Joe Jonas and Pixie Lott Make Beautiful Music Together

February 12, 2010 06:11:32 GMT

Beside writing a song with Pixie Lott in Los Angeles, the middle of the Jonas Brothers has also taken the British singer for a dinner.

Joe Jonas and Pixie Lott Make Beautiful Music Together
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With Jonas Brothers taking hiatus, Joe Jonas has plenty of times to explore something different and come out of his comfort zone like his brother Nick Jonas does with his side project The Administration. After collaborating with Demi Lovato in a so-called Hip-Hop song "Make a Wave", he enters the studio with British pop/soul singer Pixie Lott.

"It's so exciting. I met Joe at the MTV Awards in Germany and now I'm working with him in LA," she told The Mirror about how they end up making music together. "We wrote a song together in the studio, which I love, and we've been hanging out."

On what they do together after stepping out of the songwriting booth, Pixie said, "We're not really partying because we aren't old enough to go to clubs in America - you have to be 21. So we go for dinner instead." Indeed, they were once spotted enjoying a meal at Little Dom's restaurant. "I imagine there are a lot of girls who are jealous of me at the moment. He's such a lovely guy," she stated.


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posted by jev on Jun 20, 2010
Pixie shouldnt be with joe, he looks like a hobo. she should be with me!
posted by lilley on May 05, 2010
I Just Want To Rip Pixie Lott's Head Off, She Can't Do That Around Joe, Joe Loves Demi Instead Of Her, Joe And Demi Are Going To Have A Future Together, And Even If You Want To Hear This Stupid Pixie Lott's, Joe And Demi Might Go In Their Bed And Take All Of Their Chothles, And Have Sex Together.
posted by Pixie\'s rubbish on Mar 19, 2010
Yep she's rubbish, she's currently worbbling on the radio to 'cry me out'. It's pure awfulness. She shouts rather than sings and is out of tune. Why God Why is another dumb blond making it big?
posted by Rachelle on Feb 15, 2010
i agree with 'Joe\'s Girl 89'. you don't know pixie, do you? she didn't do anything wrong and so there's no reason for you to hate on her. she makes good music and is a sweet girl. many people hate pixie for hanging out with Joe. but those joe jonas fans are crap. if they don't want him to be happy, then you can't call yourself a fan.
posted by jblover on Feb 13, 2010
not really fond ofo her, joe can do so much better-according to the way she talks about him it seems like they're together. They were famous before Disney and joe doesn't need some partying bimbo to help his career, it might even ruin it. He deserves someone who actually likes him for the gentleman he is, not some immature girls (i.e. camilla,, taylor,a nd now pixie...) <3
posted by lol on Feb 13, 2010
funny how they left out the part where she said she'd be spending valentines day with her mom.
posted by Trish on Feb 13, 2010
Fascinating...which of you guys has ever met Pixie Lott.."theres just something about her"..yes Alexis she is very bright, beautiful and talented, there is no nicer girl around...cant imagine why you hate her...
posted by Joe\'s Girl 89 on Feb 13, 2010
People need to stop hating on Pixie. Personally, I love her. Her music's amazing. She and Joe are just friends and there's nothing wrong with that. Aand BTW, there's nothing wrong with Joe going to clubs as long as he doesn't do anything bad while he's there, which he won't. So stop hating. Pixie Lott seems like a cool person and she must be if my future husband's hanging out with her :)
posted by kateyjane1 on Feb 12, 2010
Have to agree that Pixie is trouble. However, Joe wants to appear so grown up so I can't blame Pixie. Joe does okay singing but not well enough to imagine anyone else wanting to do a song with him. And yes they were famous before Disney.
posted by on Feb 12, 2010
I hate it when people say their all disney. they where famous before Disney but Disney made them super popular. I think he would go to the clubs. I'm pretty sure he all ready has.
posted by Alexis on Feb 12, 2010
I effing hate Pixie. Theres just something about her. Jesus someone hit her please. Joe could do so much better
posted by JoeJonasGirl0676 on Feb 12, 2010
Pixie is dumb. If she thinks she's gonna get Joe to go to clubs when he is 21 she has a thing coming to her. They don't do the club scene. Well, okay he can't but they still don't do the club scene. Kevin doesn't. What is gonna make Joe go for it when he's 21. She's dumb and out of tune with Jonas Brothers and Disney would have a shit fit.

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