'Desperate Housewives' 6.16 Preview: Katherine Becomes Lesbian

February 22, 2010 04:48:25 GMT

Katherine and former stripper Robin are seen in an almost-kiss situation which leads to Katherine discovering a new side of her.

'Desperate Housewives' 6.16 Preview: Katherine Becomes Lesbian
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On February 28 episode, "Desperate Housewives" will explore Katherine's other side which was triggered with the arrival of Julie Benz's Robin Gallagher into the neighborhood via Susan. Now that they are house mates, Katherine makes a surprising discovery about herself.

In an interview with Advocate, Dana Delany who plays Katherine thought that it was a good idea that the writers explored her character's story this way. "Oh, I loved it," she gushed. "I thought it was a great idea. A lot of the ladies on the set have said, 'Why has this not happened before?' I think everybody wanted to be the one who got to do it."

Speaking of what is coming ahead the new couple, Delany said, "Yeah, Julie moves in with me. She is totally an openly, out lesbian, and she's very up-front about that. She moves in with me because she needs a place to stay. And then I think it makes Katherine question things about herself."

Also in the upcoming episode called "The Chase", when Celia comes down with the chicken pox, Gaby must keep her distance. Having never had the chicken pox herself, Gaby stays with Tuc and Bob and is reminded of what it's like to be single again. Lynette and Tom forget Penny's birthday while Bree hires a promising new employee. Susan cheats on Mrs. McKluskey and Angie grows concerned over Danny's disappearance.


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posted by Jeremy on Oct 22, 2010
Come on, how can you NOT love this storyline? It's like the perfect way to make Katherine a normal person after that Mike plotline and is just a cute relationship on it's own. Her jilted down-to-earthness contrasts so well with Robins quirky hyperactiveness that it's perfect.
posted by jazz on Jul 06, 2010
All you stupid homophobes should just keep your mouths shut! Desperate Housewives is amazing and Katherine and Robin making even better. They are so cute and i LOVE Katherine! shes amazing and beautiful :)
posted by what? on May 07, 2010
those someones. Just homofobic people who can't stand the idea of two gay people. You know that homosexuality exists since the primal times. Can't fight it. Enjoy the show -> DH, it just got more interesting and unexpected
posted by chantal on Mar 26, 2010
Truly age, gender and/or nationality should not be a hindrance when it comes to LOVE!!!
posted by kathy on Mar 26, 2010
both of them are beautiful! the love story is just amazing! :)
posted by jenny on Mar 02, 2010
I've been enthralled by this storyline. I don't know any gay or lesbian people but they've dealt with this theme in the most tasteful way and I found myself cheering when Katherine went into Robin's room!
posted by another someone on Mar 01, 2010
I was completely disgused by the lesbian story line. If this continues the homosexuals will out number the straights on the show. I watched my last episode of Desperate Housewives last evening.
posted by someone on Feb 27, 2010
That is so disappointing! wasn't it enough with the gay theme, now a lesbian theme!!! That is so disgusting .. I was a huge fan of DH but now I lost interest .. it's too much!
posted by writergabriel on Feb 23, 2010
It's great to see such a hit series as Desperate Housewives develop a lesbian theme. I've never watched the show regularly, but I tuned in this week to see the plot develop between Katherine and Robin. My novel, Seeking Sara Summers, has a very similar storyline: a woman unhappy with her marriage and searching for a more authentic life, who never considered "barking up that tree," now considers expanding her universe! Susan Gabriel author of Seeking Sara Summers another Desperate Housewife

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