'm 5"7 and would love to tryout to be on your show in 1012
posted by Poppy Rae on Aug 10, 2010
Who ever thought it was a great idea that models should be tall and anorexic was not itelligent! I am a 5 foot tall 87 pound tower of fierceness! Forgive me if i'm not a jollygreen gaint who's shoes could be used as canos! You know what i would love Tyra! America's Next Top Model 5'5" and under! Short People are pretty and feirce too! ~Poppy Rae~ Towanda PA
posted by natalie on Aug 09, 2010
hey tyra! i looove americas next top model and have been watching since almost the first cycle. you and all the contestants have inspired me so much. id love you audition one day, that would be absolutly amazing!! i am 15 and 5'8. i have modeled before but that was for dance costumes and i was 6 hahaha. i really hope i get to audition because i even if i get nowhere it would sooo great to say, 'i tried out for americas next top model'
posted by shanekia on Aug 09, 2010
i was wondering where exactly where would you find the auditions at because i love the show and always wanted to be on it. you can check out some of my photos on facebook. my name is shanekia lovable roberts
posted by ????? on Aug 07, 2010
i was wondering if u could have a kids top model i am not the age limit and not even close but i have seen top model and everytime i say i wish that was me
posted by kat on Aug 06, 2010
hi, Tyra my name is kat and wanted to be a model ever since i was 8yrs old. although i have a son now but i aint going to let that stop me from making my dream come true. hopefully you have aother show for short women like my self.
posted by Ebony Campbell on Aug 06, 2010
HI tyra my name is Ebony Campbell i live in bolingbrook il. IM 18 yrs old and im exactly 5'7. Ive always dream of becoming an model and with your help i know i will fulfill my dream.I was also wondering when is the next time your going to hold auditions near me...?
posted by carmenabrowne on Aug 03, 2010
do you have to be from america to appear you your show? it's just im form northern ireland and wonder could i audition? Britain's next top model isn't half as good as the american version let me know. Thankls. xx
posted by skylar on Aug 01, 2010
hi tyra im only thirteen and also only around 5'1''. modeling is my dream i want this more than anything so i was wondering if u have thought about maybe doing a competition for younger petite girls probly not but im willing to ask
posted by Katelyn Feldman on Jul 30, 2010
I would like to give you my email address its
posted by Katelyn Feldman on Jul 30, 2010
Hi Trya I could not help but be inspired by your role in Higher Learning movie that you did for the first time I saw what racism and hate did to people and their most be something inside of you that could go that deep. I find myself sort of graduating from college after four years with a degree in sociology (the study of people) and a minor in computers. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be in college. I have recently taken acting classes in college. I have gained apprehension for public speakers, and theater majors. I love taking pictures and find that I would be more of a Queen Latifah model not just because Iím a bigger girl 5Ē9 135-140; also that she has such a vivacious personality. That she has done a movie Barber Shop which showed reverse racism and she showed how colorblind people should be. I would love an opportunity to be on Americaís Next Top Model having dyslexia has been extremely difficult for me in my life and thatís my story also I too am a beautiful young women that has found how to stand up for myself and others and Naomi Campbell does not have the support in the industry or in her personal life that you have. My name for the industry would be Ruth Ann Field or Summers Ruth Ann is my middle name and my designer would be Steve Madden affordable and stylish.
posted by BreezyBaby on Jul 29, 2010
hey tyra my name iz Breyonka, and i was wondering about the cycle 15 auditions coming up next should try all sizes for that and see what you come up might be surpr!sed. im only 5'3 but i Feel that modeling is what i'm Made to do
posted by Breanna on Jul 28, 2010
Tyra you need to have a short girl top model. Your height shouldn't determine if you can model or not. I am 5'0ft and I want my chance to show you what I can do.
posted by keiondra bernard on Jul 25, 2010
hey tyra my names keiondra im 17 and i really want to make a career out of modeling i have potential but i just need some advice
posted by KEEONA on Jul 24, 2010
posted by Jason on Jul 23, 2010
I don't like China's Next Top Model,it insulted the original edition.I am waiting for your new angle,Tyra.
posted by tsmith on Jul 22, 2010
I have been wanting to model since I knew what it was. Fashion is my life and every time I open a magazine I imagine myself in the clothing adds modelling the clothes. Unfortunately I am only 5"5. I dont know if I have a high fashion look but I would love to have the oppotunity to find a place to tell me where I can look.
posted by jessica.budd on Jul 22, 2010
Tyra, I was just wondering when auditions for the 16th cycle would be? Thanks.
posted by DREW! on Jul 21, 2010
Hi Tyra, im 12 and ive wanted to be a model since i was really little and im 5'9. so yeah! exception?
posted by Cuppicakeluverr on Jul 20, 2010
Hi. I was wondering if I could still audition even though I'm fourteen. I have wanted to be a model ever since I was a little kid!!! Pls make an exception:) thanks:)
posted by petite miss on Jul 20, 2010
hey tyra! i am 22 years old, 4'9 and a half inches but i walk and talk like im 6 feet tall. i have been watching your show since the first season. I missed the petite auditions that were held and i was wondering when are the next ones? and why isn't beauty being portrayed in all heights? i love watching your show, but it is a little discouraging to know that i won't be able to even try out because of something i can't fix. i love my shortness, i embrace it everyday. and i just want the other petite women out there to know that we arer just as beautiful and talented as those who are 5'7 and over. please do another petite casting audition. it's a sign of a much needed change in today's society.
posted by trianalambert on Jul 20, 2010
Hey Tyra, I'm 17 years of age && I've been dying to become a model every since the age of 3... I was wondering when are the auditions for the coming years of 2011-2012. I would love to audition so if you can Announce the dates PLEASE!!! Thankx
posted by trianalambert on Jul 20, 2010
hey tyra, I'm 17 years of age and I've honestly being dying to become a model since the age 3.... Im wanting to know when is the next auditions for the year 2011-2012 because I would love to come audition. Thankx
posted by Coleman on Jul 20, 2010
hey tyra when are you going to have another session for the short expiring modles im 5 6 just under the mark for a regular session n would love to have a shot
posted by victoria on Jul 20, 2010
When will you be holding auditions for next season, I think I missed the cutoff for this season, but I can't find anything that tells me when the auditions are.
posted by babylips1383 on Jul 15, 2010
Im 17, but I'll bee turnig 18 next year andi wanna be in cycle 16 or whenever I can get on ANTM. i sent my photo's and the application.
posted by T\'Keyah on Jul 15, 2010
Hi Tyra, I've been constanly researching trying to find out when are the auditions. Rather it be the search engine i'm using, or mistakes made in post. I would like to know would there be any auditions in Chicago as of July 15,2010. Thanks Love ya lots <3
posted by ket on Jul 15, 2010
I need information about the process once you show up to an open casting call. I plan to go to the Charlotte open casting on July 17, 2010 between 2-5pm. What time can I get in line - what happens after I get in line? help!
posted by beachbabe on Jul 10, 2010
you should have a cycle for teenagers, like 13-19 years old. that would be really fun and you would help start offf a wonderful modeling for somebody!
posted by *-Brea-* on Jul 07, 2010
HEY TYRA...You are my role model and im inspired by you n' what you do...its very generous how you help many people and power women to be stronger and much more with themselves...i will turn 18 in 2012 and hope you will continue america's next top model still so my dream to be on your show will come true maybe...BUT as far as i know im 5'6 and just pray'n for by time im 18 i can stretch to the 5'7 mark lol cause i have a passion for fashion n' especially modeling...Thanks and keep on do'n you Tyra...AND really hope to see you in a few years so i can learn to be more confident, face my fears, and be a better model from you,so i can be On Top where i wanna be!<3 BREA
posted by iza on Jul 07, 2010
it would be awesome if you had another petite modeling cycle!! i love watching your show and have take any advice the judges and you have always said. i've been wanting to be a model since i was a little but i am a very petite girl and i already am 18!!
posted by ixis on Jul 06, 2010
i want to be on that show. but i am to short and im noty from USA
posted by bridgett mclean on Jul 06, 2010
i was hoping to be going to greenville to try out for antm but i guess i missed the petite show but i want let that bring me down because i know i have what it takes to be antm love ya!
posted by Ginger on Jul 03, 2010
Apart from having another petite next top model, I will ask (implore you) to come to LatinAmerican countries e.g Peru (: Make my dream come true Tyra. Please. Love; Ginger.
posted by STILL HOPE on Jul 03, 2010
Tyra, you say the show is now open to all models and then you go on to say but you must be 5'7. Iv watched your show since it started and I just turned 19 so I missed the only petite cycle yet. I pray you give us small girls another chance. Please Tyra!!!
posted by sharde on Jul 02, 2010
the next casting for antm is in cherry hill, nj at bare feet shoes
posted by EmRae on Jul 02, 2010
I'm 16 and 6 feet tall. Hoping to do ANTM!
posted by ASH on Jul 01, 2010
I think that Tyra and the show is being very discriminatory against women who are under 5'7"! Ok they allow plus size women so why not under 5'7"?They are missing out on an opportunity to meet some great models!
posted by Cathleen Wolcott on Jul 01, 2010
hey Tyra! I'm a 19 year old hopful. I am 5' 9" and 135 pounds. I just moved back to D.C after moving away from home a year and a half ago and I am afraid I might have missed the auditions! I was too tall last year and I do not want to miss out on another opportunity to audition.
posted by fashionista on Jun 29, 2010
hey tyra im 5'8" and 131 pounds and 14 almost 15 wpuld i be cosidered a plus size model?
posted by Destiny Jones on Jun 29, 2010
I really love the show and this has been my dream since i was a little kid!!!!i am only 15 so that's really bad because i feel i have as much potential as the 18-27 years old and maybe more. My family said that if i could be on the show they would support me but it's really bad i can't!!!!!!
posted by flanagan2011 on Jun 28, 2010
hello tyra. i am a 17 year old model hopeful, my problem is i'm only 5'5. i would really like a way to jump off a modeling career and give my younger sister hope of becoming a model as well because she isnt going to be very tall either. i would very much appreciate being notified of a petite competition. thank you
posted by Mandy Mae on Jun 28, 2010
tyra I watch your show all the time and think it is really inspirational to all women no matter the shape or size or who they are. Your show was a great way for me at a young age to start to look at myself an say I am beautiful no matter what. Thanks lady for spreading your wounderful inspiration
posted by Stephanie on Jun 28, 2010
Tyra me encanta tu programa " American Next top Model" y tambien creo que los petite tenemos derecho de luchar y soñar con ser modelos, vamos Tyra animate y has un programa para nosotras.. y en español lol
posted by corinne on Jun 28, 2010
tyra,this is my dream to be on america's next top model.i have wanted this sence i was 10 and im not even close to being the age limit (sadly) .but you will see me when im 17!i have been throw so moch and would like a chance! love from tn! corinne
posted by Harley Rose on Jun 28, 2010
im a huge fan of the show. i love it!! and ive always wanted to be on the show....but im only 15....this sucks
posted by Kay Leah on Jun 28, 2010 about cycle 16. Petite models, yo. Trust me on this one.
posted by Kristina on Jun 26, 2010
I would love for you to have another petite next model. I am 5'5 weighing 112lbs. I love your show and want to be on it so bad!
posted by go2tigger@yahoo on Jun 26, 2010
I'm in the Navy and I would like to know how and what do I have to do to try out?
posted by chelseaann on Jun 26, 2010
I wish I could do this! I'm 5'5" close! Tyra, I love photography and I used to just watch the show to see the pictures but I've been so inspired to do this as a career. I'm 17, I'll be 18 Sept 25. Please have a petite audition for the 16th cycle! :] -Chelsea
posted by dancer on Jun 25, 2010
im only 15 but i have seen several of the cycles it seems like a great experience and i will never do it it does look like fun and a way to get your career kick-started
posted by tella on Jun 25, 2010
ty i love u and i will be seeing u soon on peace and lip stick :)
posted by wendy on Jun 25, 2010
there should be a cycle for kids ages 11-15 from 5'4 and up. kids want to be models out here too and this can open alot of doors for kids to get our lives started and fufill our dreams
posted by LuckyAngel1687 on Jun 23, 2010
Hi Tyra, you should have another cycle for petite models... I wanted to go onto the show
posted by emily on Jun 23, 2010
tyra, tyra, tyra... please you need to have another cycle for petite models. i'm 5'5". i love modeling and wish i could be on your show
posted by model like tyra on Jun 23, 2010
Hello Tyra my name is Sabrna I'm from Houston, Tx. I'm 5'4 weighing 113lbs. I always wanted to model growing up but I was a little shy but I think I have over came that a little bit. But as long as I'm directed right I know that I can prove to you and myself that I have what America's Next Top Model is looking for....Thank You
posted by grecia e. lopez on Jun 23, 2010
i love you tyara because i wana be a model in your program american next top model
posted by kiara carter on Jun 21, 2010
hi Trya i was wondering if you are deciding on having another cycle for models 5'6 and under?
posted by vietnamesegirl on Jun 21, 2010
hi tyra i am 21 years old married and a beautiful 15 months baby girl i am 5'5" 105 lbs and always wanted to be a model but now i have a lot of stretch marks from the thighs and up i was wondering if u would ever have someone with a bunch of stretch marks compete
posted by simplyme on Jun 18, 2010
Hi Tyra, I am 21 years old. I am a single mother and I'm also in the military. I have always wanted to be a model, but having a son at my age and being in the military I rarely have time to even attempt. I am 5'4" but I love to rock my 4 inch heels. I weigh 129, I have a little junk in my truck if you know what I mean. I'm asking you what kind of advice do you have for someone in my situation. I am currently in Iraq and I have a couple of months before I come home. Home is in East Saint Louis, IL for me. I would like to know where I should start. Thanks for listening.
posted by liyahpez on Jun 18, 2010
tyra you should host a top model for kids.cause i am only 13 and that is my dream to become a model or a actress. and i live in davenport, iowa and there is hardly nothing in this town. so you shoul really consider this. i so hope that you will. thank you for your time if you read this
posted by georgiousat50 on Jun 16, 2010
Hi Tyra i love you and your show. Can you host a 50's top model show. There are a lot of us that still look good,fierse,and sexy
posted by anna on Jun 15, 2010
heye tyra i love you and love america's next top model je veux fair la mode ce mon reve pour la premier foi que j'ai une reve et je veux la realiser je suis senegalaise et je vie en europ bisou tyra.
posted by maluluna on Jun 09, 2010
hello tyra i'm maria luz from argentina i love your show i really want to be a top model, i got what it takes and i dream with go to new york someday. i'm skiny and tall but i have curbs to.i gonna tell you my measures are,(remenber this are argentina measures and aren't the same what in ee.uu) 95,63,95.and my hight is 1'72 mtres.i think you are great. with love.the next to model..........
posted by Christina on Jun 09, 2010
Tyraa! I've seen all cycles of ANTM and i can't wait until i am 18 so i can apply.. I hope you will continue making more cycles so i get a chance to apply.. I'm currently 15 1/2, I'm 5'10 and my body is completed i think, i look like 18 basically :D It would be a dream come true if you could make a cycle which is 15+ or with teenagers.. I don't want to stay in Cyprus for the rest of my life.. I really want to start a modeling career now that i am young.. :) xx
posted by Safia on Jun 09, 2010
Hi Tyra I would absolutely love to be on your show, I am petite model from Johannesburg, South Africa. My look is unique and vibrant, bringing something new to the show.
posted by elisekat on Jun 09, 2010
How cool to do a version from 25-30 :) An older crowd, much more open to new challenges, and perhaps a bit more grounded in the world. Just thoughts :)
posted by LauraC on Jun 08, 2010
Hi Tyra, I have watched ANTM since the first season. One suggestion though... I love the traveling part and I realize that is a huge part of being a top model, but why not shoot ANTM in the US. You could travel from major city to city each week. Just seems like a shame to shoot the majority of a season in another country...
posted by shanti on Jun 07, 2010
tyra ive honestly been watchin u for years even befor americas next top model and i jus want to say that i really admire u . id always wanted to be antm im 18 years old 5'10 and weigh 130 pd im not going to say that i everything it takes to antm cuz u can always learn mre thn wat u no an any catorgy . an wat i will tel is dat i definitly got the condient ,looks, personality , loyal . so im going to end this now but when i can get my chance on antm until then !!!!!!!
posted by Makayla Burton on Jun 04, 2010
I am only eleven and i want tobe americas next top modle this is somrthing i have wanted for such a long time i know i am too young but this is my dream.
posted by Jamel Edwards on Jun 04, 2010
I am 17. i am male. i dont know why there havent one like america's next top male model?? i always watching antm many years. i always want to be antmm. but i dont see anything happens. its unfair, Tyra.
posted by lksdinwe on Jun 03, 2010
Please!!! have another petite model contest!!!! im only 5'2' and seeing the petite models really gave me courage
posted by Ricketa on Jun 01, 2010
I'm 27 and will be 28 by November, and only 64 inches in height, I know I have what it takes to be a model, please have at least one more soon before I'm over age requirements. Extremely photogentic and have the fiercness for the cameras.
posted by emily on Jun 01, 2010
it would be a blessing if the age was 16+ I am almost 17, 5'7 and would be so great-ful for an opportunity to be on America's Next Top Model. From Denver, CO would be such a blessing
posted by icey1010 on Jun 01, 2010
im only 13 5'7"i been waching sence i was 2 i realy realy whant to be on this show or else im goin to be stuck in lincoln ne for the rest of my life
posted by Becca H. on Jun 01, 2010
Please have another Petite Model contest. I may not be 5'7" but I can rock the fashion industry none the less.
posted by malloryb on Jun 01, 2010
you should have one for 16's because i'm 16 and 5'7"
posted by Bet212 on May 30, 2010
Tyra, when will you be doing another petite season? I am 19 and 5'5. I have always wanted to be on ANTM.
posted by kayla on May 30, 2010
Tyra I really think you should have another cycle for petite models that can be 16 and older thank you
posted by jazy on May 29, 2010
Why girls from 18 to 27 ? How about 30+ ?
posted by grecia e. lopez on May 28, 2010
i love tayra banks is so pretty and i am your bigest fan i wanna be a american next top model. because i have the body andi am beautiful.
posted by Nyawch Tel on May 25, 2010
I am probably the biggest fan of ANTM. I have watch this show since the beginning. I would love to be on cyle 15 if their is spots for it. Thank u Tyra!
posted by Nyawech Tel on May 25, 2010
Hello Trya I am your biggest fan. I would love to be on ANTM
posted by kiki18 on May 24, 2010
hello tyra I have been watching Top Model since the beginnig and I have been wanting to model since the age of ten . . .its really a passion and i have the drive for it iam 5'6 and i am afraid that i am not tall enough , so please have another cycle for petite models.
posted by clb on May 23, 2010
You should all learn to spell. Especially the word model. And maybe learn how not to sound like you've never been to school. And us the CW website to apply.
posted by JustJenna on May 22, 2010
You people are nuts. Tyra doesn't set the standards of the modeling industry. You have to be tall to model because tall girls wear designer clothing well and show it off properly on the runway. If you're short, nobody can see you and the clothes don't hang properly. A 5'2 girl is NEVER going to be on the runway, it's just the way it is! Stop acting like Tyra is the devil just because she is realistic. If you're short, go for commercial modeling - (magazines and commercials) where it doesn't matter how tall you are.
posted by -HBalways- on May 22, 2010
Hey Tyra...You are my role model and im inspired by you n' what you do...i will turn 18 in 2012 and hope you will continue america's next top model still so my dream to be on your show will come maybe...BUT i just went to the doctor the other day and as far as i know im a lil over 5'6 and just pray'n for by time im 18 i can stretch to the 5'7 mark lol cause i have a passion for fashion n' modeling...keep on do'n you Tyra...and really hope to see you in a few years so i can learn to be more confident and a better model from you,so i can be On Top where i wanna be!<3 Brea
posted by Rae181 on May 21, 2010
Im Five foot eleven inches tall size 4 with a terrific personality :)
posted by Janae\' on May 21, 2010
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Have A Cycle 16 !!! I Have To Graduate Before I Can Audition !!!! :D C/0 2011
posted by Donna Guterz on May 20, 2010
posted by jillybeans on May 19, 2010
tyra! I really believe you should have a mixture of tall and petite models! who says a petite model cant hold up against a taller girl! especially if they are right on the edge of 5'7!
posted by Alounge on May 18, 2010
Hi, I am always being told that I should be a model, but the thing that hold me back is my height. I am only 5'2'. Every where says that I have to be 5'6' or taller. Is there any place that will take shorter people like myself? I always wanted to ask, why do you have to be tall to model?
posted by JAKE on May 17, 2010
Yo Tyra, I know top model is a girl's thing, but I was wondering, will there ever come a time where the boys can get a shot at it?
posted by amaiyabrown on May 15, 2010
i am 10 and i really whant this
posted by lily on May 14, 2010
hey tyra im sure your always super busy but just wanted to see if you can give me a shot to show u what i got.. i absolutley admire jaslene she really gives me the courage to try it out. wont let u down for a fact.
posted by nikkimarie on May 13, 2010
Hi Tyra. I love your show! I want to be on it so bad but Im only 5'4. It says you make case by case exception..Im your exception!
posted by Sllln\' on May 13, 2010
tyra shoullld do more PETITE model search theirs more short girls than talll ones:)
posted by krismora on May 12, 2010
will you have another petite next top model? I want to be on the show so bad and have a chance to become americas next top model but im not 5"7"
posted by chante on May 11, 2010
being on america's next top model is my dream i would do anything to be on your show everybody say i should play basketball cause im 5"11 but i truly want to be a model i hope to see you in cycle 15 love your biggest fan
posted by Chancedy Pulliam on May 10, 2010
posted by Britney Jenay on Apr 28, 2010
I have everything I need to be on Americas next top Model! BUT i missed the deadline for cycle 15 when are auditions going to be held for cyle 16? Any Idea?.. Post it up on your website Tyra I will definitely be looking.. :)
posted by Marybeth on Apr 28, 2010
No!! Why 5'7'' I'm 5'4'' this really isn't fair
posted by Ambuhh on Apr 27, 2010
Yeah i agree. Im 5/2 and 18 in September. I have the heart and soul to model, I just need to show i have it, but i have to be 5/7 or higher. Ridiculous , Short people have talent too.
posted by jenw2012 on Apr 22, 2010
Aw! Wish I was 3 inches taller... lol I agree you should have a 5'2" show so all the shorter girls can audition!
posted by smartone on Apr 16, 2010
hey I hope you all on here know that you aren't talking to Tyra through this site! So it's not "Dear Tyra" it's "Dear Journalist, how do I talk to Tyra" get over yourselves and do the research! :]
posted by RenoGirl on Apr 16, 2010
You need to have another Petite Cycle! I am 18 in 4 days and want to audition!! I have watched the show since season 1 and have wanted to be on it since!! Come on Tyra! Short Ladies need an In too!! :)
posted by Ashley on Apr 15, 2010
I signed up in New Mexico and im going to a second audition on saturday!!
posted by Chula on Apr 14, 2010
The first cycle was almost tolerable to watch, but it should have ended there. I can't believe people still watch this show. Grow up and watch something intellectual.
posted by Letty M. on Apr 10, 2010
i am 17 years old and i've watched you're show since i was 8 and i just cant wait till my 18th so i can go try out :) thank you for making me belive any one can do what they realy love no matter how tall short skinny or even plus size... thank you. i hope you cast me when i try out.
posted by BritisH Calloway on Apr 10, 2010
I still want to apply I know its kind of late....but?
posted by kelly on Apr 09, 2010
Hi Tyra, I am 20 years old and have always had a dream to walk down the runway and show that I have personality and confidence to show who I really am inside. I constantly work, I'm going to college with barely any financial needs to help me through it, but I'm trying. I have always wanted to do something so exciting like your show since the age I could learn to walk. I live in Buford Georgia and I would love nothing more than to audition for your show.
posted by twy on Apr 09, 2010
where can you download the application for cycle 15? And is the audition somewhere in phx tomorrow, the 10th?
posted by COURTNEY SHIPLEY on Apr 09, 2010
Are you going to have another for petites? I hope casting calls would be held in Phoenix again for that if so. I was going to go to cycle 15's but I am too tiny.
posted by KANDIS on Apr 08, 2010
posted by Megon W. on Apr 08, 2010
Hi Tyra, okay I am going to write this as simple as i can. I am a simple girl but i have a lot of family problems in my life, I am only 18 and living with my brother. And i just want the chance to show that I can have a dream and show myself that i can do anything, and I was wondering if you can give me a chance to show you...I live in Spokane Washington, and was wondering if I might be able to adition for your next show. But thatnk you, Love Megon W.
posted by SARA on Apr 07, 2010
posted by LET on Apr 07, 2010
posted by risha b on Apr 07, 2010
doeas anyone know were we gotta post our photos??????
posted by ELLE WOODS on Apr 06, 2010
posted by Mariana:) on Apr 05, 2010
I was so excited when i heard that you guys were casting by where i live! but then i saw that we had to be at least 5'7.. and im 5'4.... Tyra, please make another petitie show!
posted by Jen on Apr 03, 2010
Hi Tyra,i love your show and you are so beautiful. i have always had a pation for modeling but never knew how to get where i need to go. i am 5'9 living in a small town macomb il. my age is 18 and will be 19 on august 4th. i work work work all the time at the local hy vee store.i have confidence and just enough attitude. i dont know where to post pictures but i will keep looking. thank you so much and i would love to have an opportunity like this.
posted by Jasmine Adelle on Apr 03, 2010
I have wanted to be a model for so long and every time I watch your show, I am more inspired. Unfortunately, I am only 5'5" but I know there is still some hope for doing print. Are you going to have anything for petite models or can I audition even though I'm not 5'7"?
posted by baby j on Apr 02, 2010
hi tyra,im back lolz,i forgot 2 tell you,im 12 but i can pass 4 anywhere between 14 to 17,im only 5,5 but i grow really fast so i can probably be atleast 5,7 by the time you need me,i know i have what it takes i have been 2 a ton of modeling agencies and they all loved me but like 3 of theem were fake and the other ones my mom didnt want me to go 2 because i was young. im so sorry it is soo long!!!!!
posted by baby j on Apr 02, 2010
hi tyra,i would loooovvvee to be on americas next top model the only problem is i dont know how or where 2 send my picture 2. and oh my gosh tyra i love your new hair color it looks amazing with your skin color.
posted by sarah h on Apr 01, 2010
i would looooove for the height restriction to be dropped. im 5'4 and really skinny and i walk great in heels so you can't even notice that i'm not super tall
posted by Sandycheeks on Mar 31, 2010
When and where are the auditions for Cycle15...I would love to find the website for that info bit I'm having zero luck!!! I'm 24 5'10 & 158 pnds... If n e one knows please post a comment!!! Thanks for your help if given :) miss Garcia!!
posted by shortyyy<3 on Mar 31, 2010
you preach about loving your body for what its is and who your are, to love your self no matter the weight.... but you put restrictions on your show for height. You always say the models you like are not the normal pretty so why cant you go outside your comfort zone and drop your restriction on height! fierce and love your shorty
posted by jh243 on Mar 29, 2010
you need to have another show for under 5'7. short girls can rock the runway too
posted by Antiguan Gem on Mar 29, 2010
Hi Tyra, Greetings to you and your panel from the caribbean especially Antigua. I'm a huge fan of the Tyra Show and Americas next Top Model. Continue to be a role model and continue to be you i love you so much. P.S. I Love the J's too
posted by thegabby1 on Mar 28, 2010
i had a photo shoot on my 16th birthday and the photographer said i had alot of potential-problem is that my mom was not able to afford it. i really want to live my dream and in 2012 i will be 19. do you think i will be able to audition for antm? either way, i will NEVER give up on my dream.
posted by sandra on Mar 26, 2010
Hi tyra i love your show.Im 17 going on 18 august. i would like to came to ur show
posted by Amber McGee on Mar 26, 2010
Im 20 Yrs old and i am very determined and 5/4..and very least 150 ppl have told me to sighn up for this but i can? Why is that?
posted by Mary J. on Mar 25, 2010
Hello Tyra! my name is Mary J, i love your shows i watch them alot. Your a good role model and i look up to you! Actually i do want to be a model, i know i have the potential but the only problem is my height im 5/5.. Would i still have a chance to be a model? It would be a dream come true for me, if you would give me a chance to show you my pictures and potential..:) Im confident
posted by Mary J. on Mar 25, 2010
Hello Tyra! my name is Mary J, i love your shows i watch them alot. Your a good role model and i look up to you! Actually i do want to be a model, i know i have the potential but the only problem is my height im 5/5.. Would i still have a chance to be a model? It would be a dream come true for me, if you would give me a chance to show you my pictures and potential..:) Im confident
posted by Teenwisher on Mar 24, 2010
Tyra, I know there's alot of people who are wanting to be on either America's next top modle or even on your show but really, I'd like to be show you either a part of my dream, or the whole thing. I've been complimented on my figure and that I should be a model. I am 5'8 1/2 and I'm only 135 lbs. I do have an achne problem but I'm trying to clear it up. I would honestly love to be able to be on america's next top model just once, that's all i ask for. I live in Ohio,Cleveland and I hope you would like to see me in my full potential.
posted by DREAMER on Mar 24, 2010
hi tyra my name is tavita im from a small town population size 4000. ever since i can remember ive had this insane dream of becoming famous.i tell myself at least once a day that i can and that i will.if you can give one chance to show you how bad i want to be a model ill show you with all my heart.
posted by charlotte demoulin on Mar 23, 2010
Hey Tyra!!! im 17 going on 18 july 2 && i would love 2 try out. all of my friends have been saying i should try out bc im pretty and im tall with an average weight of 135. ive been watching ur show since i was 14, && people have always been telling me 2 try out. u know when i can audition? is it 2 late 2 audition now??????? PLEASE SOMEBODY TELL ME thanks ;)
posted by lauren on Mar 21, 2010
hey i think you should have another short model season in 2012 or 2013 if there is still going to be be auditions?
posted by Juggzlette on Mar 21, 2010
Hi Tyra! I love your show, I've been watching it for years, and I just wanted to say in no disrespect, that you should have all types of women come on your show. Because obviously in every show there is only one winner. So every single girl except one who meet your requirements (As in height or weight) don't have what it takes. Why should you not let others have the chance to succeed? Women have low self esteem problems because the image of beauty is tall and thin. You should be one to show America that everyone could have what it takes if given the chance. I'm 5'5" and a medium body. And don't get a chance because of 2 inches. Thank you!! :D
posted by Gloriloca on Mar 21, 2010
Tyra you need to have another petite next top model again im finally 18 today i would love to try out for america's next top model but im 5'2 =( i love to model!!! please try to get another petite top model love Gloria
posted by Dawn <3 on Mar 20, 2010
Hey tyra... My name is Dawn,im 5'4", and stick thin. I have been told by many random people that i should be a model when im walking the mall! Even though im short, give me heels and i can rock it like a 6ft model. Im really hoping you do a petite model search again. When that time comes I'll definatly be at the casting!! Watch out Tyra, i will knock your heels off! :)
posted by lcorbin on Mar 19, 2010
hey tyra i was woundering when you will being doin another top model for all 5'0 and up im 5'5 and i really wanna try out but i dont meet the hieght requirements :(
posted by Mandy Marie on Mar 19, 2010
Hey there so I'm really confused on some of this stuff fir cycle 15. Saying open to any models and then saying you ONLY have to be 5' 7" is a bit confusing. I would really love to try out but you can't fit every petite model into one season!!!! I believe that a mixed ANTM would be great! Tall, short, thin, thick, just let us all do our thang! Don't get me wrong I love what y'all are doin but I would like to feel like shorter girls have personality too, and just because you are short shouldn't throw you to the bottom of the pole. If you do read this and agree let me know I would love to hear others prospectives!!!! Prejudice!?!?! What do you think?
posted by awsome on Mar 19, 2010
if im 5'9 and im pencil skinny but im 17 ill turn 18 in october can i try out
posted by takoya on Mar 19, 2010
OK im graduating in may but im 17 and IL b 18 in July i think tyra might give me a chance but idk but im going to try and give it a try lords willing i get a chance!!!
posted by Dansengel on Mar 17, 2010
Tyra ... Kudos on the "petite" model cycle. When will you have a full cast of plus size ladies??
posted by Cymbal Sharif on Mar 17, 2010
Hello, Tyra my name is cymbal sharif and i would like to know when will you ever make a show for the petite women again...because i feel that its sort of like discrimination towards us little models...modeling is my life and i feel like where would i start without Americas Next Top Model? Again my name is cymbal sharif...from St.louis,Mo
posted by Jayluv on Mar 17, 2010
hi Tyra, would you ever have guys on your show because I look up to you so much... I would love to have a chance!
posted by DeModel on Mar 16, 2010
Hi tyra I DeModel am not crazy but have da confidence dat i would win 18 yrs of age body of a model 5'6 frame shape like a bottle
posted by i am legend!!! on Mar 15, 2010
hello tyra im wondering when will kids have a chance to be a model im 12 years old and i love to model why cant kids full fill there dreams too?
posted by ModelMaterial on Mar 08, 2010
Hey tyre when will there be another chace for us short girls ? Do we have hope or you gave up on us ? I was in cycle 13 auditons and couldn't even audiotion do to the mayheem ): I knoe I have what it takes to be a model I just need 1 chance to prove it
posted by diva diva on Mar 04, 2010
hi tyra, ill b coming your way very soon!!! im only 5'5" bt ima rock it like im 5'9" all i need is the chance to show you what im working with . i've been on the site multiple amounts of times my name is vondicia smith, and i know i can do what those past contestant have done with you and mr.jay and mrs,jays training i can be on top!
posted by hope werder on Feb 23, 2010
i like a next top model i go to next top model i like a hope werder
posted by robin birch on Feb 23, 2010
hi tyra i love your show do you have any addvice for those young people who want to be a modle
posted by lomas on Feb 23, 2010
Will you be having another petite next top model?

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