SOS Help for Haiti: Chris Brown Urges Fans to Donate During His Set

February 06, 2010 03:46:38 GMT

'Do whatever y'all can to support,' Rihanna's ex-boyfriend told the concertgoers at the end of his first live performance.

SOS Help for Haiti: Chris Brown Urges Fans to Donate During His Set
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More and more performers show their support for the February 5 benefit concert at the Miami's American Airlines Arena and Chris Brown is one of them. Wearing dark-colored outfit, the R&B performer starts his set with his ballad track "Crawl".

"We want to thank all y'all for coming out here tonight," he delivers his message at the end of the song. "Do whatever y'all can to support. For you all watching at home, do whatever you can - donate!" He then makes another live performance, this time singing "With You".

Other performers of the evening are Nas who joins forces with Damian Marley, Monica who teams up with Ludacris and Wyclef Jean who takes the stage once again, only this time with Akon. The concert is co-hosted by P. Diddy and Queen Latifah.

Chris Brown:

Nas and Damian Marley:

Monica and Ludacris:

Wyclef Jean and Akon:


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posted by fantasy05 on Feb 25, 2010
u know what Chris do ur thing and leave the rest for God
posted by fantasy05 on Feb 25, 2010
u know what what chris do ur thing and leave the rest for God
posted by swaggerbarbie on Feb 10, 2010
i love chris brown he did great and he is soooooooooo sexy and fine so these people who want to hate and him is cute
posted by petie on Feb 08, 2010
why do they always have to put rihanna's name in anything bout chris. leave chris alone. he performed excellently as always. u did a great jodb chris..let the haters hate and keep doing your thing
posted by Shafia on Feb 08, 2010
so awsom great job cb
posted by iksiir on Feb 08, 2010
great job you x
posted by Trini on Feb 07, 2010
I hope everyone gave generously - We are our BROTHER'S KEEPER. Chris Brown is just the ULTIMATE ENTERTAINER. We will not feed into negativity. We will support him as we support HAITI.
posted by Team Breezy on Feb 07, 2010
Love you so much Christopher :) You were amazing as always.
posted by andrae2010 on Feb 06, 2010
Rihanna has nothing to do with chris brown any more so why put her name in this?? Chris brown was awesome as usual so let's support haiti
posted by Deb on Feb 06, 2010
I was proud of how Chris handled himself professionally and personally last night.I read he was also working with other DV victims. This shows he is getting it and is walking his talk. Way to go Chris! Stay positive!
posted by John on Feb 06, 2010
Journalists can never seem to write ANYTHING about Chris without mentioning Rihanna nowadays. Either way awesome performance Chris, stay strong.
posted by bella on Feb 06, 2010
i love u Chris <3
posted by Elizabeth on Feb 06, 2010
Chris Brown is increasing and showing the world who the real scum is. Rihanna has been fallover drunk all weekend, but the articles are mysteriously disappearing, when the pictures prove she was blasted, as always. This guy has gotten a bad rap, and redemption time is here for him. Rihanna's claws are starting to show.
posted by tracy on Feb 06, 2010
Chris Brown is a awesome performed and person .Let him do what he do (Stop haten.)Support Haiti We love you Chris
posted by ellis on Feb 06, 2010
i would say his lovely.
posted by simone luvs CB on Feb 06, 2010
Chris gave a magnificent performance lastnight....Way to go CB....Love U!!
posted by Black on Feb 06, 2010
I love you and awesome performed. A lot of fans stills love you.
posted by KARA on Feb 05, 2010

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