Jason and Molly's Wedding to Invite the Drama

February 04, 2010 09:23:11 GMT

The 'Bachelor' season 13 couple reportedly has had disagreements over who should and should not come, especially after ABC decides to interfere.

Jason and Molly's Wedding to Invite the Drama
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The drama on last season's "The Bachelor" could continue in the wedding of Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney this March. Life & Style heard from an insider that ABC takes control of their wedding guests list. The Alphabet wants a "Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" reunion even if it means Jason and Molly do not know them well.

The problem is, Melissa Rycroft whom Jason picked only to be dumped for Molly at the end, is allegedly invited. Molly is fine with the other reality show stars but thinks that inviting Melissa crosses the line. "Molly is fine with that, but she's not especially thrilled about Melissa attending her wedding, because she thinks it will turn into a circus," the insider said.

Melissa's presence is not yet confirmed but another woman in Jason's history is definitely coming. DeAnna Pappas, who rejected Jason during her season as bachelorette said, "I'll be there with my boyfriend, Stephen. I am so happy that Jason found Molly, as they really are the perfect couple."

Host Chris Harrison himself has admitted that ABC execs have a lot to do with the wedding. "It's odd when you're trying to schedule a TV wedding because you have to think about the date, time, length and how it's going to fit, so that side of it is very unromantic and impersonal," he wrote on EW blog.

"The Bachelor: Jason and Molly's Wedding" will be televised on March 8.


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posted by gfdyrutgiuyiu on Mar 20, 2010
Doughnuts are so great! I wonder why everyone needs one?
posted by nellie on Mar 09, 2010
...and I agree totally with "intheknow" about Melissa...
posted by nellie on Mar 09, 2010
watching Jason & Molly's wedding, it amazed me that a top-notch wedding planner would not have prepared the gazebo with some sort of rain protection - just in case. A glass roof and three side panels would have been better than nothing. Even if two people had come forward with umbrellas and stood behind the couple (and one for the judge!), it would have offered some protection and comfort. Such a beautiful wedding, yet it must have been very uncomfortable standing up there in all the wind and rain...good luck to them.
posted by Jackie on Feb 26, 2010
i like molly but if he was going to get her in the end he should have done that at first!!!!:(
posted by Mary on Feb 16, 2010
Melissa Rycroft strikes me as wanting a tv gig and that's about it. She will be down and out within a year or two once the public is bored of her and then perhaps she will return to do a reality show entitled "has been celebrities."
posted by intheknow on Feb 10, 2010
Melissa is, and has always been about herself. Good act, I'll grant you. Her marriage will be over in the not too distant future. Mark my words. Her priority is how many people will adore her, not how much she loves her husband. He sits and home taking care of her dogs and house, while she canoodles with stars. Sound like her priorities are straight to you? Ty will find someone who gives him attention while she's gone. At least Molly wanted what she said she wanted: Jason. Melissa wanted another tv gig.
posted by RED on Feb 09, 2010
People just need to leave them a lone. Let someone be happy in life!
posted by blue on Feb 09, 2010
Jason needs to get a job and pay for his own wedding like a real 33 year old man would.
posted by KLCINMO on Feb 08, 2010

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