Video Premiere: Paramore's 'The Only Exception'

February 17, 2010 04:51:27 GMT

This Valentine's Day-themed music video focuses on vocalist Hayley Williams when she tries to find her true love.

Video Premiere: Paramore's 'The Only Exception'
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In coincidence with Valentine's Day, Paramore bring in love theme for "The Only Exception" music video. Frontwoman Hayley Williams is seen lying down among scattered pink cards and narrated tracing back her journey to find her true love.

"The Only Exception" is a ballad track appearing in Paramore's third studio album "Brand New Eyes". Concerning the release of the song, Hayley previously admitted that it's a risky move to roll a tune that "wasn't fast or quirky or upbeat and fun" like they usually do with the previous singles.

"[But] it would be a chance for us to do something different," she said. "There are other sides to the band too... you guys know that better than the rest of the world... and to see how people react to the side of us that isn't sorta wild would be fun for us."

Paramore's "The Only Exception" music video


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posted by TheLadyT93 on May 27, 2010
wow i completely love this song i know every word to it it is so beatiful bu ti finally understood it wen i watched the vidd!!!!
posted by ian french from enfi on Mar 15, 2010
what a beautiful song from the most outstanding group in the world today,they are totally awesome,and can do nothin wrong,and hayley is FIT.
posted by myrel1800awesome on Feb 24, 2010
that was awesome though it was slow it was the best song for me.. i like the story inside the song.. paramore rocks..
posted by hey on Feb 17, 2010
best band eva
posted by rock-jek on Feb 17, 2010
it was just as perfect as the song!!! unique amazing!!
posted by marzka on Feb 17, 2010
omg!!! awesome video :D <3
posted by melanie on Feb 17, 2010
hats off to you brandon !
posted by melanie on Feb 17, 2010
this video is amazing. this so is so beautiful live <3 x
posted by LOl on Feb 17, 2010
WHy does a guy sing it in the video not Hayley???
posted by Michael Laporte on Feb 17, 2010
AMAZING!! wow. I really love this music video. It's so appropriate around valentines day too. Its definitely my favourite music video from paramore so far.
posted by Samantha-Montreal,QC on Feb 17, 2010
OMG!!! I love this music video, it goes so perfectly well with the song. Best 4 1/2 minutes of my life. I love Paramore with all my heart and soul. Paramore you are the only exception.

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