'Friday Night Lights' Wraps Up in Season 5

February 11, 2010 03:54:21 GMT

Words on the street are, the producers have allowed the cast to pursue other projects which they can work on when the fifth season's production is done this midyear.

'Friday Night Lights' Wraps Up in Season 5
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"Friday Night Lights" may have one more season left on TV. Multiple sources confirmed to EW that the fifth season would be the last of the series but NBC said nothing has been officially decided. The producers have reportedly started telling the cast to be open to other job opportunities so that when the fifth season's production wraps up, they would have had a new project.

The fourth season had its finale on Wednesday, February 10 on DirectTV's 101 Network but it will only debut on NBC this April. Should the report is true, then DirectTV will launch the final season this Fall and NBC will have it starting early next year. Meanwhile, production of season 5 is expected to finish in either June or July, thus the cast are free to pursue pilots that will air in Fall.

Although "Friday Night Lights" would have its last season, Taylor Kitsch will not take part in it. Last month, Exec Producer Jason Katims said the depicter of Tim Riggins did not extend his contract because he was concentrating on feature films. The actor who plays Gambit in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" was busy shooting "John Carter of Mars".


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posted by Polish on Feb 21, 2012
B Young go back to school and learn to spell
posted by Tammy on Feb 17, 2012
Please bring us season six. I hardly ever watch television but absolutely loved this show, as a parent I could relate and it reminded me so much of my watching Coach husband and his wife Tammy ( my name too ) reminded me so much of my husband and me! The show is amazing !!
posted by Gem on Apr 03, 2011
posted by Gurdy on Mar 06, 2011
Please keep this show going ,I'm from Ireland and i love this show. Best i,ve ever seen on tv i'd watch it all day.
posted by Favela on Feb 13, 2011
LOVE the show!! Don't end it!! Would be a HUGE mistake! Keep all actors the same every1 is great and great storyline!!! HATE TO SEE IT GO!!!! This show really does have a huge fan base!!! More advertisement and you won't have a problem with ratings and diff time slot!
posted by av on Feb 13, 2011
U NEED 2 KEEP THIS SHOW GOING!!!! its flippin great!!! way great show!!! i started watchin it on netflix from the begining my boyfriend caught it from episode 2 we couldnt stop watching it. Lookin forward to season 5. YOU NEED TO KEEP THIS SHOW GOING!!! BEST SHOW YET!!!! Coach Taylor is great!!!!!!
posted by OTORRES on Feb 07, 2011
posted by mattox on Jan 26, 2011
ther was only one show that I could not live without seeing it on friday night when I was growing up, that was miami vice. Friday Night Lights gives me that same filling. (please do not take this show off the air.)
posted by Betty B on Jan 26, 2011
This show should keep going for another 6th season and then a final season movie to top it off. THIS IS A GOOD FAMILY TV SHOW. The best ever. Perfect stars too. Writer should try to keep going on this one. THE FANS WANT MORE !!!!!!!!
posted by husker on Jan 26, 2011
so, no season 6?, they stopped it as to where no one knows what is next?. what a shame. anyone reading this,,DONT watch this show because there is no ending to it.
posted by Jaydee23 on Jan 20, 2011
I'm from Australia and have season 1-4 on dvd. This is my all time favorite show and am gutted that there won't be a season 6. With so much crap on tv it amazes me that such a great show can get the axe.
posted by Monika on Jan 20, 2011
This is the best show i have ever seen in my life. i have no idea how im going to coup with never seeing any new episodes after season 5 is finished:(
posted by Jhony on Jan 17, 2011
i´m from argentina i i´ve seen this show from start and i love it!! best show on tv!! don´t cancel this show!! i already suffered when they canceled the unit!!!
posted by JezzsterboyUK on Jan 09, 2011
Hey, I'm from the UK and having bought Season 4 in the USA on a trip I went on this year, I'm very, very sad to see this show going?!! I've been hooked since series one, and LOVING American Football, think this certainly one of the best thought out, performed, and written shows there's ever been!! PLEASE keep it going, how are we gonna keep the "American Football fire," burning in the UK?!! ;)
posted by aa_star_11 on Jan 07, 2011
FNL is a great show, one of the last few shows NBC has worth anything. If they cancel this one I'm not starting anymore new shows with them. They cancel everything I get interested in. Lipstick Jungle, Mercy, Trauma, and now FNL. I'm Done
posted by robyn on Jan 06, 2011
I had never watched this series until my sister told me how well written it was and how great the characters were. She said it was the best show on tv. I started watching it from the beginning and absolutely love it. I am so sad to see it end. I just never knew anything about the show. Maybe not enough advertising or perhaps a crappy air time. Never put anything on on Friday night. If that was when it was on that was the problem. No one is home on Friday night. They are all to high school football games. I would love to see the show continue. Awesome show. I am hooked.
posted by Sarah on Dec 23, 2010
Have watched from Day 1, one of my favorite shows! Even though I'm from Canada, I am a n avid CFL fan, so I can relate to the football, and the storylines, the drama, etc. EXCELLENT all around!! Compared to other shows, there is NO COMPAIRISON! Someone pick this show up!
posted by katherine on Dec 23, 2010
posted by roy with a T on Dec 09, 2010
I too just got onto this show and absolutely love it. I would love to see the show continue
posted by kiki on Dec 09, 2010
I so wish they would change their mind on cancelling this show - every week I watch it, it gets better and better!! This show will be missed as will the cast!
posted by qtkt678 on Nov 17, 2010
i'm so depressed that NBC wants to cancel this show... absolutely ridiculous. i just re-watched all the seasons on netflix and my heart is torn that season 5 is the last season... honestly, its the worst decision NBC could have made... i hope they change their mind
posted by kayla on Nov 17, 2010
posted by anthony on Nov 14, 2010
Why would they cancel it? I have all the season of it and they would cancel a new season. Please people in the media...think!
posted by ray on Nov 02, 2010
This is one of the best shows on tv. I just do not understand why they would cancel one of the best?
posted by jonestraci5 on Oct 27, 2010
please please please rethink the cancelation of this series...we love it
posted by KathySue73 on Oct 23, 2010
They don't want good shows on TV, they want cops shows so kids learn how to cuss and kill. This is why we have mess like Columbine. We had decent shows like the Waltons, and Little House on the Prarie, now they cancel anything good. I am thru watching NBC.....
posted by ciprian on Oct 17, 2010
Keep this series, because many people like and would not want to be stopped ... I liked the first few episodes. Please do not stop him from my heart!
posted by Kelly on Oct 16, 2010
What a shame. We LOVE this show. :(
posted by kel2 on Oct 15, 2010
I will admit I didn't watch the show when it first came out, however, i am watching it in now (from the beggining) and have to say that it is truly one of the best shows i have ever seen! I can't believe that they cancel a show like this, and keep some of this other junk on!!! how sad!!!
posted by Brad on Oct 12, 2010
Kepp this show it has become apart of my life. Its not just about football its baout life..Ready for seasons 6-10
posted by mv on Oct 12, 2010
Please keep this show on! And keep Time Riggins. I would hate to see this show be cancelled.
posted by mnk on Oct 06, 2010
Don't Cancel this show! I LOVE THIS SHOW! I hate how the good shows always get canceled like falcon beach or the o.c and many more but this is my all time fav show keep it going i mean a lot of people watch this show!!(L)(L)<3<3
posted by Danny M on Oct 02, 2010
This show is great, my wife and I have been watching it since day 1 please keep it going!!!
posted by Jason on Sep 29, 2010
All these people cant be wrong! IT IS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS ON TV!! We have to do something about this....i am sooo sick of NBC canceling their good shows (Heroes) as well for another stupid law/crime show! Isnt the crime the same in L.A. as it is in N.Y. and Miami. Why does every big city in the US need a crime show? COME ON!!! This crap has to stop!!!
posted by levi on Sep 28, 2010
Best show ever. Love it. And Tim Riggins is awesome. I want to party with him. Bring him back and keep the show going
posted by pablo on Sep 28, 2010
la mejor serie..sin lugar a dudas
posted by Janis on Sep 24, 2010
I have watched each season and now what will take it's place NBC? More Dateline? Come on. But I guess by now it is a done deal.
posted by Meghan on Sep 22, 2010
NBC WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! it would be such a shame to cancel this amazing show that touches so many people with its unbelievable characetrs and amazing story line
posted by CS0210 on Sep 20, 2010
Seriously!??!?!?! Why would you cancel the best family show availble? When my husband of all people insisted on us watching this I rolled my eyes at the idea of yet more football in my house. Turns out it was the best family show he could have found and I love the fact it appeals to everyone in my house. What a freaking shame to end the journey so soon.
posted by jaime on Sep 20, 2010
When Abc family decided to do repects of Friday night lights, my boyfriend and me watched 1 episode and we fell in love and within 2 weeks we have watched season 1 -4 and cant wait until season 5... please keep the seasons coming
posted by Casbah on Sep 17, 2010
Come on NBC are you reading these post?Everything these people said goes for me and my family. Can this many people be wrong? Everything about this show is good acting directing,writing! It is such a shame you would cancel the one good family show you have on your network.
posted by Construction Worker on Sep 08, 2010
Advertise it more and the ratings will keep raising, it's awesome and well worth dozens of seasons!!!
posted by Mom of 3 on Sep 08, 2010
This show is not getting the publicity deserved, most peopl I tell about it have not even heard of it. My family looks forward to it each week when airing, I think it could have a great future if they'd promote it more....I really they do not stop it at Season 5!!! FNL is #1!!!
posted by d on Sep 07, 2010
i am italian boy so my english will not be so good...but i have to say that i love this tv has a real aspect of real life not as every other...
posted by Nickip on Sep 05, 2010
PLEASE DONT CANCEL THIS SHOW. Many people, especially coaches can relate to the different aspects Coach Taylor goes through. This show would survive many more seasons.
posted by Gail on Sep 04, 2010
I have watch every season and cannot believe NBC will end this series. This is a real life TV show with experiences and lessons for audiences of all ages. People are so tired of all the nasty reality shows. Please let there be another series for the life loving people in Kentucky.
posted by Gus on Sep 02, 2010
I live in montreal, canada, and that's about as far, distance-wise and culturally, as you can get from a small football obssessed texas town as you can get, yet the weekly story lines, the depth of the characters, and the challenges they face provide us all with the type of quality programming we haven't had in a long time. Please don't cancel this show.
posted by Jules on Sep 01, 2010
Please if you are going to cancel the show, which I REALLY REALLY REALLY WISH WOULDN'T AHPPEN, atleast bring bacll the origmal characters especially Riggins and Lila. I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by perry on Aug 31, 2010
posted by Suzanne on Aug 26, 2010
This show MUST go on! Brilliant acting and dialogue. Without a doubt the best show on television.
posted by Bellis on Aug 26, 2010
This is by far the BEST TV show ever to hit the screen. Please don't cancel it.
posted by loves football on Aug 25, 2010
Those of us who are FNL fans, have been down this road. Please keep this show. It is g r e a t.
posted by mike on Aug 24, 2010
You guys cant let this show go!!!
posted by Molly on Aug 23, 2010
Looking forward to Season 5! Hopefully there will be show on TV!
posted by bren on Aug 23, 2010
I have just finished watching all 4 seasons and I can't believe that this show is going to end. Most of the time it was like watching an award-winning documentary. I am in my 50s and found so much in this show that touched me, plus, my son who is 20 also liked it(and he is not gay)That constitutes a real family show that is intense enough, intelligent enough and captivating enough to entertain a truly wide audience. Why is this show not better known? And Tim Riggins is the heart of this show.
posted by RONNIE on Aug 16, 2010
posted by billy on Aug 14, 2010
Great, great show. The writing, the acting, the directing... beautiful stuff. Sad to see it go.
posted by bjb on Aug 13, 2010
It is the high lite to the end each with. Depicts rely TX high School, will shot in a great area of TX, if all could have bee as lucky as us Texans, growing up with High School Football games. It was the social event each week, small town or large town. Shame. Riggings was the best. Not to have the show is a great lost to Friday Night TV. Very special show and cast. They all have true TX Hearts. NBC wake up, get with the program. Great cast, if is about real life, life without Crime/SUV? and some murder investigation, like all other TV show. Will be a great lost to all TV programs to cancel the show.
posted by dfox3 on Aug 11, 2010
this is without a doubt the best show on right now. NBC is stupid to cancel this show!!!! like someone said "they allways keeps the stupid lame shows on and cancel the good ones" once again bad choice NBC!
posted by jode on Aug 10, 2010
FNL is an awesome show and does not need to be cancelled. It just needs to be promoted better. But please keep Tim Riggens. The show would not be the same without him.
posted by pugger on Aug 09, 2010
just watched the last show of season!....and learned season 5 may be the last of FNL... i hate to think that im one that would never comment on any tv show but this is jus an amazing show jus hits home in so many ways and i would hate to see it go so soon awesome job! to the writer or writers my favorite ever!! and...... cant loose riggens.... thank you
posted by hghmiami on Aug 09, 2010
I wonder what it takes for a current TV show to continue for the years that 'Gunsmoke', 'Bonanza', 'Little House on the Prairie' et al., experienced. I agree with previous posts that, for whatever reason, this show has not been properly promoted. I am in my 60's, so I think I'm safe to assume I'm not the target audience. However, my wife and I love this show. I can only hope some affiliate has the intelligence to pick-up this show. There are better realized revenues than can be expected from syndication.
posted by Angela on Aug 09, 2010
I love all things FNL. There truly is a void during the off season I would hate to see such a quality show be cancelled for yet another cops and robbers show or another show about a law firm. This show takes the time to talk about real issues facing our young people. Bravo FNL.
posted by Michele on Aug 09, 2010
Keep it going. Isn't ABC interested? Good writing = good family show.
posted by Cowgirl on Aug 09, 2010
I have been a true FNL fan!! Watched it from the beginning!! This is truly my FAVORITE show of all time!!! I would truly hate to see this come to an end!! I can truly relate to the characters, as I felt like I was one of them, or they were my friends. NBC please don't take this show off the air, this is one of your great shows, don't screw it up to make room for crap shows. If not NBC, cable PICK IT UP!! Oh and without Riggins it won't quite be the same! Please don't take my FNL away!!
posted by donna on Aug 09, 2010
FNL is the absolute best show on television and the ONLY one that my husband and I NEVER miss. We are devastated that this show is canceled. What a huge mistake!
posted by pugger on Aug 09, 2010
im not done yet! theres so many shows out there that jus keep going and going and in my oppion there not even close to being as good as FNL...good but not as good...the old sayn is get out while you'er on top but i think its way to early...still hav such a following sooooooooo i ask you?!....dont take my friday way
posted by Danielle on Aug 08, 2010
Please don't cancel this show! It is so unique and original, and it is not another teen drama. It deserves to stay on TV for longer. Please reconsider this decision!
posted by Tiffany on Aug 07, 2010
highest quality, best show on television. we are so sad - it has been our friday night date night and we look forward to it all week.
posted by Millmel on Aug 07, 2010
Love this show and it's actors! So talented. Final season will have them headed to my home town... Philadelphia. Coach was on a radio station here saying the last episode was shot here.
posted by Brando on Aug 06, 2010
Great show.. enjoyed it, but all things have to come to an end. So therefore thanks to the people in making show possible and exciting to watch
posted by Eileen on Aug 06, 2010
We love this show I just dont it was given a fair chance or marketed the way other shows are
posted by nanaslay on Aug 06, 2010
Please don't cancel this show - it is by far the best on t.v. We have been avid fans since Season 1 and it would be a shame to see this series end. Why isn't this show promoted like the "too many" reality shows!
posted by Mr T on Aug 06, 2010
Enjoy every week watching the Dillion saga. Needs to continue, we love it.
posted by Dianna on Aug 06, 2010
I just watched what looked like the last show of Friday Night Lights. I researched to see if it's true. Soooooo sad! Love the show. I think the story line is more about Couch Taylor and Tammy so why not continue. It would be expected for them to have new students. I missed the old characters, but I enjoyed the new characters introduced this season.
posted by silverscreen88 on Aug 06, 2010
The show is great, very well made and written but this seems fitting to end, rather than drag on clutching to previous accomplishments, much like those hometown ex-football stars...
posted by chris on Aug 06, 2010
ok it has to come to a end soon how they got it set up everyone will leave and the school swich made it so even some of the new charitors only have 1 or 2 more years of school left lets face it the show is set up to end at some point or it will have to make up and lose people every season. with this much change in the dynamic they are bound to have a bad season or lose some of there viewing audience.
posted by Sara on Aug 05, 2010
The cancellation of Friday Night Lights is an absolute shame. It has a great story line, is wholesome and teaches values. Instead, we get more reality shows..the absolute basement of TV. NBC, this is one of the few shows that would allow you to regain your former reputation. Your biggest issue has been its time slot.
posted by runrddm on Aug 04, 2010
It is the best show on tv. It is ridiculous quality shows like this you have to hunt to watch, but they keep put the reality crap in the truck loads. Seriously NBC this is one thing you have going for you right now, don't screw it up. As far as the Tim Riggins character, the weakest great loss. (Not because of the actor, just his story-line).
posted by nupe on Aug 02, 2010
NBC! you are foolish if you discontinue this series..ive watched it since season one and it is great!!! I always wonder what they are going to do the next season b/c I know the establishment is gunning for a great show like this with that small town feel, but the writers always surprise me with a great storyline; so GET IT TOGETHER NBC!!!
posted by sue on Jul 31, 2010
Love, love, love this series. Can't wait until Friday nght to watch my favorite people. Please keep it going. I know so many people who enjoy this wonderful drama.
posted by April on Jul 30, 2010
I hope this shows stays on for years to come. I really look forward to seeing it each week! It is a great show!
posted by Doug on Jul 30, 2010
This is a great show. It is the best on TV..
posted by fireman on Jul 27, 2010
Keep this show its the best
posted by friday night lights on Jul 25, 2010
wgen will season 5 be finished and showing Wendy
posted by Jamie on Jul 24, 2010
Please don't cancel "FNL"! It is by far the best and most realistic show on TV! We are all sick of stupid crime investigation shows with a bunch of cops that nobody likes anyway because we all know law enforcement thinks they know more than normal people anyway. Also, medical shows that suck! Ya'll act as if the only people who watch tv are cops and doctors. Get your head out of your *** the sand NBC!
posted by gymshoe on Jul 23, 2010
friday night lights,vegas.trauma all shows nbc wants to cancel no wonder nbc stands for nothing but crap..............
posted by david in Ga. on Jul 23, 2010
continue this show! I look forward to each episode! I played football, so I can relate! Also my folks were teachers and coached soccer and football.
posted by mary in ga. on Jul 23, 2010
love this show-real people-real drama-real town feel-I hope it continues!
posted by reba on Jul 23, 2010
Great Show. Love to watch it commercial free on the 101... However... they dont have a show without Riggins
posted by vic on Jul 22, 2010
why is it every time a great show comes on they want to cut it. how about a little more friday night light and a little less reality tv. please keep it going. biggest fan
posted by Tom on Jul 22, 2010
Come on cable...pick this show up. It is some of the best telvision out there!
posted by scisor11 on Jul 21, 2010
great series and have watched every episode. keep up the good work
posted by scissor11 on Jul 21, 2010
this show puts other prime time shows to shame. it is about real life and not the CSI bull shit. i have been watching every episode and it is starting to pick up steam since entering prime time. am wanting seasons 6, 7 & 8
posted by girliesmama on Jul 18, 2010
Love this show more than anyone should really love a TV show. Will hate to see it end, but come on, how can you go on with no Riggins?
posted by Debbie on Jul 16, 2010
This is one of the best shows on television. I would love to see it continue. Great story lines, actors, everything.
posted by LB on Jul 14, 2010
B Young must be one of those little fat kids that was always picked last.
posted by merry on Jul 12, 2010
Have watched every episode. Love the setting, the pace, and the mood of the show. It takes you away from big city frenzy. It confronts so many of the social issues that we would rather avoid. Love this show and its actors. Please keep this quality TV on the air.
posted by 349031 on Jul 10, 2010
Amazing show!!!........very emotional this season.
posted by B. Young on Jul 10, 2010
Fuck fnl it's just a bunch of gay fottball players acting. Rigginz is a fucking douche
posted by karen on Jul 08, 2010
We just started watching thisseries during Season 4 and just love it. Finally a drama that we all can relate to. I would like to see it continue Karen
posted by Gail on Jul 07, 2010
We missed the first three seasons, but now know this is one of the best shows to ever hit TV land. We LIVED this story as teachers and coaches in a small town on Orcas Island during the 80s. The drama was there every single day. How can we keep the show alive????
posted by joe on Jul 03, 2010
Must not be that good , only 20 posts since Feb.
posted by JLH on Jul 03, 2010
It has nothing to do with how well TV viewers like a program. It is all about money/advertising and actor salaries. The longer a show is on the more expensive it becomes to produce. So enjoy your favorite programs while they last, then move on to the next.
posted by Oscar on Jun 30, 2010
It´s a great story, down here in Mexico we being seeing all seasons, i hope that after the 5th, there should be a couple of more ...
posted by Shannon on Jun 24, 2010
It will be a very sad day when it ends. I waited after every series for the next one to start. I really hope it will continue. Good luck to you Riggins... we will miss you.
posted by aimee on Jun 24, 2010
This is the BEST show on TV!!! It has had me in tears the few episodes and I don't want it to end!!! Please bring it back!!!!
posted by KD on Jun 22, 2010
This show is so good and doesn't get the recognition it deserves. I see almost no commercials for it. What a shame if the show is really going away!
posted by Liza on Jun 15, 2010
here in Brazil we have lots of fans... It is one of the bests shows ever.
posted by ds on Jun 05, 2010
Best show ever in my opinion...
posted by Gerald on May 30, 2010
One of the best tv sport drama. I love it.
posted by Lu on May 28, 2010
Ahhhh, please keep it going.. best show ever made.
posted by odie on May 27, 2010
I freaking love this show! And Tim Riggins :) I'll be so sad when it ends
posted by Tim on May 26, 2010
Yeah, this show is the absolute best TV show I've ever seen in my entire life, and I'm not even a football fan. However, if season 5 comes out without Tim Riggins in it, I don't think it will nearly as good. I don't know, though, they may replace him with a similar character. We'll see. Sucks that they always cancel the great shows early and leave the so-so shows around forever. It's probably because the cast of the good shows has talent, whereas the so-so show's cast does not. I dunno, but I know I can't wait for it to air.
posted by bob on May 23, 2010
They need to keep this show going
posted by Habana on May 20, 2010
They got to keep it going... the cast should be proud to be part of such a great show and should continue to make great TV. But I guess we're all going to have to respect their decesion and wish them best of luck!!! :-(
posted by Danny on May 12, 2010
Great tv series, i learn to like american football because of the great acting. keep on going
posted by crystal on May 07, 2010
why is it then when a really good show comes along just when its getting into its prime they cancel it! this show is the best i have ever watched and wont be the same without riggins
posted by L* on Apr 17, 2010
This is one of the best series i have seen in years. In my opinion, they should never stop, but i loooved the acters that were in season 1. I hope they'll all return. It will be aaaawsome!!
posted by brian on Mar 15, 2010
this is the best show ive ever seen. I hope season five will get back to its roots from season 1 and show more football. Season five w/o riggins is gonna be weird but hopefully the whole cast will make a final appearance in some of the episodes in season five.
posted by harris on Mar 15, 2010
this is the best TV series I have seen in years and years. I think there are tons of people that appreciate it but just don't get on the forums to say so. I'm hoping they PLEASE at least do one more season but I coud watch 10 more !!
posted by tucker on Feb 24, 2010
i guess all good things come to an end at some point. but this show has been special to say the under appreciated
posted by Hanna on Feb 11, 2010
Such a pity. It's the best show on the TV...

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