Adam Lambert's Video Performances on AOL Sessions

February 13, 2010 04:28:11 GMT

Following the footsteps of Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta, Adam fills his mini concert with performances of five songs from 'For Your Entertainment'.

Adam Lambert's Video Performances on AOL Sessions
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Adam Lambert's live performances with his band on AOL Sessions have just been unleashed. Sporting his trademark look; thick eyeliner, fingernail polish and tight pants, this singer takes the mic and kicks off his indoor mini concert.

The "American Idol" alum belts out his second single "Whataya Want From Me" which credits Pink as one of its writers, "Strut" which is co-penned by Kara DioGuardi and "Fever" which is co-written by Lady GaGa. Also, he delivers "If I Had You" and "Soaked", two other songs from his debut album "For Your Entertainment".

Beside singing, Adam also has a photo session and interview segment with AOL. Among other things he discusses during the interview are his tour, hectic schedule, experience of working with Lady GaGa and recording process of his first album.

Before Adam, his Idol pals Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta have previously done their AOL Sessions. Similar to what he did, they also performed tracks from their debut albums and chatted about various things, ranging from fans to their experience of becoming Idols.

Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta recently reunited for Ryan Seacrest's free concert "Rock My Town" in New York City.

"Whataya Want From Me":



"If I Had You":



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posted by Signija on Apr 02, 2011
Adam jou are HOT and SPICY!! Y LOVE YOU
posted by patti cake on May 07, 2010
Adam is absolutely amazing and a sweet guy who does a fabulous interview. Never change Adam, you have it all!
posted by patti cake on May 07, 2010
if you are really Michelle making those comments, maybe you better look in your own yard first!!
posted by oldbroad on Feb 25, 2010
I hope Adam keeps his head on straight and is around to entertain us for many years. He's acheived his dream and I just hope he doesn't throw it away with stupid behavior (think Elvis, Janis, et al)
posted by Movie Star 66 on Feb 25, 2010
I totally agree with Sandy! I am 66 and think he is the greatest TALENT since I don't know when. And to BEWITCHED -obviously you think ELVIS and MICHAEL JACKSON are TRASH also and look what they have accomplished and and earned over the past decades and still are even after there death. MICHAEL was labeled a FREAK thousand times over.
posted by sue bo on Feb 16, 2010
adam comes along once in a life time he has it just like elvis had you can not take your eyes off him stay well adam more good luck
posted by Lili on Feb 15, 2010
He signs so great! This live performance of 'Soaked' is better that recording on the album! Fantastic artist.
posted by Bewitched on Feb 15, 2010
posted by Andi on Feb 14, 2010
"Soaked" literally made me cry from the beauty.
posted by Pepper on Feb 14, 2010
Wow, what an amazing voice singing live! He makes those "artists" who needs studio technology to make them sound good look amateur compared to him. "Soaked" made me speechless!
posted by umm on Feb 14, 2010
These are nothing compared to his gig at NYC. Him and the band blew the roof off and his banter was HILARIOUS.
posted by urlipsrewrite on Feb 14, 2010
Adam Lambert has been given a gift that's an incredible thing. Beyond that I believe he really does inspire others to recognize their own incredible gifts. I hope that will never change about him.
posted by melanierez on Feb 14, 2010
He is the most amazing performer that I have ever seen! He makes my heart skip a beat every time I listen to him.
posted by Aly on Feb 14, 2010
Soaked is a materpiece!
posted by Sandy on Feb 14, 2010
I'm 65 years old and think Adam is the most talented singer to come along in my lifetime. His vocals are impeccable,his interpretation of song lyrics is insightful, and his charisma is over the top. On top of that, he is cute and a great interview. I hope that he rides this wave of success for a long time to come. He deserves it.
posted by Tank on Feb 14, 2010
Adam, you are a natural 'rock star' in this new age. Outstanding.
posted by ianaleah on Feb 14, 2010
Magnificent singer. I can't take my eyes off oh him. Adam is enchanting.
posted by Jeanne on Feb 13, 2010
The greatest American Idol contestent ever. Love, love. love him!!!
posted by leigh on Feb 13, 2010
I felt breathless watching him. Got to be the sexiest singer on the planet right now
posted by grakky on Feb 13, 2010
This is all the music I need to hear, forever.
posted by stacy on Feb 13, 2010
Adam is so sexy. It is unbelievable. Wish he would come to South Africa and do a concert here.
posted by glambertlover on Feb 13, 2010
Adam is truly amazing, he is true talent in an amazingly hot from! <3
posted by Jenn on Feb 13, 2010
LOVE these tapes!! These are holding me over until the Fantasy Springs concert. They are so fantastic. Wow!! Soaked is beyond amazing!!
posted by Krista on Feb 13, 2010
What a voice!! Nice to look at as well. After listening to it on You Tube for awhile I just picked up the CD and enjoy the whole thing.
posted by cocogrl on Feb 13, 2010
adam lambert is so hot and sexy i could just kiss him and im only ten oh yeah i love him he is so cute he is awesome peace out pplz im cococally241 on clubpenguin find me im sexy
posted by mirror on Feb 13, 2010
AI is not worth watching anymore without Adam. nobody can top him now.
posted by sue on Feb 13, 2010
Absolutely the best vocals ever. I love watching him sing. He is so passionate and so sexual. Adam you are the most talented and sexy man alive.
posted by wissal on Feb 13, 2010
i'm so depressed :it seems like adam is guey
posted by Deb on Feb 13, 2010
Just can't find the words, there aren't any that describe how amazing Adam Lambert is. I have said it a thousand times and will say it once more, Adam you are phenomenal.
posted by Linda on Feb 13, 2010
Amazing vocals! Great look for him..not so heavy on the eye make-up makes him very handsome.
posted by Telise on Feb 13, 2010
Adam's AOL performances were absolutely flawless. And I suspect "Michelle Obama" is really a fat balding slob of an unemployed loser who needs to go screw himself.
posted by patricia on Feb 13, 2010
truly amazing
posted by pmc on Feb 13, 2010
double amazinggggggggggggg
posted by Sue on Feb 13, 2010
Adam Lambert is are rare gem. I hope RCA takes good care of him!!!!!!!! Everyone go watch his live performances on 12th Feb in NYC. He is a ROCK GOD!!
posted by Lauriellen on Feb 13, 2010
"Seeing" Adam perform is the only thing missing from the CD. I used to watch the AI performances over and over because I love to watch him as much as listen to him.
posted by 123 on Feb 13, 2010
posted by um on Feb 13, 2010
CAN SOMEONE YOUTUBE THE Q & A BITS? Please...? The vids won't embed.
posted by unix11 on Feb 13, 2010
No words to describe my feelings to this talented man. "Soaked" left me breathless for about last 45 seconds.
posted by Jyk on Feb 13, 2010
Speechless on the vocals, but hey Bab, move your body, show some good lovin' moves ... You are amazing !!!
posted by Lisa on Feb 13, 2010
That was like really good sex
posted by Castorella on Feb 13, 2010
He freaking kills Strut & Fever! I love how crazy fun he is singing those songs! Soaked is also all kinds of epic. These sessions... I have no words...
posted by RENOGIRL on Feb 13, 2010
posted by zainab Ab on Feb 13, 2010
adam just gets better each day and he is perfect each time i think he can do no more and he surprises me. i love him so much i'm addicted to him he's voice is just out of this world and he's the hottest guy on the planet, you make my day adam.
posted by Samantha-Montreal,QC on Feb 13, 2010
I love Adam Lambert. Those preformances were incredible, I hope he comes to Canada on his first headlining tour. I love u Adam please come do a show here in Montreal,QC. I will definately be there. Adam rocks!!! Peace and Love.
posted by Will on Feb 13, 2010
Adam is the Worlds Idol, best singer/entertainer in decades!!
posted by Michelle Obama on Feb 13, 2010
Adam is a screech monster. A big fat screech monster.
posted by Rockermom68 on Feb 12, 2010
Adam you and your band are so effin amazing!
posted by tabitha on Feb 12, 2010
posted by Lynn on Feb 12, 2010
OMG these are incredible!! Adam you rock!!

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