Mike Shinoda Blogs About Linkin Park's New Album

February 10, 2010 09:02:21 GMT

According to equation drawn from the fans' comments, the Fort Minor rapper suggests Linkin Park should release a new album in 2012.

Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park
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Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

After explaining to MTV about the possibility of releasing Linkin Park's next studio album "toward the end of the year", Mike Shinoda posted on his blog a math equation regarding when is actually the right time to drop a new effort.

He started it by pointing out that music fans have flooded his web with comments following the album delay. He wrote, "The 200+ comments and peripheral noise got me thinking: what does it all mean? I decided to figure it out. The most obvious way to create logic out of it? Algebra has always seemed very logical to me..."

"A lot of you seemed to want us to take our time in the studio, stressing that quality (Q) is more important than release date (D). Others disagreed, arguing that releasing sooner (D) should be put above the other (Q). Next, some argued that Linkin Park quality is multiplied by time (so time is 'T'). Others argued time doesn't affect the quality (no 'T'). I guessed that the soonest this year we could get an album out would be March(3). The latest this year would be December(12)..."

"So I believe that makes the equation: Q(T)/D(12) = D(3)/Q. On the left, quantity and time over the latest possible 2010 release (12th month); on the right the soonest possible release (3, meaning March) over quantity times the LP quality 'X' factor. What I really wanted to know was how much time you wanted us to take (T)."

"Balancing this equation out (and crossing the reoccurring variables) get T/12=3. That means T=36. So it looks like you guys figured it out for us. What you're telling us is that you want a new album out in December 2012. That gives us a ton of time. Thanks for the help, guys."


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posted by MyscreenNamePwnsALL on Feb 28, 2011
so their reliesing another album in 2012 december? haha thats when the world ends! I vote LP for world domination! LP4LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Sardar prakash SIngh on Oct 22, 2010
you are all fucking pussies to even listen to such cheap songs.
posted by LP ROCKS THAKRE SUCK on Aug 31, 2010
Bhenchod sardar..bal thakre ki ma ke land..if som1 ove here knos a way 2 find out details abt dis it..i swear ev1 will scare d shit outta him...
posted by LP ROCKER on Aug 04, 2010
Can't wait for the new album the new single seems a bit weird but hopefully it grows on me .. more a fan of their old stuff. btw sardar termites eat wood u stupid fuckwit.
posted by amit kumar on Jul 08, 2010
hello this is me from india i have heard that you have done so many live in many country,but you once please come to india and do live in (andhra pradesh)for me and my fans shake. please comm soon.........
posted by vicky on Jul 04, 2010
sardar, u know wat, ur face is like a bucket of shits and wastes, whneva u talk all the shit comes out like anyfin and covers urs whol face,,,..
posted by JOHN.... N-JOIN @ LP on Jul 03, 2010
Sardar... Sade hue chut ke sadele keede... B C.. nasib hai tera ki tu jinda hai abhi tak...don eva shw ur asshole face 2 any LP fan.. He'll fuck u rite der... I'm die hard fan of LP, THEY R D REAL " GODS OF METAL DISTORTION"
posted by v!kas on Jul 03, 2010
cmon LP come back soon
posted by ritesh.xdominator on Jun 19, 2010
shutup sardar. . . lp is not meant for people lyk u. . n bal takhrey ka maa ko tho lalu chodega n tera maa ko hum chodenge if u post any more comments. . . LP m your greatest fan. . plz just one show at india b4 i die. . . plz. . . . u guys rock. . . .
posted by The Mexican on Jun 16, 2010
Take all the Time you need LP. Just put some good shit out like you allways do. TM
posted by indya4ever on Jun 15, 2010
oye..khud ka linkin park bana do na..ya tho fir angrezi seekh lo
posted by Resident evil on Jun 05, 2010
BAL TAKRE ki maa ka bhosda RAND KI NASAL SARDAR..LINKIN PARK key saarey guitar teri gand main dalkey bajaunga bhenchod
posted by Sardar prakash singh on Jun 05, 2010
You guys are so retard to follow sucha FLOP BAND...CHESTER BENNINGTON is a blood sucking termite..
posted by DEVIL MAY CRY on Jun 05, 2010
Sardar do u want PISTON SLAP U MORON? I think ur knowledge level is soo low 2 understand LP hits..u DICKFACE
posted by abhinavk on May 30, 2010
guys..sardar was just being a little sarcastic...:P
posted by metalhead on May 26, 2010
motherfucker. u piece of rotten shit. i will kìck ur goddam asshole. fucking bitch. LINKIN PARK ROCKS. NO 1 CAN BEAT LP.
posted by metalhead on May 26, 2010
motherfucker. u piece of rotten shit. i will kìck ur goddam asshole. fucking bitch. LINKIN PARK ROCKS. NO 1 CAN BEAT LP.
posted by gian on May 19, 2010
posted by amit sharma on May 14, 2010
the best thing about chester is that he screams awsome
posted by rohit on Apr 29, 2010
linkin park is the best band ever.......i m waiting for the next album
posted by kai vergil on Apr 03, 2010
lp is the grestest band ever and i am waiting for nest studio album
posted by rahul on Mar 24, 2010
saale sardar teri maa ko bal thakre hi chodega
posted by rahul on Mar 24, 2010
ye sardar prakash singh to hai hi chutiya..........madachodo ka sartaaj haraamkhor......tere 12 baja dunga
posted by rahul on Mar 24, 2010
posted by AJ on Mar 22, 2010
That made me chuckle some what... Very VERY good way of working out when the next album would be
posted by lp rockkkkkssssssss on Mar 18, 2010
Sardar madarchod..... Asshole dont ever make suck fuckin comments otherwise next time i ll fuck ur mom..... LP IS THE GREATEST BAND EVER....
posted by lauren on Mar 15, 2010
omg i love u mike shinoda and linkin park i love eveyone in linkinxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx mike and chester u 2 rockxx wcbxxxx
posted by LP FAN! on Mar 09, 2010
u stupid sardar.. LP the on of the leading bands of the world! do you even know what it means? plz dont embarrass yourself anymore by posting such dumb n lame thoughts of urs.. u moron!
posted by niks.hegde on Mar 09, 2010
posted by sardar prakash singh on Mar 04, 2010
i think ur songs suck cuz they r not in punjabi or bhojpuri or marathi,u shud sing in marathi or bal thakre will crap on ur face....

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