Official Behind-the-Scene of Justin Bieber's 'Baby' Music Video

February 13, 2010 01:56:53 GMT

Drake comes to the set and witnesses how his fellow Canadian singer tries to be with the girl of his dreams and wins her back at last.

Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber's "Baby" music video has got an official preview. Fans are taken behind the scenes by this young pop star and shown what to expect from the forthcoming video, such as how he woos and tries to impress his love interest.

He said the video is inspired by Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel". Though his collaborator Ludacris' part is not teased in this clip, another rapper Drake is seen coming to the set to show his support for the Canadian singer but is not involved in any of the shooting.

Justin previously explained to MTV about the concept of the video, "I really like this girl, but we didn't [get] along; we couldn't be together. Basically I want her back and [I'm] kind of going through the whole thing. I'm chasing her around, trying to get her, and she's kind of playing hard to get, but I'm persistent. I keep going."

"Baby" is the lead single from Justin's upcoming studio album "My World (Part 2)" which is due for March 23 U.S. release. The song peaked at No. 5 on Billboard Hot 100.


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posted by jb baby on Nov 09, 2012
posted by Alice_loves_jb on Jun 11, 2011
I love Justin tremendously I would die for him .. he is so cute and beautiful:) I would love to see him up close .. but this is just a dream that never will be effected .. :(
posted by kayla on Apr 30, 2011
i love you jb
posted by fitchy_fitchy on Dec 09, 2010
i love u justin bieber ur so cute...
posted by tiyla mckeown on Oct 28, 2010
u are so fit i love u justin i coud kiss u on the lips every day i woud dump my boy friend for u and i lisen to ur songs nearly every day and i am only 9 i think im in love!go justin go justin go justin xxxxxxx
posted by tiyla mckeown on Oct 27, 2010
i love all of his songs i listen to them nearly every day pluss he is tottely fit justen id dump my boy friend aney day and for u im only 9 justen i love u from tiyla
posted by Suraj on Sep 19, 2010
I like you justin very mush you are my best hero
posted by RaechelBieber<3 on Sep 11, 2010
Justin Bieber, if you reading this i want you to know that I am head-over-heals for you..(even though I don't know you) I wish 5 knew how I could meet you. Thats my goal in life. I LOVE YOU BABE(:
posted by Rauna on Aug 15, 2010
H jb why ar u not writin back at ur fans is it becoz u got alot of fans knw omg wat a boy i thougt u were a christian but maybe i was wrong right knw u dont need us
posted by Rauna on Aug 15, 2010
H jb i like ur songs so much one day i would like t b like u u know
posted by darika:) on Aug 11, 2010
justin if your reading this i really want to kno if you had these girls chassing you befor you were famouse??
posted by zami on Aug 08, 2010
te amo I Love You
posted by destiny on Aug 02, 2010
does justin bieber even answer these???
posted by justin bieber\'s fir on Aug 02, 2010
i know everything about u justin bieber
posted by destiny on Aug 02, 2010
i think justin bieber is a nice guy and i like all of his songs.i want to know his cell number but not his fan number...
posted by iLoveAsians:D on Jul 23, 2010
awww . this is such a sweet song , but I keep wondering who is that asian dude? He's adorable;).
posted by jasmine on Jul 14, 2010
he is totally mad he doesnt know how to dance he loves jssmine v. soooooooooooooooo sad becoz i dont luv ya . i m jasmine v.
posted by Captain Jezz on Jun 21, 2010
Well,i like this song,but,he's younger than me,lol. Anyway,the main attraction for me in Baby MV is that girl..Jasmine Villegas..She's pretty :P
posted by riri on Jun 20, 2010
this is for the people who don't like jb and make fun of people: the people who like jb can like him if we want because we are incontrol of who we like and don't like!so the people who make fun of others for liking jb are foo's!cause i like him to and me and my 4 friends sung baby for our talent show! p.s. the people who like jb rock!:]
posted by GoodFella on Jun 15, 2010
Jasmine Villegas is hot. THAT's ALL :D
posted by vicky bieber baby on May 28, 2010
elo x i love justin bieber sooo much i wud love to date him if i cud.i wud die 4 him i love his so much its hard to exsplain!!!i would do anythink 4 him!!he is so sexy and cute!!! i wish i caul make ur bedrock bbe x lol :) love u loads
posted by jb\'s lover on May 25, 2010
i had dream sex with jb
posted by adair courtney :$ on May 24, 2010
justen is so fine wuz up wit u!!!!
posted by killer on May 22, 2010
hey nice vidio do u write the songs? my brother does not like you at all I think your awesome!!!
posted by Scoouser on May 20, 2010
Jasmine villegas...c luks pretty in video...
posted by jb\'s mother on May 18, 2010
i dont get it,,why does everyone like justin bieber.i mean he's just 16 watever
posted by Diaz on May 17, 2010
I love your song....
posted by tracey on May 13, 2010
i love justin to death he is to oulik the most sexiest teenage star eva but since his into older woman i dnt thnk ill have a chance with him mwa justin
posted by baby julie on May 12, 2010
hey justin my name is julie and i like your music alote and i have all your music and i wont to meat you and i all ways watch you on tv and stuff i saw you on oprah and i didnt no that you liked kids i love kids i think that is really cool it would be so cool if we could hang out some time my little bro jordan he is jest like you he is going pro on skatebord he is 12 right me back if you can
posted by bubba4 on May 02, 2010
hes the hottest and funniest kid ever lol.
posted by bieberluva on May 02, 2010
OMG justin ur mu idol i want you so badly i could do anything 4 u man ur hot i want u 2 myself every night i luv u i want to hold you f*** ur sexy omg luv you justin x0x0x0x
posted by JB\'s wifey on Apr 26, 2010
hey baby... see u later;) luv ya;)
posted by valkyrja on Apr 24, 2010
i dont get why everyone likes jb so much.... no offence, but.... seriously.... hes a brand. he aint that hot he aint that talented and i dont understand why baby is so fuckign popular.... when its on mtv it probably hs my attention for bout 10 secs, then i look away and its not till ludacris comes in that it actually makes me turn. its cuz its justin that you like the shit. it doesnt sound good it doesnt feel good it aint warm.... you people are all so young... so naive.... so ignorant.... makes me sad, the way the world is changing =/
posted by sumsum! on Apr 23, 2010
wow... you girls are pathetic. its just a boy...its not like your married to him or hes your bf or lover. many of you are probaly in love with him but, who cares. its just a boy!
posted by CcluvsJustinBieber on Apr 22, 2010
Damn, justin u kno tht grl up there <itza> is jus a damn h8r dnt mind her TRUST me u gt alot more lovers then h8rs babe and im one of ur lovers!! Grl all i gt to say to u is stay off tht h8rade and if u didnt lik justin u wouldnt be readin bout him bitch!! i lovee youu justin!!!(:
posted by posted by j.b baby o on Apr 19, 2010
ilove you so much that i could have sex with you. you are sooooooooo hot.and i could go sleep in the same bead. and you are so sexy baby and you love me so much.and we could have a baby togather.and i am 16.and you look so sexy when you take your shirt of.
posted by jb\'s sweet heart on Apr 05, 2010
jb is soooo hot cant wait for him to be mine
posted by taylor on Apr 02, 2010
i like justin bieber is so hot i like to kiss him on the lips.
posted by justin on Apr 02, 2010
hi justin i like your sing baby from stephanie
posted by kalie on Mar 28, 2010
how old are you.
posted by Star Shine on Mar 27, 2010
I seen u on the tv the other day singing baby I loved it. U r so cute by the way I am 15 and would love to meet I was on the Internet the other night and was talking to someone who was saying they were jb. Did not know if this was true or not but I hope it was u luv ya and your music rocks
posted by itza on Mar 26, 2010
Iam a jb hater he can go fuck him self all u stuip girls who luv him lay off he will never luv u so get over him and your life may better life!!!! NEVER LUV HIM HES A GAY FUKER JUSTIN LIKE U FUKIN GIRLS PACE OUT FUKERS And if u donn't stop luvin him i will ******************* ********** up!!!!!
posted by haha on Mar 26, 2010
justin.... i hope you will have a trip in the Philippines and explore our places.... travel around the philippines and you'll see a whole new world with our best places...tY
posted by Karrie weaver on Mar 26, 2010
omg justin like ur so awsome am ur number one fan lol ur really cute whats the girls name in ur video? please tell me:]
posted by tahirah178 on Mar 25, 2010
what is that girl's name PLZ TELL ME
posted by amik on Mar 25, 2010
who is the girl appear in the video with justin bieber??
posted by khryzna tenerife on Mar 25, 2010
i love all your song hope that you will have a concert in the philippines..........
posted by justlyn on Mar 23, 2010
hi!! bieber!!! how are you??
posted by halie on Mar 22, 2010
ur hot
posted by Saoirse Loves Justin on Mar 20, 2010
OMG..i LOVE justin bieber...i REALLY do i would die for him....OMG he is gourjuss
posted by jbs biggest fan on Mar 20, 2010
i was 11 wen i had my 1st luv and i still cant get over him even tho he tried to cheat on me.wat do i do?
posted by lover boy on Mar 19, 2010
i love this girl on the video..... shes beautiful...
posted by JB BiGGeST FAN on Mar 18, 2010
jusin i LOVE your music.Your so much better than jazmine v.
posted by Yesi! on Mar 18, 2010
J.B. ur totally awsome and hotness. i totally luv u even if some ppl hat u u r tha best! even if we nava meet... i want you to know i'll support u in anything!
posted by cooler than him on Mar 15, 2010
i wanna haveb that girl
posted by laresa on Mar 10, 2010
hey you are sexey
posted by cps on Mar 10, 2010
i love ur music
posted by bob on Mar 09, 2010
posted by bob on Mar 09, 2010
k i know your song ther grate i am here to engereg you to make your songs the best thay can be so ceep at it i will be on her evey day
posted by Andrew on Mar 07, 2010
Ok look here...wen u listen to his s0ngs u jump up nd suddenly u 'love' him. Lol. Seriously,i have n0thn against u ppl or him. It jst makes u look easy. Anyway enjoy,hav a gud 1.
posted by lisa on Feb 27, 2010
posted by jb fan on Feb 26, 2010
Justin ur soo hot! i love ll ur songs. i love u so much i wish we could meet..
posted by nicole on Feb 26, 2010
i love you justin bieber your so handsome...your so cute also ..take rock!!:))
posted by Katie on Feb 23, 2010
Justen you are soooooo GREAT at singing,I'm so sorry to here that YOU broke Your leg !!! By the way I am a HUGE fan of YOU & YOUR music!!!
posted by justen\'s home girl on Feb 22, 2010
I love you baby do you love me baby.
posted by Jessica on Feb 22, 2010
I love you justen bieber xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.
posted by jessica on Feb 22, 2010
I love you justen bieber do you love me yes or no.
posted by ashley on Feb 22, 2010
i love your music and i love being your fan
posted by maddy on Feb 22, 2010
he looks ssssooooooo cute!!!! i love his hair!!! :)
posted by liliana on Feb 22, 2010
was up justin! i am from italy and i really like your music. i want 2 c u so badly. i wish u could come 2 italy. i want 2 b with u. but if not possible i would really lyk 2 b your friend cuz i sing as well. look me up. my name is liliana.
posted by jooooorrrL on Feb 18, 2010
who is the girl who appears in the video?
posted by Singer Forever 13 on Feb 18, 2010
Great songs Justin! Do you think other people have the same chance as you to be a singer or performer?
posted by sour_kiwi_15 on Feb 18, 2010
Justin.I Love ur music nd u but idk well enough to be inlove with ya....haha yeh i kno im wierd.but....please keep makin new songz i love them and ur voice. I can't think of anyone being able to sing the songs that u sing any better than u..pce out luv ya
posted by faith martinez on Feb 18, 2010
hey justin im a big fan of you your so cute and im so in love with your music i just want to see you and give you a kiss on your lips i love you so much and youl always be my favorite of all stars xoxox
posted by melissa on Feb 18, 2010
posted by love dem on Feb 17, 2010
i love u so much i love u i wish i could c u in real life love u baby i really do
posted by jb lover on Feb 17, 2010
i love you justin i am one of ur biggest fans ever. I wish i could meet you btw love you and your voice you sing like an angle
posted by nelle .b on Feb 17, 2010
Come on every 1 only loves Justin 4 1 reason because he is famouse if half of you saw him when he was not you would not give him a second thought ...... 2 Me Justin is just another boy... I'm not saying that his not cute becuase I think he is ah-dorable and of course I would want 2 be his girl... But when it all comes down 2 it he is just another boy with a pretty face
posted by dottie on Feb 16, 2010
justin bieber has changed my life, i had no hope before
posted by JB FAN FOREVER! on Feb 15, 2010
posted by inÍs on Feb 15, 2010
justin you are amazing and wonderful sing very well but even talk to me like that. I am very portugusa bm but I speak English. you should be full of fans around you and you should have clear and girlfriend should be beautiful as you would like to talk to me podesses I love want to talk to me links to 916665190 or she is going to mail ines.alb @ goodbye and good rest of abum and so one more thing dances very well.
posted by flora on Feb 15, 2010
i have a big cruse on justin i'll do any thing to have a small or a big kiss by him if tahts posible
posted by JDB+EKN on Feb 14, 2010
Justin,I love you and your music and i would love too meet u.I think that u area marvelous singer and have a wicked good peronality and a wicked cute smile.I hope that you could come to New Hampshire so that i could meet you.I love you, Im your #1 fan for a fact.<33 i love all of your songs i do not have a favorite one so ya...well g2g I LOVE YOU JUSTIN DREW BIEBER <33
posted by Mrs.Bieber xoxo on Feb 14, 2010
OMG , ILOVE THIS WHEN IS IT COMING OUT , i love justin bieber so much :) i love all your songs, ,cant wait till your new cd comes out " My World 2.0" pumped ilyy soo much
posted by luv baby on Feb 14, 2010
du u wantz 2 go out J.B if yes then aaaaaahhhhhhhh if no then bbboooohhhooohhooo
posted by Aka blood on Feb 13, 2010
Hey JUSTIN i love all of ur songs i lke ur voice its so hot well i hope u came to san antonio and sing in down town over here i am so far we both are well g2g bye! Love you 4 eva and eva peace OuT! MY HOME BOY
posted by taylor on Feb 13, 2010
Hey Justin never ever ever everever EVER listen to those haters their just jelious of u i know they have their own opinions but they can never bring you down because i belive that much more people love you than hate you. Obviously your famouse for your GOOD voice soo... just ignore them and your voice is incretable! You really know how 2 touch a girls heart! U ROCK!!! love u
posted by taylor on Feb 13, 2010
ok, wait wait wait wait wait!! Whad dos Justin mean by " theres a girl i really like and im chasing after her" WHAT! Is that true?!If it is JUSTIN YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF (jk) but really i thought hes single and ready to mingle? Ok im getting confused so bye but i love Justin Bieber soo much and he dosn't sound like a girl. your #1 fan!! :)
posted by justin\'s girl on Feb 13, 2010
i luv u so much u are a role model
posted by ashantie on Feb 13, 2010
i love justin so much that song is awesome like all of them are
posted by ballinbritlovesJusti on Feb 13, 2010
I love you Justin i cannot wait till this video comes out!I love you sooo much!
posted by Alexandra on Feb 13, 2010
hi I am from finland and I love Justin so much he is so so so cute and so good to sing bye love you!
posted by JB\'s Girl on Feb 13, 2010
I Love U justin no matter what anyone says keep up that great singing!!!!!BTW YOUR NOT dead!!!!
posted by Mikayla on Feb 12, 2010
I love Justin Bieber he's sooo hot and cute I wish I meet him :*
posted by Erika on Feb 12, 2010
U r cute i cant lie about that,i luv your singing.Id really like to meet u !i
posted by may on Feb 12, 2010
I iuv justin so much i could die for him.
posted by Marilyn on Feb 12, 2010
Omg I luv Justin Bieber he's so cute :)
posted by samantha on Feb 12, 2010
You are so hot! i wish i could Kiss you on the lips.i love all of you song.
posted by jb baby:) on Feb 12, 2010
i love justin so much he is so cute no more like SEXY :) my fat. song is baby :)du i love u j.b :) byeee

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