'The Bachelor': Gia Eliminated, Ali Rejected

'The Bachelor': Gia Eliminated, Ali Rejected

Jake Pavelka chose Tenley and Vienna to be in the final two and decided that Ali should not come back to the show despite her plea.

Gia makes her exit from "The Bachelor" season 14 when Jake Pavelka did not hand her a rose. This leaves the final two between 'fans favorite' Tenley and 'villain' Vienna. "To send Gia home was just horrible for me. ...I made her cry and it just broke my heart," Jake said. "I hate that I hurt someone that I love."

Earlier in the night, the three girls joined Jake in a trip to St. Lucia where they each get a solo date. Gia was the first. Jake took her for lunch in a local restaurant and he bought her a necklace. They watched the sunset on the beach and started making out before heading their way to Snuggler's Cove where they intend to have dinner.

Jake said that he wanted to take care of Gia and she told him how great a human being he is. He then handed her the card to the fantasy suite where they enjoy a bubble bath together. Jake later confessed that Gia has captured his heart.

The second date was with Tenley. They took a helicopter ride to the middle of a rainforest to have a picnic. Tenley, who was once married, asked him about what marriage means to him. Jake said, "When I fall in love, I can look you in the eye 40 years later and tell you I still have that little boy crush on my wife." They had dinner later and danced.

He also gave her the fantasy suite card which she was reluctant to accept at first because it would be her first with a man since divorcing her ex-husband. When she arrived, the place was scattered with rose petals but they made out in the pool instead.

The last date was with Vienna. They boarded a ship which was used in the "Pirates of the Carribean" series and had a playful time together. Jake put on an eyepatch and teased her. They laid on the deck for a sunbath and they jumped off the plank for a quick dive. They made out in the water.

During dinner, Jake asked Vienna about what kind of future she pictured. She said she was ready for marriage but not children yet. "Could you see me as your wife?" she asked and Jake replied, "You wouldn't be here if I couldn't."

Then came the call from the past. Ali, who was in San Francisco, told him that she made the safe choice but not the right choice when she left last week. She wanted back on the show even if he would send her home right away. Jake said he "wanted" to have her back but felt it not right. He didn't want to send home one of the three women to have her back. So Ali was left heartbroken after the phone call.

Before the rose ceremony, Jake watched video messages from the three women. Tenley said, "I dream of dancing with you forever. I believe that we can have that fairy-tale ending." Gia said, "I can honestly say to you, right now, that I am falling in love with you." Vienna said, "You mean the world to me, and I can't wait to be your wife," adding she wants to flirt with him in the next 80 years.

Time to hand out the rose. Jake said he has fallen to each of the women and handed out the roses to Tenley and Vienna. "It was not easy," Jake told Gia. "I think you're absolutely amazing. ...I just felt like I developed a little bit stronger feelings for the other two women."

Gia replied, "I know that I haven't been the most open. I know that I'm slow moving at this... There's two other great girls there and... I totally understand. And If they weren't great girls, I would sit here and tell you that you made the wrong decision. I don't think you did, so I'm happy for you." In the limo, Gia said she was "crushed".

Jake turned to Vienna and Tenley, saying he could see a future with them. In the next episode, these two will be taken to two different parts of the island and meet Jake's family. However, this will air two weeks from now for a Women Tell All session will be aired next week.

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    Feb 07, 2011

    EXCUSE ME?!? Gia is gorgeous and mysterious. She's my favourite and even though she was not as open, who would be completely open infront of a camera broadcasting what they are saying across the continent? Plus, that's how you build a strong relationship, you help each other open up! You could totally tell that Gia was trying to open up and she was so sincerely in love with Jake. What was he thinking? She loves him the quiet way while the others are too blunt about it that it seems less sincere and more show like :/ JAKE GO TELL GIA YOU MADE A MISTAKE. She was decent and modest enough to tell you that she understands and they are great girls. She left without causing you trouble because she respected your decision. Enough said.

    Feb 28, 2010


    Feb 18, 2010

    ok first of all gia and ali are the best girls out of all of them jake is stupid and doesnt know a real woman vienna is just so stupid ugly and fake i did some research on her and found some stuff on her i actually think he is gonna pick vienna though i dont really care because he is stupid and he sent home hisbest girls ali and gia i hope jake ends up lonely and stupid his parents and brothers happily married for years and jake ends up picking vienna and for the first month they become divorce well thats his stupid choice

    Feb 17, 2010

    I think Jake should choose Tenley not dumb Vienna Sausage. LOL

    Feb 16, 2010

    This Gus he doesn't look for a wife, He looking for a show Girl.

    Feb 16, 2010

    I just want to say, this Gus he not smart because the best woman he send home. I am talk abut Gia,she is smart and beautiful. Right now I don't want see this any more. by

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