Tokio Hotel's 'Strange' Feat. Kerli From 'Alice in Wonderland'

February 13, 2010 06:06:46 GMT

Listen to the duet track performed by the German band and Estonian singer from 'Almost Alice' soundtrack compilation of Johnny Depp-starring movie.

Tokio Hotel
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A new song called "Strange" which has Tokio Hotel teaming up with Kerli, has hit the web. The duet track is recorded for one of the theme songs for Tim Burton's forthcoming movie "Alice in Wonderland".

Beside "Strange", there are at least two other singles from the compilation set which have come out. One is "Follow Me Down", a joint track between 3OH!3 and Neon Hitch, and the other is the lead single "Alice (Underground)" which is performed by Avril Lavigne.

Titled "Almost Alice", the soundtrack album is scheduled to be premiered across the United States on March 2, three days before the movie arrives in theaters. In this album, Kerli does not only lend her vocal in one song but two. The other track sung by her is a solo tune called "Tea Party" which music video will see her wearing Goth, Harajuku, Hello Kitty, and Versailles-inspired outfit.


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posted by SugarHoneyIcedTea on May 28, 2010
I think the tone of their voices don't match or something. Cos when they sing together, it sounds like their voices are clashing.
posted by emosa on May 17, 2010
beautiful the best band for eves tokio hotel ever the best of the world bye
posted by marcy+bill=<3 on Apr 14, 2010
i agree with a girl, Kristy, and jennifer_ . bill's voice sounds so much better than Kerli's.....heck! even my ppl say i'm better than her....but idk if its true.... anywayz, i LOVE the song!!!!! its freaken awesome!!!!!!!!!!
posted by fanny on Mar 06, 2010
bill kaulitz i love you forever tokio hotel the best band in the world forever!
posted by digga on Mar 01, 2010
I love the collaboration, the song turned out beautiful, Bill's and Kerli's voice blend and harmonize so well together.
posted by jessika kaulitz on Mar 01, 2010
i love this song!!!it's very cool...i love you Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL xD
posted by a girl on Feb 24, 2010
I don't think it's fair that Tokio Hotel has to share a song with Kerli because now she has two of her songs on the soundtrack. Tokio Hotel should have had "strange" to themselves...I think Kerli Sucks...but that's just my opinion.
posted by Kinklya on Feb 19, 2010
I absolutely love this song!! <33
posted by kaullitzzz on Feb 19, 2010
i (h) this song <3
posted by Mia on Feb 19, 2010
The song is really good but putting them together in a song doesnt sound great. I think bill should have just sang this song, i think this is more of his type of song. They should have gave Kerli a different song to sing..
posted by roxanne on Feb 18, 2010
I love the song nd I love the movie too...and my dear bill sing amazing... whatever
posted by mariee<3 on Feb 16, 2010
i like it! bill obviously IS the song, but i am a bit disappointed with kerli. if you listen to her other songs (walking on air), she is actually very talented and her voice is not showcased well in this song. but i love the song and the lyrics, and i am a huge fan of tokio hotel, so i really do think it's beautiful. :)
posted by lisa on Feb 16, 2010
love this song (L)tokio hotel the best
posted by Kristy on Feb 15, 2010
Very good :) All I hear is Bill. Kerli is alright, she could do better and I admire how brave she must be to actually put her voice with Bills. It sounds pretty aweful next to him, sadly. But ever since I herd Bill, its hard to complement other people on their voices. Still, good job (: Cant wait for the movie.
posted by jennifer_ on Feb 14, 2010
well. bill sounds amazing, as he always does, but if not for him i'd hate this song, because kerli sings like a dying animal. sorry if you're a fan, but i only like bill's parts of the song. don't get me wrong, i love the song and the lyrics. i just can't stand kerli's voice.
posted by avril<3 on Feb 14, 2010
ohh i like it! haha i was a bit nervous but i like it a lot!
posted by jessica on Feb 14, 2010
wow the song is really amazing,beautiful...
posted by sammy on Feb 14, 2010
woow amazing song....
posted by isis on Feb 14, 2010
Beautiful song ....<3
posted by katia on Feb 14, 2010
I love bill but kerly ruins it... its almost like if she's trying 2 take bill's place and take him out of the song but bill knows how 2 defend himself
posted by Julanta on Feb 13, 2010
posted by KarenA on Feb 13, 2010
It's really beautiful. Bill sounds so amazing. The guys, perfect. Bill and Kerli together, absolutely lovely. I love it!
posted by rochy on Feb 13, 2010
BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT!!! I love Tokio Hotel!!!!!
posted by Rosii on Feb 13, 2010
Bill <33 Ich liebe dich Bill &#9829; beatiful song
posted by kaulitzz on Feb 13, 2010
i've been listening to it for the past hour. it's amazing.
posted by Lisa on Feb 13, 2010
Beautiful song with good lyrics and great voices from both artists! I really like it! I think it's way better then some of the other almost alice songs.

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