Jon Gosselin Allows TLC to Film His Kids Again

Jon Gosselin

His children will be the solution for him to dodge a very expensive trial which he has lost in the first stage.

Although he previously claimed that his children were the reason he stopped "Jon & Kate Plus 8", Jon Gosselin is willing to put them back on screen. Rumor has it, the father of twins and sextuplet will allow TLC to film his children if the cable drops its lawsuit against him.

Jon is sued for a breach of contract by law firm Williams and Connolly which represents TLC. The lawsuit was filed in October last year, claiming Jon's behavior had contributed to the end of "Jon & Kate Plus 8". TLC won the first round of preliminary injunction and from the process, it looks like it would be an expensive trial.

Radar Online reported that Jon is ready to make peace with TLC by lifting up the parental ban. However, the new project would strictly involve the kids and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin only. "You can be sure that if the kids come back to TLC it will be only with Kate, not with Jon. And there's no guarantee that will happen either," a source told Radar Online.

After announcing separation from Kate, Jon complained that his children have been exposed too much to the public and that it was not good for them. Kate on the other hand said the kids were happy with the presence of camera and when the show came to an end, they were actually crying.

Kate is brewing a solo show with TLC but the progress has been slowing down due to unknown reason. Meanwhile, she will be returning to "The View" couch as co-host on March 11.




    Feb 17, 2010

    This is so over. The kids definitely are not cute anymore and both of the parents are a disgrace. Go away, Gosselins and get the psychiatric help you all need.

    Feb 13, 2010

    What you people don't seem to realize is that Jon was not allowed to earn money because of TLC.While I think if filming is resumed in the right way it won't be harmful to the kids.I think it was right to stop filming before because the divorce was so nasty and Kate was making it difficult when Jon wanted to see the kids.Now if both of these parents can act like adults limited filming should be ok.I also encourage counseling for them so they can co parent in the best possible way>Good luck Gosselins, you were blessed with 8 beautiful kids,always be grateful and put their needs first!

    Feb 10, 2010

    Come on Kate..go be a nurse and raise your kids like you said. Oops..gotta big house to pay for so you get a fake writer to say wonderful things about you. Your 15 minutes are up! Only the Kooks want to see U 7 those bunch of misbehaved kids. Take a look @ a real family.. that took your place. The Duggers 19 & counting. Try and figure that out. Not a bad one in the bunch. Respect & the Lord is the focus not ur hair !

    Feb 10, 2010

    Tell us all who is really watching 8 kids while MOM is whoring them out to pay for that big beautiful kitchen she wanted? She is the one that RAN Jon off..what other man would put up with her bitcy mouth & slapping his face? I'm suprised he stayed as long as he did. Go have fun with ur kids now Jon..the way U want!

    reckless peaches
    Feb 08, 2010

    wow, who would have thought this scumbag could sink even lower. i thought he didn't want his kids to eb filmed because it wasn't good for them to be under the microscope so much??? hmmm.... I guess none of that matters when there's money to be had. he has whored his kids out before and he's doing it again. poor kids.

    stopexploiting them
    Feb 07, 2010

    Wow grandma, watch your own grandkids grow up, not somebody else's. The Gosselin kids shouldn't come back to the grueling work of TV because other people miss watching them grow up. Let them have a private life for once.

    Feb 07, 2010

    Please come back, without Jon!

    Feb 06, 2010

    I miss the children and watching them growup

    Feb 06, 2010

    i hope they come back! i loved there show. i miss seeing them to

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