'One Tree Hill' and 'Melrose Place' May Get Canceled

February 10, 2010 03:01:46 GMT

These two shows are not in The CW's list of early renewal since both are unable to show good numbers.

'One Tree Hill' and 'Melrose Place' May Get Canceled
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The CW has begun separating which shows will be back for another season and which are not. "One Tree Hill" and "Melrose Place" are unfortunately found among the uncertain pile since the execs are not exactly pleased with their ratings.

Spoiler TV is running a story that the network is ready to renew "Gossip Girl", "Smallville", "Supernatural", "The Vampire Diaries", "90210" and "America's Next Top Model". The official announcement of the pick-up reportedly will be made next month.

In the meantime, "One Tree Hill" which has survived seven seasons is in jeopardy since some of the contracts are "messy". Even if it will come back for season 8, there will be some budget cuts and axed cast or crew. However, SoapNet would be its safety net should it get canceled.

"Melrose Place" has an even slimmer chance to come back. The remake show has been struggling with rating and although Heather Locklear's involvement raked in additional viewers, the network is not fully satisfied. It is most likely to get canceled but international interest is available. Decision will be made in May.

One show is in the middle of things. "Life Unexpected" which gets a good acceptance upon its premiere this midseason will have to show a steady rating first before The CW can lay down the verdict. Nevertheless, Spoiler TV said the execs are leaning heavily toward a renewal for another midseason.


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posted by othis sucks on Sep 06, 2010
omg number1 one tree hill fan i feel the same way it just starts to get good then out of nowhere 5 week break it makes me so mad then you forget then u miss 3 shows
posted by this sucks on Sep 06, 2010
ok i hate when this happens like a show comes on and u like it and they don;t even give it a chance like the beautiful life wtf it had like 3 shows then they ended it they did not even give people time to whach it and now melrose place 1 seaon and gone i think there sould be somthing that says a show has to air for at least ONE seaon !!!!!!!!!!!! people need to give shows a chance and trust they can do well and stop ending them to soon .....
posted by Ilo on May 17, 2010
I would NEVER watch Ch.11 ever again if they cancel OTH. It's one of the best shows on (GG is the 2nd) if they really wanna cancel a show cancel ANTM it's the same every season with Tyra always making things about herself it's annoying. At least complete an 8th season so the faithfull viewers can get closure I mean we put a lot of money in your pokets by us watching it for alomst a decade.!!!!!!!
posted by kate on Apr 29, 2010
they ain't gunna cancel one tree hill. its my favotite show to! so calm down. they ain't gunna cancel it!
posted by Number1TreeHillFan on Apr 24, 2010
I wish the CW would air the episodes consistently and cut out all the 3 month breaks. If they were smart, they'd realize that the reason the ratings are sliding on all shows is that people, me included, would rather wait for the dvds so we can watch without interruption. It's damned annoying getting 6 episodes then an 8 week break and then 4 episodes and a 5 week break.
posted by texanjewel on Apr 23, 2010
I am extremely disappointed that they are canceling OTH...especially in just 4 episodes. that doesn't give time to play out all the current story lines. The fact that it is one of the longest CW shows currently running the views that have watched since day one, like myself deserve better than that. I tried to watch MP and it just sucks..I watch GG and I wouldn't be too said if it got canceled. OTH has much better story lines and has higher ratings than both of them. The executives are stupid and just trying to save money and the actors on OTH cost them more.. good luck CW with your bad decision.
posted by seriously?! on Apr 18, 2010
NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT CANCLE MELROSE PLACE. That is my ONLY favorite tv show its been running for YEARS on end . If i have to I will find a way to make this show much more popular than it already is. Do you understand??! Do NOT cancle this show. Oh and would it kill you to put Violet back in the show?? she was my favorite besides Ella.
posted by wtf!!! on Apr 17, 2010
they wud have 2 be retarded 2 cut oth cuz its getin better ratins than watev dat shit is life unexpected don't care much 4 smallville watched first few seasons then thought it was shit, same 4 supernatural n vampire diaries. they shudnt cut melrose place cuz its getin so gd but its ended this wk:( n its ratins rnt dat bad theyr da same 4 most of the other shows, they have 2 keep GG n 90210 ok its getin a bit borin though n antm just starin 2 piss me off with all the bitches n tyra is included!! i watch OTH, GG, 90210 n melrose place religiously!! luv them dnt cut any of em!!!
posted by southerngirl on Apr 13, 2010
Well they did cut ONE TREE HILL...I have worked as an extra for years now on that show and well...We were all let go. They wrapped up and there is only 4 shows left...ENJOY
posted by ally on Apr 12, 2010
i think that one tree hill and vampire diaries are the best shows on the CW and that it wouldn't be a smart to cut out one tree hill
posted by GossipGirl:) on Mar 23, 2010
OMG!! i love melrose place, gossip girl, 90210, and Vampire Diares. i watch them every week faithfully. i used 2 watch One Tree Hill, but it got soooo boring.
posted by lexie2323 on Mar 11, 2010
To cancel OTh is so stupid. Thats one of the best shows on the cw and always has been. Vampire diaries is pretty good.. and well thats it compared to the other ones. MP sucks.. ANTM is gaay.. 90210, please. And the worst is gossipgirl! That show sucks the worst. OTH needs to stay and they are idiots if they cut it,
posted by KMILLS on Mar 10, 2010
I will be very disappointed if OTH gets cancelled I have watched from day 1 and love this show it has been so good lately PLEASE CW keep it one the air
posted by ctiiny on Mar 08, 2010
what, really i only watch one tree hill. please dont take them off. i watch their show every week, if not its recording. i could care less about the other shows on cw.
posted by engee21 on Mar 06, 2010
I mean if you have to cancel OTH...atleast give it one more season to tie everything altogether so that the faithful viewers have a nice ending to a story we watched year after year.
posted by Why? on Mar 05, 2010
OTH is the only show I make time to watch. I just as most ppl have a busy schedule but I stop what I am doing for an hour to watch. I have my cousin watching it and she is not generally a sitcom person. Please keep it on the air.
posted by Trisha on Feb 27, 2010
One Tree Hill is finally getting good again, please don't cancell my Favorit show!! give it more time to find it's audiance once more.
posted by mcharles on Feb 26, 2010
I love OTH - it needs to stay on. Even though Lucas and Peyton left, the story line was still good. I was unsure if I would still watch it after I realized they weren't going to be on anymore, but I was pleasantly surprised. I look forward to Monday Nights because of this show. Play on!
posted by nancynaly on Feb 25, 2010
You guys need to bring Lucas and peuton back if you want your show to pick up.
posted by Nancynaly on Feb 25, 2010
I don' t really care anymore since Peyton and lucas are no longer in it...I used love it now its sense...anyway good luck...!
posted by kcrazy on Feb 23, 2010
I keep tuning in to the CW bcuz of OTH. You guys need to be canclled you keep takin off the good shows like The Game you only cater to white America. You totally forgot African America. Skills is about the only African American on the CW. America's next top model don't count. I loved Peyton and Lucas but I like all the other characters too. You guys just suck. Leave OTH alone.
posted by ganaj77 on Feb 22, 2010
OTH is still awesome. I don't care that Lucas and Peyton left the show is still going strong!It is one of the only show left worth watching on TV not to mention the CW. You need to get rid of the old show spinoffs i.e. 90210 and melrose place. MP sucked the first time around and it sucks now too!
posted by Sid on Feb 15, 2010
Her's what I think....keep Melrose and cann One Tree Hill. As a previous fan, the show was great until its two main characters left. This season has been pintless even though a new cast introduced. Plus what's the point if more budget cuts will happen, previous casts will have to leave to introduce new cast memebers. Let the show leave with some dignity and save Melrose for another season to prove its potential!!
posted by oth for life on Feb 14, 2010
Please do not cancel OTH
posted by MP Fan on Feb 14, 2010
I love Melrose place and it better no get cancelled,it has to last for a least 3-5 seasons I Luv the cast
posted by jek1876 on Feb 13, 2010
wow OTH might get canceled? Seriously CW execs YOU SUCK!!!!!! OTH has better ratings then gossip girl and MP you idiots
posted by Pat90 on Feb 13, 2010
Please do not cancel OTH! it is one of the most distinctive programs because out there and has proper meaning.
posted by nik on Feb 13, 2010
since lucas and peyton left,oth has lacled that unique quality.for me,i watch it for lack of anything to watch,otherwise i dont bother.i find the new story lines so busy and boring
posted by Keep OTH on Feb 11, 2010
One Tree Hill deserves a season 8. Please do not cancel OTH now, there is not enough episodes left for a proper series finale. It needs another season and if it ends next year, then it can be done properly. But please do not end it!
posted by marathongirl on Feb 11, 2010
Please don't cancel OTH! I love the show and think CW should end Smallville, that show is ridiculous!
posted by OneTreeHillScottFami on Feb 10, 2010
I Completly argee with teendramawhore, OTH ratings are way better than MP, and Gossip Girl ( I cannot quote 90210) they are also better than Life. If they cut it then it will be a big mistake and viewers will not longer tune in on monday nights. The change from 9 to 8 surprisingly helped some (actually it hurt Gossip Girl more) OTH has always had lowish numbers but it has wonderful fan base(including MOI) and it would be ridiculous to see it go off air. CW isn't the number 1 network and its mostly focused in teens and sometimes teens have homework and other activities to get down so they do not watch it at its regular hour( they tivo it or watch online) Trust Me OTH is the show to bring back not GG...I used to watch it but now the storylines aren't there and the OMG is but that doesn't get me and I know lots of people who would watch OTH over GG any day
posted by Mark on Feb 10, 2010
I really love "Life Unexpected"! The CW would be crazy not to renew the show. "One Tree Hill" they should cancel, because the ratings are declining and it's just time to end the show. "Melrose Place" shouldn't even be airing new episodes the ratings are so bad.
posted by Charmaine on Feb 10, 2010
I really like the OTH will be a big mistake if you guys do not make a season 8. This is the only show that really interest me and i'm pretty sure there are more people out there that agree with me.
posted by catkenobie on Feb 10, 2010
As soon as "Lucas and Peyton" left I knew it was the beginning of the end. When they switched form 9 to 8pm, that's when I definately knew it was over. Wonder if Gossip Girl would be having the same fate if it would've stayed at the 8pm slot. I may be a mother of teenagers, but One Tree Hill I have watched from the beginning and it's one the whole family can watch. The new Melrose, I lost interest in after 3 episodes. I think the cast has a lot to do with it.
posted by stupiddramawhore on Feb 10, 2010
actually spoiler tv's report is quoted by PerezHilton, Just Jared and many more. may be YOU should do ur research 1st b4 passing judgment.
posted by Are you joking? on Feb 10, 2010
OTH ratings are so much higher than Gossip Girl, Melrose AND 90210 CW is stupid if they don't renew it. OTH is a sure thing, Melrose and 90 wont last -- at all.
posted by TeenDramaWhore on Feb 09, 2010
You do realize it's laughable that you're referring to SpoilerTV report, right? A site that's not known for their original news reporting? And if you did your own research, you'd know that One Tree Hill beats MP, 90210 and Gossip Girl each week in the ratings so to say the network isn't pleased with OTH's ratings is ridiculous. The SoapNet comment is so "out there" as well. And you'll notice no maintstream RELIABLE TV media (EW, TV Guide, etc.) have picked up this info. Hmm, wonder why?

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