Video: Travis Barker Threatening Paparazzi, But No Arrests Were Made

February 22, 2010 03:57:00 GMT

The musician and his friends got emotional after the photographers outside a California restaurant asked about their missing phone, spitting at them and hitting the camera.

Travis Barker
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Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Travis Barker has ruined his beautiful Sunday as he was involved in a vandalism towards paparazzi outside a restaurant in Calabasasi, California. TMZ has obtained a video which shows the musician and his friends threatening the photographers who claimed one of their phones was stolen.

During the heated argument, Travis screamed to the paparazzi, "Where's your homeboy?" Later, the courtesy also recorded a guy who shouted, "F**king snitch fa**ot motherf**ker, no one has your gay ass phone."

Not only releasing bad words, Travis and his buddies were also said spitting at the photographers and hitting the camera. The Blink-182's drummer was additionally alleged slashing the photographer's tire, which was noticed after police arrived at the spot.

Luckily, the paparazzi were merciful as they did not want to press charges, but a vandalism report was still taken. TMZ reported no arrests were made at the incident while Travis' representative could not be reached for comment.


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posted by Skyler on Feb 22, 2010
Fuckin' paps. I'd like to see Travis kick the shit out of them.
posted by Matt on Feb 22, 2010
For paparazzi that's gotta be the worst video I've ever seen. That guy obviously has no idea of how to hold a camera.
posted by WoolfPak on Feb 22, 2010
"TMZ has obtained a video which shows the singer and his friends threatening the photographers who claimed one of their phones was stolen." Since when has Travis Barker ever been a singer? Gaaaaaaayy
posted by jaa on Feb 21, 2010
This really just makes TMZ look bad. Any fan of Travis Barker (or anyone who pays attention to celebrity gossip) knows he is a decent guy to the paps and is very mellow and not Hollywood at ALL. However, picture this situation: these obnoxious guys were following him throughout the day and he was fed up. Funny how the second the cops showed up, the paps took back their allegations of the phone being stolen and said they didn't want to press charges. We all love you Travis.
posted by steve on Feb 21, 2010
what one-sided bullshit. trav was there with his kids and out of nowhere a pap wanted to start a fight.
posted by Salisit on Feb 21, 2010
You idiot. The pals threatened him while he was out with his kids. A man will do anything for his kids, and Travis barker has shown that repeatedly that he is a father first.

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