Sneak Peek to Adam Lambert on AOL Sessions

February 12, 2010 07:51:45 GMT

The 'For Your Entertainment' singer does not only jam with his band but also have photo sessions for AOL.

Adam Lambert
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Photo credit: Apega/WENN

A look behind the AOL Sessions which see Adam Lambert jamming with his band has been unleashed. In addition to giving the first look at the live performance, the clip also captures the singer striking poses for photo sessions.

Adam's performance segment is scheduled to be launched on February 12 on AOL Music. This "American Idol" artist will be seen delivering songs from his debut album "For Your Entertainment".

On the same day, Adam is going to perform for Ryan Seacrest's "Rock My Town" concert with his Idol pals Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta. Produced by AEG Live, the free concert will be held at the NYC's Highline Ballroom beginning 7 P.M.

Adam tweeted Thursday night, February 11, "So excited to share the stage w Kris and Allison 2m night!!! It's been too long!" Allison was quick to reply, "@adamlambert @KrisAllen me too man.. oh s**t.. Why are we still up?!? Ahhahaha."

After singing with Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert is set to perform at a private show for iHeartradio on Monday, February 15. He will take the mic at 7 P.M. at the PC Richard & Son Theater.


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posted by jojo on Feb 13, 2010
The AOL sessions are amazing. Who else could sing these octave stretching songs live with such perfection? Love the way they have given the songs more of a rock edge in these live performances. Adam Lambert is a huge talent. Can't stop watching these clips. Go Adam! Can't wait to see you in concert again!
posted by janet on Feb 12, 2010
Adam is gorgeous,why people want to make nasty comments about him is beyond me, especially when he constantly gesturs the peace sign. Anti hate's comment is right on, RuPaul you are an idiot, you don't know drag.
posted by cd on Feb 12, 2010
I think a suit is actually Adam's version of drag. I remember shouting 'Adam in drag' at the TV the week he did Tracks of My Tears.
posted by joliee on Feb 12, 2010
...oops, sorry for the grammatical error... supposed to be he's got a whole lotta women loven that "drag", lol.
posted by joliee on Feb 12, 2010
Ha ha, there's got a whole lotta women lovin' that drag!!! Perhaps a little guyliner would help you out too RuPaul!!!
posted by tutupat on Feb 12, 2010
For the life of me I cannot figure why people want to knock Adam. He is the nicest person, is unbelievably talented, and has hit gold with his album, "For Your Entertainment."
posted by Jaon on Feb 12, 2010
Jellious RuPaul? Adam is so fine to look at. Yummmm!
posted by Mary on Feb 12, 2010
Did I see the wrong video or pictures, I did not see any drag, what I see is a beautiful and talented man, i wish to live in NYC or California to go his concerts. Love u Adam!
posted by Mary on Feb 12, 2010
That boy is fiiiiiiiine!!!
posted by lilyx on Feb 12, 2010
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adam! Hoping some people get some vids of these concerts! Adam is also doing an acoustic show for VH1 Saturday, Feb.13th!
posted by Silk on Feb 12, 2010
Adam is awesome.....
posted by anti-hate on Feb 12, 2010
RuPaul you are an idiot, you obviously do not know drag
posted by kellym on Feb 12, 2010
It's a costume!!!
posted by Jayleen on Feb 12, 2010
Listen to his voice in these Aol session performances. Beautiful! Don't care about the other stuff you people write about.
posted by RuPaul on Feb 12, 2010
Adam always looks like he is in drag.
posted by Cookie on Feb 12, 2010
I dont care what the boy wears, as long as he looks pretty! Damn, he can "sang!" Adam, the universe wants you to be a star with that four octave voice; I am amazed how fabulous a he sounds in person rather than on a CD....not many artists can pull that off!
posted by cd on Feb 12, 2010
Janet, I don't know if you mean me. I should clarify that I love Adam's style and everything about him. My comment was meant as admiration, but I am queer and I think maybe my perspective on drag is not really comprehensible to a straight person.

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