Katie Price Married Alex Reid in Las Vegas Quickie

February 03, 2010 08:17:27 GMT

After only together for seven months, Katie Price and Alex Reid have tied the knot at Wynn Hotel's chapel in the sin city on February 2.

Katie Price, Alex Reid
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Katie Price aka Jordan and Mixed Martial Arts fighter boyfriend Alex Reid have walked down the aisle on February 2. A report claimed that the pair has exchanged vows in a quickie at Wynn Hotel's chapel in Las Vegas at 4 P.M. local time, after only an hour they were caught looking for rings near to Planet Hollywood hotel where they stayed.

"We are very much in love and look forward to the future together," the couple, who have dated for seven months, said in a statement to BBC. "We can't wait to get back and celebrate our marriage with our friends and family who we know fully support our wishes."

The marriage was also confirmed by another statement released by Price and Reid's agent, read "Katie and Alex are delighted to announce that they got married in a private, simple ceremony at 4pm (PST) on February 2nd in Las Vegas." The agent continued, "Their decision to marry has not been made with any pre-conceived commercial plan or media deal in place. And their reason for getting married is purely down to their love for each other."

Additionally, a source told Mail Online that the couple still considers whether or not they will expose the ceremony. "Her ITV2 camera crew were with her and could well have filmed the wedding," the source said. "But Katie is not sure yet whether she will allow the footage to be aired. She has not signed any magazine deal for the wedding photographs but they are likely to do an interview about it when they get back."

Katie Price and Alex Reid have been in romantic relationship since July 2009. She previously told OK Magazine about her wedding plan with Reid, saying "This year I will marry Alex and I'm going to have his kids ... I'll change [my name on] my passport, cheque book, everything. I want to be traditional, the way marriage is meant to be."


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posted by shannon marie nughes on Apr 10, 2010
hi alex your fit and hello katie your a slut
posted by car x on Mar 08, 2010
im wit u on that..she's gettin on wit her life..if dis woz a man they b nothin thought of it....
posted by katie fan on Mar 08, 2010
jealousy is a sickness,get well soon,the girl has done gud in her life so wot if she only knows him a short while,gud on ya girl,dont leave um TRY 2 knock ya..p.s. luving the show.
posted by saywhatIthink on Mar 07, 2010
Their relationship is an effing joke...just watch 'what Katie did next" and you will see how little attention she pays to him and mentions Pete all the publicity stunt until she can make more money and there will be another divorce!!! Poor could you do it...what kind of mother is she???????
posted by Cambs beth on Feb 11, 2010
Katy u and that new husband are really such a JOKE....YOU both MILKING the money...sorry but had more respect for JADE...SHE had dignity.....and all she did was call someone ..............etc.....You both on the other hand are ONE BIG JOKE...... she dumps u LIVE ...on all of a sudden we have a happy family again.......and you marry.........what a joke...sorry Katie ...No longer will buy yr perfume or any Mag with with your wedding pics...( which u said had no prior agreement in so why OK Mag had 4 days after LOl)...YOU BOTH A JOKE GET A LIFE AND GO AWAY....YOU KATIE YOUR NEW HUSBAND AND PAST HUSBAND...JUST GO AWAY
posted by mag on Feb 08, 2010
ur such a fool alex gettin married to her she only wants u for ur money cause you one big brother...get away from her....she is a fool......FACT
posted by carolyn on Feb 04, 2010
its all about the money, they will get paid for the wedding photo's, that all these pair are interested in. very sad they make marriage a mockery!
posted by kat on Feb 04, 2010
OH my god, those poor, poor children!
posted by star on Feb 03, 2010
totaly with ya ang on this 1, good luk to them
posted by TEAM ANDRE on Feb 03, 2010
funny that when Katie came out of the jungle she didnt want anything to do with Alex she couldnt get rid quick enough, now hes won big brother shes married him and wants kids with him, oh dear Katie thats not gonna work people still wont like you, get a grip
posted by Team Pete on Feb 03, 2010
Omg, how obvious is this? Katie would never have married alex if he had not have won bigbrother. Her intentions were to dump him originally, but when he won, she loves him again! Ughh! Jordan, your time is up, get out of the limelight so we dont need to see your plastic face anymore!
posted by just me on Feb 03, 2010
Oh dear, Alex. You have ruined your life. What have you done?! Katie is a piece if trash, you could do so much better.
posted by ang on Feb 03, 2010
OMG!!! I totally love Katie but I can't help but feel that she maybe has rushed into this one....Obviously its her life so congratulations to the newly weds and all the very best for ure future
posted by jaxta on Feb 03, 2010
You 'Katie haters' need to get a grip. You only know what the media pumps out and you are thick enough to believe it! So what if she can make money from her wedding, I know I would if I could. Good on ya Katie, I dont know you but I think you rock and I wish I had only ½ of your business savvy. All the best to you and your hubby, I hope you can be ½ as happy in your relationship as I am in mine :)
posted by رها on Feb 03, 2010
posted by :) on Feb 03, 2010
@aksfjnsiuacgxf- do you actually know her because she did dump Alex, she did it on live TV!! She is trash! She's a black widow type of women who tries to make men feel low to make her self feel better! It won't last! I wonder how many Daddys Harvey will have in his life time! Just so sad
posted by aksfjnsiuacgxf on Feb 03, 2010
I know her, and she is actually a very nice person, and she never dumped Alex, it was all a media lie. Get a grip people, is you hate her so much why comment? & to ang, tbh i recon it only feels rushed cause it all seems like yesterday that katie+peter were married, but actually, lots of people get married before they have been together 7 months, and i recon it is perfectly fine for them to be married now. She loves him very much and just cause she is famous people have a go, im sure that if a normal person did this it would be considered normal:|
posted by bnra on Feb 03, 2010
What a manipulative*****. Yesterday didn't want anything 2 do with him, today he won BB & she loves him again and marries him! There is absolutely nothing Price that ppl will like u again. Nothing!! Oh, did u know guys when Alex was in the house she already gave her number to Vinnie's wife?*** sniffs a quick money again;/

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