Tiger Woods to Speak for the First Time Since Scandal

Tiger Woods

The golfer who has repeatedly been hit with affair reports will open up about his past and future in a gathering for close knits.

Tiger Woods is ready to come out of his shell, planning a talk this Friday, February 19 which will be opened only to "a small group of friends, colleagues and close associates". Scheduled to begin 11 A.M. EST at TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., the golfer will apologize for unspecified past behavior and discuss his plans for the future.

"While Tiger feels that what happened is fundamentally a matter between him and his wife, he also recognizes that he has hurt and let down a lot of other people who were close to him," as it was stated on the press release. "He also let down his fans. He wants to begin the process of making amends, and that's what he's going to discuss."

Media will be invited to watch a live coverage via satellite but no question should be thrown out because this is not a news conference.

Beside announcing his first appearance in public following the car crash last Thanksgiving, Woods was also spotted jogging with an unidentified friend near his home Wednesday in Windermere, Fla.

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    Tony the tiger
    Feb 19, 2010

    Well I guess Tiger's agent is the puppet master behind anything Tiger says or does. It seems the only thing Tiger can do on his own is screw up. Hey Tiger, is it all about family or is it all about sponsers? Tiger's agent has his hand up his ass so far he's moving his lips haha all that money and no balls. When your two sons will never know you to be a true man. A man who chose to be a pimp than a father. It's all about the money and pussy...well...pay back is going to be one hell of a bitch. Enjoy your money Tiger and let your agent create another phony image for you to make the sponsers happy. Just another loser with money while hungry children do without.

    Willie the pimp
    Feb 19, 2010

    Now Tiger you and me exactly from the same whore club because I am also a major league pimp but you are my hero! I love the way these idiotic fans of yours are so simple minded not to see what a whore you really are. I mean you and your agent Jew boy are masters of all sluts! Congradulations on your fake image for I can't wait to see your next con. I really want you to double your billion dollar money because it's not every day a pimp king comes along haha you are my Jesus my savior my holy spiritual leader on whore-ism. Who says sports fans are followers when they are your financial back bone. Good luck Tiger and your agent Steinjew! You are my hero you lucky pornstar pimp God!

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