Michael Jackson's Kids Approached for 'We Are the World' Remake

February 03, 2010 07:51:34 GMT

The children are asked to read a poem penned by Maya Angelou, while Janet Jackson will sing Michael Jackson's part.

Michael Jackson's Kids Approached for 'We Are the World' Remake
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There is a chance that Michael Jackson's children will be involved in "We Are the World" charity effort for the Haitian. Co-producer Quincy Jones who works on the project along with RedOne recently admitted about planning to recruit the kids for the cause.

The late King of Pop's children will be asked by the producer to read a poem at the end of the star-studded song, according to Entertainment Tonight. The poem is written by Maya Angelou at the request of Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson.

On top of that, MTV reported Lionel Richie has talked with Janet Jackson about her contribution. The singer, who once collaborated with Michael in the original song, said Janet hits studio Tuesday, February 2 to sing her rendition of Michael's verses.

Though more than 50 celebrities have recorded "We Are the World" remix on February 1, it seems that they are not enough. Some other artists are hinted to be added to the line-up over the next few days. So far, rumored participants who didn't attend the Monday recording session are Beyonce Knowles, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and Lady GaGa. In this case, GaGa was rumored to have turned down to be part of the cause.


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posted by x on Mar 23, 2010
I was happy to see the his kids speak on his behalf instead of his brohters and sisters. It was nice to see the new generation of the jacksons,
posted by Queene on Feb 11, 2010
I've seen a few pictures of Prince and he always looks like he thinking. I have never seen him look as proud as he did talking about his dad and holding that grammy. I think Prince and Paris are ready to get involved. They are very mature children.
posted by TIMOTHY on Feb 05, 2010
posted by hello on Feb 05, 2010
The involvement of Michaels' children in the remake of 'we are the world' is a wonderful way for them to find healing with the recent death of their beloved father. What better way to keep his memory alive than for his message to be reinforced through his beautiful children. Considering Michael was a tremendous humanitarian, it should come as no suprise that his children were raised with the same morals and beliefs. Do not deprive those children of the chance to give back and feel they are bringing love forth to the world as their dad would have wanted them to do. MJ would be very, very proud of his children's grace and courage.
posted by SV on Feb 05, 2010
Brave little angels, both of them.I am sure that Michael's Mom has a tight grip on what will happen and not let those children be exploited. God is watching over them.
posted by betty on Feb 04, 2010
it is nice for Prince and Paris to participate in charity as Prince said that they will continue their father'S love for the world.
posted by M. Tucker on Feb 04, 2010
This is wonderful. I am aware that a TV Show Host in Raleigh, North Carolina (Dr. Frederick's Show) is supporting the remake by carrying the story even further across to his teeming viewers across North Carolina! He was an active musician when the original hit was made. He counts himself in, though he was not invited to the remake! Haiti deserves the attention at this time!
posted by liz on Feb 04, 2010
the next artist that will be added should be Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Fergie.
posted by Colcol on Feb 03, 2010
They are wonderful kids. Their father was proud and happy that his children will continue his legacy. RIP MJ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..
posted by bree on Feb 03, 2010
No other Jackson family member was invited to attend the grammys. The only reason why the show producers decided to invite the children was because they knew they will attract viewers. The only thing MJs kids had to decide was who learns the speech and delivers it. As far as the Haiti song, that is something they will be asked to do for the same reason: the marketability of the CD/DVD with the single. The children's presence will clearly increase the sales. Don't think this will be the last offer they'll get, here is where Katherine should step in and draw the line. Accepting an award is one thing, performing is another. If she doesn't take any measures, then the children's lawyer should. MJ went to lengths to protect his kids, his family shouldn't sell them to the media moguls who will use them just like they used their father. I really hope Prince Paris and Blanket will have a childhood. They have been unfortunate enough.
posted by bentley on Feb 03, 2010
The kids can't do what they want at such an early age. Katherine and the family should know better. If they let two teenagers rule them they will soon be out of control. If that's the case the jacksons can't properly take care of them.
posted by - on Feb 03, 2010
Prince Michael is stepping up and showing early signs of leadership. It was their decision to do the Grammys and sources say they want to do beneift Haiti
posted by star on Feb 03, 2010
leave the kids alone, stop using them. MJ wanted so much to keep them away from the limelight.
posted by Sophie on Feb 03, 2010
It would be lovely if Michael's kids are involved to record this song.
posted by MICHAELnJULIET070119 on Feb 03, 2010
any thing 2 help heal d world n spread love s a great cause n noble act . Michael's children r following his example of being a humanitarian , a concern 4 d planet Earth n humanity . GOD s truly watching over these wonderful children !!!
posted by Jake on Feb 03, 2010
Nobody talks about this but those kids are extremely inspiring. Losing a parent at those ages is rough man. I know. But they seem really strong and keeping their dads legacy alive ya know. I can imagine other kids in their situation too can look up to them. I do and i'm an adult. God Bless Them!!!!
posted by Lisa on Feb 03, 2010
Prince said they wanted to carry on Michael's legacy of helping the world.
posted by - on Feb 03, 2010
Good points. Well I guess only time will tell. And of course no one wants the kids exploited. Were they exploited at the Memorial by standing in singing we are the world. A major crisis is at hand in Haiti, so their mere interest shows they have huge humanitarian hearts for troubling issues like their father.

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