Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter IV' Is Prepared for 2011 Release

February 04, 2010 06:42:10 GMT

Days before he goes to jail, Lil Wayne is occupied with the making of his new album which is plotted to come out soon after he is free.

Lil Wayne
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Lil Wayne is expected to roll out the next installment of "Tha Carter" album series soon after he gets out of the jail next year. Realizing that his jail time is getting closer, the rapper spent the past few days in the studio, making music for the forthcoming release.

"I don't like to stop," Weezy told Rolling Stone in its March issue. "I believe you stop when you die." To keep him staying close to music while living behind the bars, the musician who will go to jail on February 9 said, "I'll have an iPod, and I'll make sure they keep sending me beats."

Weezy's crew in Young Money refer "Tha Carter IV" to "C4" which is ready to explode the music industry. The album actually has been hinted since September 2008, three months after he released Grammy-winning effort "Tha Carter III".

To tide his fans over while he is locked in the jail, "Rebirth" is released across the U.S. on February 2. Also, "We Are the World" remake in which he fills in Bob Dylan's part will treat his devotees who don't get enough of him.


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posted by Diana on May 23, 2011
hey what up??? lil wayne i love yuo
posted by zoheir on Apr 27, 2011
Im waitin 4 tha carter IV at the moment i listen 2 weezy's old mixtpz, rebirth and we are young money thats what keeps me inspired at the moment (LIL WAYNE IS HIP HOP)
posted by Elvis taolo on Apr 10, 2011
Lil wayne my nic is pe.Weezy and i can't help to tell how much i love you songs . Im your fan from 2001 and im now 16 .I can't spend a day without listen your song. Im rapping the way you do. Im a rapper and brakedancer .I everyday ask god why can't he make me met you alive. Im staying in S.A in the nothern-cape in kathu . And oh man im waiting "the carter iv"
posted by killa on Apr 02, 2011
lil weezy is the best rapper alive if anyone ask tell tem is sad so "lil killa"
posted by Guilhermo Moura on Mar 09, 2011
Lil Wayne is the best, it will never be surpassed because it is the best at it
posted by دد on Mar 01, 2011
posted by sergio jonkers on Feb 24, 2011
hola peepz im lil waynes biggest fan and i wish i could be with lil wayne im sergio jonkers im from south africa i live in the westen cape and i can rap like u lil wayne im 15jears oul and i live in a town called swellndam
posted by noe villa on Feb 21, 2011
never forget you men your the best of the rapers
posted by -shang- on Feb 13, 2011
wt up wayne dawg.m countin down to e release of C4.n by e way 6foot7 z dope luv ur punch lines.
posted by damian on Feb 10, 2011
we waiting for the album
posted by Jose on Jan 28, 2011
Lil wayne is the best rapper in the hole wide of the world
posted by Lilfresh007 on Jan 28, 2011
Wayne do u eva reply us we nid ur reply 2 knw we mean a lot 2 u.
posted by Jovanti24 Harris on Jan 27, 2011
da # 2 fan of weezy f baby
posted by Lil fresh007 on Jan 24, 2011
Woke up diz morning wit u by ma 9te stand.Grantin me ma wishes so i cal u santa.Wayne ur da best08184873540 ma fone num.
posted by Lilfresh007 on Jan 24, 2011
Ma drm is 2 rap wit lilwayne .Make ma drmz com true.Ure ma god.
posted by emi gee on Jan 24, 2011
wizzy my studio,my mic,my vers my producer waitin for the carter iv i dame fuck understood u ar my hippop thank u
posted by lil N on Jan 22, 2011
C4 comes out febuary 8 2011
posted by HAMA on Jan 14, 2011
posted by young-Dug on Jan 03, 2011
posted by DAVID KC S {D-WAYNE} on Jan 03, 2011
posted by adrean santos espino on Dec 26, 2010
.. there brother,,,, that mother is strong ... here in mexico this bayna strong blows,,,, here's a hope and a separate tour here would be of little mother ... Here they walk out,,,,,,,,,
posted by jr br0wn on Dec 18, 2010
im # 1 fan.i lik al d songz.hope u dont got gonerrhea
posted by lileric on Dec 09, 2010
lil wayne is he best rapper alive he better than any rapper out rite know....know body can't stop him he's the best
posted by Richard on Dec 05, 2010
Hi every One How are you I like Lil wayne because He's Best And Eminem(I love this motherfucker )ha!
posted by Joey Sandi on Dec 02, 2010
I can't wait for weezy new album carter iv.
posted by nxtlilwayne on Nov 17, 2010
lil wayne iz da bezt rapper alive and alwayz will be i cant wait till da carter 4 coming out duceus
posted by rondo4ever9 on Nov 13, 2010
yo can't wait for that mixtape to drop ur my dude but make sure cory and bow are in some tracks please!!!!
posted by Sian on Nov 05, 2010
i love you lil wayne! so happy you've been released, can't wait to get tha carter IV ! (:
posted by welis on Oct 15, 2010
lil vai no brasil em 2011 que beleza
posted by lil zain on Oct 06, 2010
weez f and the F is fo eva
posted by Emmanue Gama on Aug 24, 2010
Im waitin 4 tha carter IV at the moment i listen 2 weezy's old mixtpz, rebirth and we are young money thats what keeps me inspired at the moment (LIL WAYNE IS HIP HOP)
posted by chopper on Aug 06, 2010
am da namba 1 fan n am waitin 4 da carter4
posted by Skin on Apr 26, 2010
Hope tha bloodz don't touch ya!!!
posted by kg\'s a homo on Feb 10, 2010
try using some vowels faggot
posted by kg on Feb 04, 2010
i hpe weezy gts out jail prve his hate z wrng cze me i luv da dude no mtr wht

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