Adam Lambert Doing 'Tonight Show' 2.0

February 19, 2010 04:09:18 GMT

NBC may be mum about the guests for the revamped version of Jay Leno's show but the singer offered the announcement himself.

Adam Lambert
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To help ease the pressure that Jay Leno may face on his comeback to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" that cost Conan O'Brien his job, Adam Lambert is brought in as guest. Through his official site, the singer posted on "Upcoming Appearance" the announcement that he will be performing "Music Again" when the show returns to its old clock.

Adam is scheduled for the Tuesday, March 2 episode, meaning he would be the second guest on the revamped version of the late night talk show. Jamie Foxx had been revealed as the first guest. However, NBC has remained secretive in confirming who will be Leno's guests although the premiere date is approaching.

Meanwhile, the network has started airing the promo of "Tonight Show" 2.0 with several different versions. One of them sees Leno behind the wheel of a sports car with the number "10". When he switches gear, the number changes to 11:35, indicating the move from the primetime slot to the old one.


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posted by sharon on Feb 27, 2010
So glad to see Jay back! He and Adam play off of each other so well! Great choice to have Adam. Love to hear him speak, as well as to hear his amazing voice! Wish he could be on tv every week. I, family and friends watch all that he is on! Thanks Jay & NBC! Ill be back watching Jay again every night.He was there first and " if it aint broke,dont fix it!
posted by Janice K on Feb 24, 2010
Bless Adam's heart!! I'll be watching for ADAM LAMBERT on Jay Leno's "new, second round, Tonight Show" AND YOU CAN "TAKE THAT TO THE BANK" - Adam IS a BIG "DRAW" wherever he appears & he is so sweet to not turn his back on wherever he is needed! I Love You Adam, Janice K
posted by buggbaby on Feb 22, 2010
i wont be watching jay leno until the day he has conan on his show.jay is a selfish jerk who should have stepped aside a long time ago
posted by fred on Feb 22, 2010
it should be conan
posted by Mel on Feb 21, 2010
Excellent choice. The first Leno/Lambert interview was excellent - they brought out the best in each other. I won't be expecting the wonderfully long length of interview that Lambert received the first time out, but I'm hoping Lambert will have at least have some time given to him for a sit down w/ Jay as well as performing! Savvy business move by both camps. Looking forward to it.
posted by Steve in Oakland on Feb 20, 2010
Adam has obviously established himself as a "go to guy" when it comes to drawing viewers to TV programs.
posted by carra on Feb 20, 2010
Love Adam Lambert. Great Choice Jay. Welcome back Jay.
posted by Eilee on Feb 19, 2010
Good move Jay! Adam has everything you need to draw viewers. He's the most amazing singer in the universe as well as gorgeous, intelligent, funny and charismatic!
posted by Vee on Feb 19, 2010
I will be watching that one.
posted by Lock on Feb 19, 2010
Great choice, Jay! Adam is so articulate, charming, down-to-earth, and intelligent with sense of humor. Really loved the 1st interview and this time will be awesome as well. Dedefinately watch the show.
posted by imrah on Feb 19, 2010
Good move Jay!I will watch anything with Adam Lambert on it.
posted by cookie on Feb 19, 2010
I enjoyed Adam's lst visit to Leno due to the length of the interview and he also sang. I hope the new Leno 2.0 show isn't as ADHD as the original one. I really liked the sit-down interview with one guest format rather than the pile them up on the couch thing. But it's great Leno is having Adam back!
posted by bada on Feb 19, 2010
Very good choice. I will watch the show per sure.
posted by Angel on Feb 19, 2010
What else can I say? Good move, Jay! ADAM is the most fascinating, interesting, intriguing and exciting guest a show can get that ensures higher ratings.
posted by megan on Feb 19, 2010
Adam is the best guest ever. He gives such a good interview bcuz he is intelligent, has a good sense of humor and loves to talk with people. He is so warm and friendly that it is impossible not to be a fan after hearing or seeing an interview with him. He'll have a huge music career, but I seriously think he could do well as an Oprah or Ellen one day. He is that good at talking with people. Good choice, Jay Leno!

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